Hi! I’m back!!!

And this time with a very own and original story. I wrote this like 3 years ago and I finally could find it in an old blog I used to have. I hope you like it. ^^

I was passing for a lot at that time,because of that, this and other writings ended up being kinda creepy, since I only had really bad and negative thoughts. BUT! This ended being my favorite one-shot. Well, I will shut up and I will let you read it.

Oh! By the way… About the first chapter of Time Traveling… I will edit it some time soon. Please bear with me and my horrible grammar. I hope I can get someone who can help me with my grammar soon…..

Meanwhile! Have a good reading! ^^


You walk and you feel a feverish chill that runs from head to toe. You don’t understand the situation, but you don’t give much importance and keep on walking. The feeling that something‘s wrong doesn’t leave you. You stop, look around, everyone is on their own things, you are the only person who have a heavy thought and that thought makes you nervous.

You don’t know what happens, cold creek your bones, but you’re still scared. Walk, your steps are faster than before, now every five steps that you walk you look over your shoulder only to see nothing.

Now you don’t walk, you run. You feel that everything goes wrong, that somebody’s watching you, but you don’t see anyone else.

You get to a busy street and you feel safe, the security that you once had is coming back to you slowly. You return to be the conceited and hypocritical person you are.

But, a minute after, the shudder back to you.

You look like a paranoid, looking behind your back all the time, as if being in a crowd scare you. Now you have just one goal in mind: Getting to the safety of your home.

The situation is not comfortable; you’re like  prey, fleeing in vain of your hunter. You know, I know how you managed to live all these years, I don’t know how you have managed to live all these years, calling yourself brave and honest, how many people consider inferior to you?

Run, run and try to flee, although little will serve you because I’m always behind you. I always see you proud of your manhood, even if you’re the most cowardly of the human beings. You feel safe, you feel the king of the world.

It’s time to show you that you’re just a sewer rat who hides in the dark, afraid.

You get home so nervous and scared that it takes you long opening the door, finally it’s open and you feel safe now.

But you cannot escape from me.

You pour a glass of whiskey to calm your nerves and light a cigarette.

There’s something I haven’t told you, but I, I know you so well, I’ve seen you grow and become arrogant, I’ve seen you trample and humiliate on so many people.

Even so, I had never persecuted you as now.

You lie in the big chair you have in the room. Nice house indeed.

The shiver and fear have not abandoned you, right?

All you have to do is close your eyes…

Look at the landscape you have before your eyes, look and feel the shame of being humiliated and assaulted. Do you feel it? Do you feel how your pride it’s over? Don’t you do it?

What do you want? Who are you?

Who am I, you wonder, you still don’t know? You just need to look in the mirror to know who I am.

Haven’t you understand yet? You make me laugh at your level of stupidity. Do you still not notice it? Still you can’t see through the darkness that clouds your mind?

Look at your real face, take a good look, since this will be the last time you see me.

I can’t help but laugh; you’re sitting on the floor in astonishment, you thought it was someone else? … I’m amazed you haven’t deducted before, you the smartest man on the planet.

You know, there are many ways of living and dying. You lived so poorly and you’ll die the same way.

Supplications prayers and cries, you weren’t so brave? No matter how much you pray much less your threats, your world ended, you’re not the boss anymore.

I have my reasons to make this; many, many reasons, but none that really matter. You’re going to suffer, that’s all you need to know.

I feel a piece of sharp metal through you, it feels so good, you know? I like this so much. Seeing your face in pain; seeing your face makes me feel good. No, it’s useless scream because nobody will come for you.

Again and again, the knife pierces right through your body, while you’re screaming and crying. No one will save you, nor hear.

You will not have more authority or pride or hatred.

Police breaks into your home, you are lying on the floor, staring at nothing. You’re still alive, I know. When they come near you, you start kicking and screaming as if you were a frightened child.

I see you from a dark corner with a huge smile on my face.

Years later you’re still alive I still visit you from time to time, now you’re mad or so the doctors told me.

You still dream with my face. The world is better off without you. No one fears you, indeed, no one remembers you. Now you’re no one.

Your conscience daily curses you.

I see you falling; I love this side of you.

My friend, my other self, now dead you are, at least in your thoughts you always die, I always murder you.


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