Just a teaser. (Also still without title e.e)

Lately I’ve been busy with work and also another writings. I’ve been stressed and feeling down… so I apologize to those who read and follow me. This time I’ll leave you a teaser of my next story that I’m still trying to type on my computer.

This story contains GirlxGirl love Yuri, and kinda mature content. If you don’t like this kind of stories then please just skip this story. Thank you in advance and sorry for my horrible grammar once again. I promise I will post the rest as soon as I can!



A knock on the door distracted her. The long haired girl glanced over the book she was reading only to check the baby that was still sleeping on the couch next to her. She sighed. Standing up from her place, the girl walked towards the door. She didn’t asked who the person, on the other side, was; she didn’t have to.

Slowly, even for her who was known for her fast speed, she opened the door of her old and cheap apartment. She stared at the person that was standing in her front door. Her dark eyes roamed through the other girl’s figure and a slightly frown appeared on her usually emotionless face.

She took a step back, which the other girl took as signal of walking inside; one step at a time, slowly walking while biting her nails. Once inside, Black closed the door, again slowly and carefully as she didn’t want her son to wake up. When she turned around from the door, she was surprised by her guest’s closeness, to which she had to take a step back trying to put some distance in between the two.

Her plan almost worked. Except for the wall that didn’t allow her to move.


Gekikara stared at the owner of the house with a grin and a loud giggle. Black couldn’t help but look over Gekikara’s shoulder, she let out a relieved sigh. Her son was still asleep. This action made Gekikara also look over her shoulder; the grin on her face almost disappeared.

Gekikara then took another step closer and she could notice how Black’s body tensed up, which made Gekikara’s grin grow again. Slowly her hand raised up towards Black’s cheek. Black watched her friend’s moves silently.


Black started to wonder if they were still friends. She and Gekikara had a quite unusual relationship.



4 Responses to “Just a teaser. (Also still without title e.e)”


    You so did not! You so did not just go stringing me along only for you to cut me off like that with…With nothing! You can’t do this to me! This is not how our relationship was supposed to commence!


    I kid, I kid! I know how to read between the lines, otherwise I would not have survived this long in our chaotic Community.

    Thank you so very much! Very good short, too short, but you know what they say, good things come in small packages and all that!

    Thanks. Still, I wish it was longer😢

    Yeah, I just found your hideout so be afraid, be very afraid😈

    • secnecrom Says:

      Hahahaha read above xD finally I updated it and its up, the whole OS! ‘My Kind of Love’ that’s the title of the full OS xD read above :v /

      • I swear if I get left hanging again when I read it tomorrow I can’t promise that I won’t hunt you down and…Hey stop laughing! I know where you live now!


        Seriously though, thank you so very much for this. There is literally less than ten fics of BuraGeki in existence!

      • secnecrom Says:

        Hahaha I promise I won’t left you hanging again! Unless.. Maybe the ending… Nah, just read it!
        And I know that’s why It was literally the first story I ever wrote xD

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