My Kind of Love

Hi, guys!

Yes, I’m still alive! I’ve been writing like a mad lately. Kinda trying to get as many ideas as I can. So I really haven’t finished any of those stories… But! I will start writing them one by one now~

If you don’t like Girl/Girl relationship please skip this story.

I promised you this One-Shot and finally I have finished typing and editing it! It ended being an OS of 4,409 words (the longest I wrote/type)

I hope you like it! Comments are highly appreciated~

Again sorry for my grammar/any typo error.

Ps: Oh, and something more. I will put on a hold my previous story “Time Travelling”  (I kinda lost the idea….) I will edit it though and maybe then I will bring new chapters. I deeply apologize to those who read it and wanted another chapter ><

Now~ Enjoy~ ^^

(c) keismagic- majisuka-gakuen- black-1





A knock on the door distracted her. The long-haired girl glanced over the book she was reading only to check the baby that was still sleeping on the couch next to her. She sighed. Standing up from her place, the girl walked towards the door. She didn’t ask who the person, on the other side, was; she didn’t have to. 

Slowly, even for her who was known for her fast speed, she opened the door of her old and cheap apartment. She stared at the person that was standing in her front door. Her dark eyes roamed through the other girl’s figure and a slightly frown appeared on her usually emotionless face. 

She took a step back, which the other girl took as signal of walking inside; one step at a time, slowly walking while biting her nails. Once inside, Black closed the door, slowly and carefully as she didn’t want her son to wake up. When she turned around from the door, she was surprised by her guest’s closeness, to which she had to take a step back trying to put some distance in between the two.  

Her plan almost worked. Except for the wall, that didn’t allow her to move. 

Gekikara stared at the owner of the house with a grin and a loud giggle. Black couldn’t help but look over Gekikara’sshoulder; she let out a relieved sigh. Her son was still asleep. This action made Gekikara also look over her shoulder; the grin on her face almost disappeared. 

Gekikara then took another step closer and she could notice how Black’s body tensed up, which made Gekikara’s grin grow again. Slowly her hand rose up towards Black’s cheek. Black watched her friend’s moves silently. 

Friend. Black started to wonder if they were still friends. She and Gekikara had a quite unusual relationship. 

Both of them always felt comfortable in each other’s company. Both also wondered why though. Since they met 4 years ago while being at Majijo Gakuen. It was a weird encounter, if Black thought about it. 


Oshima Yuko, the strongest Yankee and also Rappapa’s President, rushed inside their club’s room. Sado, the vice-president, stood up from her chair while Shibuya and Torigoya, who were arguing just minutes ago, turned around and bowed. Black, who was staring outside the window, uncrossed her arms and half bowed her head. 

-“We have a new member!”- Yuko announced excitedly, dimples showing as she wore a huge smile on her face.  

The girls looked towards the door with a glint of curiosity on their faces. But after some minutes no one appeared and Sado approached to their President. 

-“Was that a joke?”- asked with a light frown. 

-“Eh?! Waaah! … Shit! Where’s her?!” – The small president frantically looked around her. She then went outside the room and disappeared for a couple of seconds. Until the other members watched surprised, how their leader flew throughout their vision field only to land hard, with her back against the wall, on the floor. 

Just then they could hear a creep giggle. 

-“Nee… Are you mad?” 

Sado ran towards Yuko, who was still on the floor; Torigoya clutched Shibuya’s pink jacket and slightly hided behind her; and Black, with her inhuman speed, stood in front of Sado and Yuko shielding them both. 

Just then Yuko started laughing. 

-“Easy, easy”- Sado helped her president to stood up- “Thanks, Sado.”- Yuko then walked towards Black and patted her shoulder-“Black, stop. She’s our new member! Her name is Gekikara!”- Happily announced the small girl. The so-called Gekikara then bit her nails while giggling. –“Gekikara, this girl with a cold and dark aura is Black”- The mentioned girl only bowed her head with a blank expression. – “The one next to me is Sado. She’s also the vice-president of the club so just follow her commands too.”- Sado was still surprised and looking at her president- “And those other two are Shibuya…” 

-“Yo…”- Said the girl while trying to get rid of air-headed girl’s grip. 

-“And Torigoya”- Yuko pointed to the still scared girl, who only hold her grip tighter. 

Just then Gekikara laughed more openly. 

-“Welcome”- Yuko said smiling. 


Thinking about it, back then Black was kind of impressed and curious by Gekikara’s self. But she suppressed her not normally curiosity. 

Gekikara knew that, even though it seemed like Black was staring at her, she was lost in her own mind. This made Gekikara´s grin grows. 

Just when Black felt a cold hand against her left cheek, she snapped out of her own thoughts and held the younger girl’s hand. 

-“Clean yourself”- she ordered in a cold yet a bit trembling voice. 

Gekikara pulled her hand free and laughed louder. That was when a muffled and softly sound came from the couch.  

Black out of instinct, and without noticing it, placed the palm of her hand over the monster-like girl’s mouth; Gekikara was taken aback for the action which made her to stop laughing. But Black didn’t noticed how affected the other queen was, her whole attention was on the sound. She then walked towards her son, carefully took the baby in her arms and lullabies him waging her body slowly. 

Gekikara only watched Black’s movement and was amazed of how the girl changed. She didn’t have that dangerous and cold aura anymore. In Gekikara’s eyes, Black’s aura was now warm and even lovely. 

Black smiled at her own son’s movements. He stretched his tiny arms up, placed his fist into his mouth and started sucking his own flesh. 

-“Take a shower, Rena”- She said in a whisper. It wasn’t a cold one, no. It sounded more like a mother was sweetly telling her own daughter to take a shower.  

Gekikara only stared at Black’s back surprised, but after a few seconds she slowly walked towards the bathroom. 




When Gekikara got out of the shower dressed in an oversized white t-shirt and loose pants, she immediately headed towards the living room. But it was only welcomed by silence.  

She then turned over her feet and slowly walked over a knowing place. Black’s room. What she encountered there was an image she would never forget. Black was standing near the window with her son in her arms; she was cooing him while humming a random song. 

Gekikara always have seen Black as an Angel of Death. But what she was seeing now was a totally different kind of Angel. 

Gekikara didn’t know what force brought her body to Black’s house for the first time. The only thing she could remember was the sound of the door opening and Black’s figure staring at her. And just like tonight, Black only stepped aside while she entered in Black’s apartment. Since that day Gekikara was often going to Black’s apartment only to silently go out the next day. 

But that routine stopped when Black got pregnant. She stopped coming over, she felt angry. She knew the circumstances of how Black got pregnant and she felt useless. That was the reason of why she ended up in the Juvenile Jail once again, she almost had killed Black son’s “father”, out of rage and for the first time, out of pain. 

She never said her reasons though, and even Black thought about it as just mere coincidence. 

 Being free from her combat boots, she slowly walked over the angelic vision in front of her. 

-“Sleep my son. I will protect you from the darkness”- Black whispered to her son in a sweet manner and gave him a quick peck on his nose. A smile formed in her normally cold face. 

Suddenly Black jumped when she felt a pair of arms surrounding her waist; and, she gasped at the feeling of breathing in her nape and a warm body against her back. She was so surprised that her hold grew tighter.  

-“Yuki…”- Gekikara whispered in a sigh, that she didn’t know she was holding, over the older girl’s ear. 

Yuki, Black’s real name, bit her lower lip preventing herself to let out any sound escape her mouth. It had been quite a long time since Gekikara called her by her real name. She was still confused at the reason of why her fellow queen was there in first place, after several months avoiding her. 

Black abruptly stopped the train of thoughts when she felt a wet muscle lick her ear, followed by teeth. She tried to stop the moan that slipped from her mouth, but she couldn’t handle the sensations she was feeling. This action made the other girl’s grip tightened around her waist, and just when Black was about to surrender to all the sensations a little cry snapped her mind back into reality. Her arms were pressing her baby against her quite tight which made the little body to feel uncomfortable.  

Gekikara watched the baby move in Black’s arms as she stopped her ministrations; and her hold, on Black’s waist, went weak. Black noticing this, she moved away from Gekikara’s body and went towards the baby’s crib, carefully as possible, she laid her son there covering him with a little and soft blanket. After a few minutes, in which she made sure her son didn’t move or made any sounds, she sighed.  

Then she remembered she wasn’t alone.  She turned her gaze towards the young girl questioning her silently. Gekikara didn’t move from her spot, both hands hanging on both sides of her body and her eyes glued on the ground. As she asked herself what she was doing, a light frown formed in her face. 

 -“Rena? …”- Black whispered while placing a hand over the other girl’s shoulder. –“Are you okay?”- She was worried by Gekikara’s sudden silence. 

The so-called Rena looked at Black no emotion showing in her face, for a couple of seconds, as if her mind just stopped working; and then a little smile crept out her face. Black frowned as the other girl’s smile grew until she was giggling in a very creepy way. 

-“Are you mad?”- Gekikara asked. 

-“I’m not mad”- Black softly answered. 

The giggles stopped and once again the young girl placed her hand on Black’s cheek. Her hand slowly traced the older girl’s face, like if trying to memorize every part of it. Black’s flesh was so tempting. Gekikara’s long fingers touched her nose, her eyes and her lips. 

Black on the other hand was totally engrossed by the touch that she closed her eyes and allowed her to drown herself in the sensations that only Gekikara made her feel. 

Gekikara, at some point after meeting Black, her instinct told her to stay close to the dark Queen. She even thought of spending all her life by her side; this thoughts scared her, yet her own body automatically moved towards Black. Even when they were at Rappapa’s room, she instinctively always sat near Black, whom always was reading a book. They both were always silent and they didn’t mind at all. 

Gekikara also remembered the first time her heart literally stopped. How she was so fascinated by the older girl. How her own breathe left her. 


Black was looking outside the window deep in thought. Thinking about certain girl. Her hands were holding the rosary around her neck. 

Gekikara saw how the light of the sun washed Black’s figure. Her soft and white skin shined, her usual black eyes now showed a honey-brown-like color full of life and her raven hair moved almost in a hypnotizing motion, every time the wind passed through the opened window. 

Gekikara never knew when she started moving, but when she realized about it, she was right behind Black. She stretched her right hand, to touch the girl’s straight hair; she was so close to reach her objective when she heard Torigoya’s instinctive yelp followed by Yuko’s laugh. She growled and took a step back as she let her body fall into a near chair. 


Soon enough Gekikara’s fingers traced Black’s jaw and followed an imaginary path on Black’s neck. Black softly sighed and bite her lips; she was feeling aroused, her cheeks were now painted with a light pink color and her eyes were tightly closed while her breathing started to become heavy. 

-“Yuki…”- Gekikara whisper was almost inaudible, yet Black could hear it and slowly opened her eyes. 

Black’s heart skipped a beat when her eyes landed in the younger girl’s eyes, she saw a mixture of care and lust, and she felt lightheaded. Gekikara’s touch wasn’t the softest touch she ever felt, yet it felt just right in that instant. She threw her head back as if it was an invitation, and when Gekikara’s fingers touched a sensitive spot, she couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped from her lips. 

Gekikara’s mind shut down in that instant. She stopped thinking and stared at Black’s face. She couldn’t hold her wanting anymore.  

Having her hand now in Black’s nape she pulled the older girl’s head closer, and her lips landed on Black’s lips. Gekikara couldn’t stop the guttural sound that came from her mouth. Black opened her eyes surprised as she could feel the rough kisses not knowing if respond the kiss or push the other girl away. 

Gekikara at the sign of no respond stopped herself. Obviously Black won’t respond the kiss “What was I thinking?” She pulled away from those intoxicating lips. Slowly Gekikara retracted her hand from Black’s neck and started giggling again until it turned into a laugh. Half of her was scared and the other half was laughing at her own feelings 

Biting her nails out of habit, Gekikara walked towards the door. 

A frown appeared on Black’s face as she rushed towards the door too and blocked the way. Out of impulse Gekikara pushed the older girl’s body, with more force than needed; Gekikara knew Black wanted an explanation but she was afraid of saying anything. 

On the other hand Black’s back impacted the wall near her. The pain went away after a few seconds but a tiny red blood drop fell from her head. Before Gekikara could walk more than 3 steps, she felt pushed by a strong force, but having fought with several people before, her reaction was to hold onto the body that pushed her. She found hair and a t-shirt and in a quick movement she had her left arm wrapped around Black’s neck.  

All Black could do was to punch the laughing girl’s sides. She punched once, and then again, and again; until Gekikara started coughing and the pressure around her neck disappeared.  

They had never fight against each other before; even though Gekikara knew that Black’s punches were strong, she never imagined it were this strong. Gekikara had to stop giggling to let her body breathe in between coughs. Before she could recover Gekikara felt a strong grip around her own neck and when she looked up, she found Black death glare. She gulped and difficultly let herself giggle again. 

-“Are… you… mad…?” – She asked in between her irregular breathing.  

-“Yes, I am mad…”- Hissed Black and before she could say or do anything else Gekikara’s hands reached her neck and also started to close her grip tighter as they only stared into each other eyes. Challenge was written in both faces. 

However, Black was the first one in break her hold. She needed air; she wasn’t as crazy as the other girl, her lungs where screaming for air. At this reaction, Gekikara laughed manically. 

-“You are… mad…”- Gekikara’s strong hold made Black fall onto her knees, desperately trying to break Gekikara’s hold from her neck. Black’s face turned into a painful grimace; but what happened next made her widen her eyes in pure surprise.  

 Suddenly the grip on Black’s neck disappeared, and was replaced by a known and yet foreign feeling over her own dry lips.  

Maybe Black was tired and maybe was the lack of air but Black opened her mouth and as soon as she felt air, she inhaled the hot air. Gekikara only groaned and pressed her mouth more into Black’s ones. 

Black never knew when she started to answer to the younger girl’s avid kisses, but soon enough she felt Gekikara’s tongue invade her mouth, and when both wet muscles touched each other, both moaned. Black felt Gekikara’s strong hands cupped her face so gently that, for a moment, she wondered if it was another person who was kissing her. Gekikara helped Black to stand back up, still lost in the taste of the sweet lips. 

The lack of air though, made them broke the kiss. Both were breathing hard and long.  

 Gekikara couldn’t stop her desire and instincts anymore. She moved her lips towards the other girl’s neck once again and, for the first time, Gekikara felt joy. The girl’s milky and white soft skin tasted so great, that made Gekikara wonder to herself why she never tried tasting it before.  

Black hissed when she felt teeth digging into her skin. She bit her lips as she felt a tongue licking the, by now, red spot. Her arms wrapped automaticallyaround Gekikara’s shoulders feeling cold hands roaming the burning skin, underneath her clothes. 

Black’s taste was addicting and Gekikara wanted more. 

Gekikara’s desperately hands ripped off the shirt that was in her way as she roughly kissed the also addicting lips. Black yelped in between the rough kiss and as soon as she felt Gekikara’s hands touching her now exposed skin, she shivered. 

With her hands around the slim waist, Gekikara pushed Black towards the nearest couch without breaking the kiss. Just when Black was sitting on the couch, Gekikara broke the kiss only to look at the beauty she had in front of her. 

Feeling the intense stare over her, Black opened her eyes slowly only to find Gekikara’s hungry eyes.  

-“I… This…”- Black panted- “This… is…” 

Gekikara only giggled. Her hands moved towards Black’s thighs never looking away from those dark orbs, and she thanked to all the gods that Black was wearing shorts instead of her regular pants. Black forgot what she wanted to say in that moment, she was lost on those brown eyes she loved so much. 

Gekikara was so lost in the other girl’s beauty that only snapped out when she felt Black’s warm hand on her cheek. She let herself enjoy the smooth hand over her skin; and closed her eyes sighing in relieve. Her mind wondered around her memories once again, until it stopped in the very first night she stayed at Black’s apartment. 


When Gekikara entered the room after she took a shower she found Black already in bed. She walked silently to her side of the bed. Laying there she closed her eyes and calmed her wild heart and breathing. After long and several minutes, in which she was starting to fall asleep, she felt a hand cupping her face. She was surprised but was also afraid to open her eyes. 

-“Good night, Rena…”- she heard Black whispered near her ear.  

After that she didn’t felt Black’s hand anymore. Only silence filling the small room.  Nevertheless, a small smile formed in her lip;, only darkness saw that rare smile, as she relaxed her body once more and fell asleep right away. 

The next morning she was awakened by a soft shake on her arms. Lazily she opened her eyes to find Black sitting in the edge of the bed with a white box in her hands. 

-“You had to fight, didn’t you?”  – Coldly Black scolded her. 

-“They were mad”- Gekikara answered and giggled. 

-“I bet they were”- sarcastically Black replied as she started to treat the wounds in the younger girl’s face. 


Gekikara leaned over and kissed Black once again, this time slowly. As Black felt Gekikara’s hand moving up and down her long and bare legs, she deepened the kiss as she surrounded her arms around the other girl’s shoulders. 

Black knew the feeling in her heart, she was very aware of that feeling, but she buried it deep in her heart. How could she, Black, be in love? It sounded too absurd. Yet she knew she was, even if she tried to deny or hide it. And this feeling only deepened when she saw the strong girl collapse after Yuko’s burial ceremony 


After the last person left, leaving Black and Gekikara alone, Gekikara collapsed into her knees on the ground. She cried painfully hard. 

-“Why?!” –  She yelled to no one in particular 

She slammed her fist on the ground over and over again; and soon enough, dirty and blood was mixed. Black couldn’t keep watching after that. She grabbed Gekikara’s fist before it landed once again, and when the girl looked up, she pulled her into a soft yet strong embrace. 

Gekikara got lost in Black’s smell and warmth; and she just cried her heart out. 


Part of Gekikara was embarrassed by showing her weak side, which was the other reason why she stopped going to the girl’s apartment and started avoiding her. 

Only she saw her once again when she got stabbed and she was admitted in the hospital. She was happy and at the same time afraid that Black’s concept of her would have changed after a long time. She was happier than usual, when Black appeared at the Yabakune’s fight, that she couldn’t hide that happiness of fighting alongside the older girl once again. 

And that’s when she found herself once again in front of Black’s apartment. 

Gekikara’s lips left Black’s red ones; to which Black whimpered displeased. Only to bite her lower lip as she felt the younger girl’s warm breathe near her ear. 

“I want you…” – said Gekikara in a hoarse voice, printed with possession and lust. 

Black hands, which were steady in Gekikara’s waist, started to explore the skin under the clothes. She then noticed a small scar; Black slowly caressed the mark, which made Gekikara to lick her own lips. 

When both looked to each other eyes once again the time stopped; and when their lips met, in a deep and passionate kiss, the reality too stopped in that instant. 




A loud cry crept inside her ears. She didn’t want to move from the warmth and quite comfortable place she was sleeping, but sighed as the cry got louder. Her eyes snapped wide open realizing what it was. 

Her eyes travelled down to the body in between her arms; smiling as she found that the other girl was still sleeping. Her hand tugged a black strand of hair behind the older girl’s ear and was about to kiss the sweet lips, when her attention was stolen, as the cry started once again. 

Slowly and carefully she stood up from the large couch and scanned the place trying to find her clothes. Once she was dressed again, she headed towards the room. As soon as she opened the door a loud cry made her eyes close. 

Walking towards baby boy, she only looked at him with a frown on her face. 

“You mad?” – she asked and another loud cry was his answer. 

Picking the baby up, naturally wrapping her arms in the right position, she rocked him gently until the baby stopped crying. 

“You must be hungry, don’t you?” – she asked to the baby and took a little sniff as an answer – “Let’s try to make you a good breakfast then. Ah! We need a blanket too” – she whispered to herself. 




“It’s quiet” she thought. It hadn’t been this quiet since a year ago; she missed sleeping straight 6 hours without worrying about meals, diaper changes and work. She felt free again.She snuggled more onto the soft couch and warm blanket over her body. “It feels good… It is warm and quiet. It is warm and…” 

Her eyes opened suddenly as she quickly sat up and looked down, as the blanket slowly uncovered her naked body. Images of the past night came back to her mind. But soon was replaced with fear and wonder. Why her son wasn’t crying? Why she didn’t hear him crying in the first place?!” 

After dressing up she rushed to her room. Slamming the door open the image in front of her made her blink a few times before an expression of shock came. 

Gekikara and the baby boy simultaneously, both on the bed, looked towards the sound of the door opening. Both blinked a few times and then the baby laughed cutely at her mother’s figure on the door. While Gekikara only stared at the queen with a blank expression. 

Black sighed relieved.Her baby was fine. She could be calm now.  

She blinked and looked up once again. Baby, bed and Gekikara. She couldn’t believe her eyes. “What the hell happened while I was sleeping?!” she thought. 

“Black?” – Gekikara’s voice made Black thoughts stop. The younger girl raised her hand towards her and, understanding the signal, she walked towards the girl, without looking anything else but Gekikara’s eyes. 

“What…” – Black tried to ask Gekikara something but as soon as her hands were connected, she was pulled closer towards Gekikara’s body. 

“I will protect you both” – Gekikara promised firmly while wrapping her arms around Black’s waist. 

“What do you mean?” – Black pulled herself up enough to look at Gekikara’s eyes, confusion written on Black’s face. 

“Just that” – was the answer she got. 

A happy laugh made both girls look to their side. 

“Ma… Ma…” – the baby said, surprising them both, who looked at each other; then to the baby again, and finally they both laughed.  

“What did you say?” – Black happily hugged her son and, as she sat on the bed, she placed him on her lap kissing and hugging him once again. 

Gekikara hugged the young mother from behind.  

“I love you” – Gekikara whispered as she rested her head on Black’s shoulder. 

Black smiled and raised her hand to Gekikara’s cheek 

“I love you too” – Black replied turning her head she kissed Gekikara. 

Both girls were happy for the first time in their lives, and also they were afraid about their future. But, right at that moment, the future was something far away, as both enjoyed each other’s company. 

The future could wait, as they enjoyed their present.


6 Responses to “My Kind of Love”

  1. Just want you to know, I definitely like your writing. And the story itself is very nice to read :D

    • Thank you~
      I’ve been kinda improving with the months, also tried to read more stories and word rules :)
      I’m glad you like it.
      I have some new ones that I still have to post in here, and because of your comment, I might post them soon ^^
      Anyway, thank you again for reading this ^^v

  2. Holy shit!

    Pardon the language but…

    HOLY SHIT! !!

    And here I thought the word- LEMON was so last decade! I know I asked for it but good Lord, that was intense! This has got to be the highest R – rated fic I have ever encountered in the 48G! For crying out loud, not even my futa Yukirin fic was this graphically intense!

    You weren’t kidding about the amount of content too. So much information in just a one shot that I feel as if I have been reading a chaptered story. Going all the way from Gekikara’s initiation to way after the 2nd season, my goodness gracious, won’t you have mercy on my soul! You like, just combined plots from three different fics I have read before into just one, right? It’s that level of intense.

    Jesus! You know you just ruined my undies with this fic of yours, right? Ah sorry, you didn’t wanna know that!

    And what’s this? Black got pregnant during these three years? That is a whole new and different approach. I am also very surprised that Gekikara didn’t kill the one responsible. I mean, she is the girl that takes her innocent classmates to hospitals for crying out loud. Ah maybe it was Black who stopped her?

    And Yuko and Rappappa, so good to see them again, even if it was a short time. Seriously, this was a great read. Thank you very much for this. To think that this has existed for a whole year and yet I am only just finding out about it now, for shame BG, for shame😔

    • secnecrom Says:

      Man.. I never thought that you will go all hyper over my OS xD
      Most R-rated? Are you serious?! XD and I even delete the scene where Rena makes Yuki beg and cry while using for real her magic fingers…. I still have a small part of that on my notebook… XD
      Well I don’t know what fics you’re talking about since I honestly haven’t read any other BlackGeki, except maybe 2 or so… Anyway, I just tried to imagine the life of both, at least a small part of it. I completely broke and build again their lives. Still I leave it as simple as possible (that’s why it took me over 6 months, not counting the typing and editing process). I of course had to watch both seasons several times to have a starting point. I practically added a new background story to the little bits we got during the drama. And this is what I got. It was really difficult because 1st it was my very first time writing a fic and 2nd I was nervous about the fact that I was writing it in English. But judging by your reaction, I did a good job xD and I had this song playing on the background that suits this os perfectly!
      But don’t ruin your undies just yet! Because obviously, you still haven’t read the 2 parts YuiMaYuki OS I wrote more recently xD you can find it here too. Both under the name of “Untitled” cuz I’m bad when naming my stories :P
      About Gekikara not killing the man… Well, if I were to widen that point of the story, it wasn’t because of Black. Gekikara in my mind, as in every fan minds I want to believe, is insane, but also clever.
      The reason why she didn’t kill him was simple because it wasn’t her plan killing him, but giving him the highest feeling of pain she could. That said, her plan was, punch him until he passed out, and probably until he was hanging at the edge between life and death. Leave him, running from the scene without getting caught, waiting for him to recover from his injures and then starting from step 1 an repeating the process until he begged for her to kill him.
      And yes, that means, that Gekikara was planing to punch him even after she turned 90 years old xD
      Of course, she got caught. She didn’t expect that someone passed by the alley she found the man, never expected the police came and in her, angry, crazy state she didn’t even knew how she ended inside the police car.
      After that shit happened, Yuko’s dead, Atsuko, Center, Nezumi, Shibuya and Yabakune… And she forgot about all that… It was for the best, don’t you think? XD
      I’m attached to Rappappa~ so I had to write about them! I never thought that people would take it in such a great way! (At least the one’s who read and commented…)
      An btw, you really must read that YuiMaYuki…. XD and yes, I’m kind of laughing forever at your reaction.
      Thank you for reading and commenting! :D
      I have not only the TakaYuki, but also, a RenaYuki fic in my plans~
      Thank you again!

  3. today i read your fic, this fic is very good, thank you

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