Friends (AtsuMina)

So I was like… really desperate for some new Atsumina fics but since I couldn’t find one, I encaged myself and wrote one LOL

It will be a 3 parts fic. It will have 2 PoV.

Minami’s PoV and Atsuko’s Pov.

Sorry if this have any grammatical mistake and lack of vocabulary. English is not my first language -.-

This first part has 2, 159 words.

Warning: Non-sense ahead!

Part 1

July, 2007

How hot could summer be? And how annoying some people could be?

As I walked through the corridors of this school, I wonder about these things. Its lunch break, everyone is chatting, laughing and walking/running around.

Being the class president is not easy, I must admit. Dealing with some immature people is a new challenge to me. “Why was I pointed as the class president anyway?”  Everyone laughs at my height and my fail character; I’m more of a joke than a “leader”.

Sigh. Oh, well I just need patience; the year is almost over.

Just entering the cafeteria and my head begins to hurt. So noisy! I can’t even stand the heat of the day. Slowly, I walk to buy my lunch for today. “Heh, I should make a bento for myself more often” Sigh.

Lunch in my hands; alone in a rarely empty table, “finally I can eat!”

Half of my ham and cheese sandwich is gone. And talking about annoying people, they there are, popular and jokers

Oshima Yuko, the ultimate prankster and pervert. She can’t stop herself from touching every “cute girl” she finds; well, it’s more like she doesn’t want to. Then is Minegishi Minami, the clown of the class. She would say or do anything stupid to make the class laugh and, of course, to make the teacher angry.  Too bad people also call her “Miichan”; I’m used to that nickname too, so it’s confusing, somehow… And then, there is Matsui Jurina, one year younger and yet, she surpassed Yuko and Micchan’s antics. Her nickname is “The player, kissing monster” of the school.

This group makes my life even harder by calling me “midget”, teasing me and also playing pranks on me every day.

On the other hand, we have the spoiled princesses of the school.

 Starting with Kashiwagi Yuki, beauty and intelligence mixed in the same amount but, with a dark character, not many people can approach her without getting hurt; she also was the one that yelled at me on my first day. In 2nd place is Kojima Haruna, the school’s model; I seriously don’t know how she can be capable of being 4th on the ranking –in grades- of the whole school. She’s an airhead, Queen of the Airheads I must add, but very, VERY beautiful and tsundere-ish; she is very gentle and innocent though.

And their leader: Maeda Atsuko.

How should I describe Atsuko? She is… PERFECT. She is smart and beautiful too; she is the STAR of the drama club; she’s placed 2nd on the rank, just under me, with only a difference of 10 points; she could easily pass me but she lacks the motivation and is a bit lazy.

On the outside, Atsuko seems to be cold and unapproachable but, once you break that ice wall she builds, you could find the clumsy, and even childish, character she has. Sigh. At least, that’s how she used to be.

We used to be friends, very close ones.

After defending her from some bullies, back in kindergarten, we become inseparables. Until my family had to move out from Tokyo, due to my father’s job. Even though, at first, we sent letters to each other; talking about everything. But after a year and a half, my life became a little busier than before, and I want to think Atsuko’s life also became busier, we stopped the letters; and since then we haven’t spoken or exchange more words or letters.

When we moved back to Tokyo I was very excited and happy. Finally I could be with Atsuko again! And yet, I didn’t know that she moved out of the apartment complex she used to live. But my surprise was bigger when I saw her on my new school on my first day.


Walking towards the classroom, while checking on the little paper on my hands; I accidentally bumped into someone; I apologized fast and, when I looked up, my mouth fell to the ground when I saw Atsuko on the floor, in front of me.

-Atsuko?! I’ve been trying to find you. I didn’t know you moved out of the complex! I asked around but no one could give me any answer- I smiled brightly and could feel the tears of happiness forming in my eyes. Gently, holding her hand, I helped her to stand up. –I’ve missed you, Atsuko! – I was about to hug her when I felt someone pushed me back to the floor.

-Hey! What do you think you’re doing?! – A tall girl, with dark hair and a beautiful face, and fearful dark eyes, grabbed me from my collar and pulled me near her face, intimating face that didn’t matched the beautiful features. –Huh?! Answer me! How dare you to talk to Acchan in a friendly way?! How dare you to even touch her! Do you have a death wish?! Just apologize to her for that and go away, brat!-

The girl harshly let go of my clothes and I fell on the floor at Atsuko’s feet; and some scratches appeared on my knees.

-Atsuko…? – I whispered, looking up to her, only to find a cold glare. I felt like crying I… I’m s-sorry

-Sorry what?! – The tall girl yelled once again

-I’m s-sorry, M-Maeda-san… – Those words felt bitter once they left my mouth; my chest was aching. So I just grabbed my bag and ran away without looking back.

The last thing I heard was a third voice saying, “I haven’t seen that little girl before…”

 ——end of flashback——

It had been 9 months since that incident. I avoid, by all means, Atsuko’s group. But, I miss her way too much. I glance at her every now and then during the whole day, I can’t help it.

-Stop spacing out, you midget- someone whispered on my ear while wrapping her arms around me, in a tight hug.

-Ah! – I squealed, feeling my ears burning, I stood up while rubbing my ear with the palm of my hand; turning around to see who was it. I could really spot those duck lips anywhere- Tomochin! –I pouted at her and she only grinned.

-As sensitive as usual, Takamina. – She giggled and sat next to me.

I also sat back, to finish my lunch, still pouting at her.

-You know my ears are sensitive! – I replied back. I smiled then- Welcome back! –

-I’m back! – She answered my greeting with a huge smile- Now tell me, what is bothering you? The Oshima’s gang or the Princess gang?-

She knows me so well!

-None, I’m just thinking about… Things… – I sighed.

-And those things have the Maeda name on them, am I right?

-Yeah…. – WAIT! What did she said? – I mean, NO!

She laughed at my fail response and face.

-You are so transparent, Takamina

I pouted again and just ate the last piece of my sandwich. The bell rang not long after.


This heat it’s gonna kill me! I feel irritated by it. The school was way too noisy, maybe due to the vacations that were approaching, maybe this people is just annoying.

Yukirin, Haruna and I were heading towards the cafeteria to have our lunch, people moved away from our path. They respected us, and even fear us. I like it that way; I don’t have to deal with unnecessary people. 

We went to our usual place. We unpacked our lunch that consisted, mostly, of fruit; and started eating in silence.

-What plans do you have for this summer? – Haruna asked

-I will go to Germany to visit some relatives that I had no idea I had. – Answered Yuki. –What about you, Acchan?

-Umm… Maybe I’ll just lock myself on my room with the air-con to the max and sleep the whole day- I said while chewing some of the fruit.

-Eh?! What about that Fashion show your dad will attend in Paris? Don’t you wanna go? – Yukirin and her reactions faces. 

-Nope, actually it’s a good thing that he has it. I will be all alone at home, without that annoying woman I have for stepmother.

-Well, that’s true… 

 Yukirin kept on eating her lunch in silence and without touching the topic anymore.

-What about you Haruna? – I asked her.

-Well, I have a trip to LA on the vacations, apparently there is a fashion designer that wants me to be there… – she shrugged- and I don’t have anything more to do.

-Wow, that’s amazing Haruna! You are more famous now! 

-Nah, I just have a good agent- she laughed

 I was about to add something more, when I saw her. Takahashi Minami was gracefully walking towards an empty spot. 

She was spacing out for a while; I wonder what her thoughts were. How many years had been since the last time we spoke to each other? How many years since the last time she hugged me? How many years since the last time we laughed together? I wonder…

Even though we agreed to send letters to each other after she moved out, I stopped sending them; after about a year and a half, my parents divorced. I wanted to tell Minami about this matter; to tell her that I was scared and sad of what would happen to my future, but in her letters she wrote about how different her life was there; about how she made new friends and how her life was happy, although she wanted us to be together. And I couldn’t just confess it. I couldn’t be the cause of her worry, so I decided to just stop sending letters. 

Three letters were sent after that. I didn’t replied back, with the excuse that I was busy with school and other things. She stopped sending letters after that.

I missed her, to the point that I cried at nights. I wanted her in my life again; my only friend.

My dad got married again, with a clothes designer. That along my dad, a lawyer, created their own fashion business. My mother on the other hand, I heard she went to Canada. 

After this woman came to our life we started to go to expensive parties and meetings. That was when I met both, Yukirin and Haruna. Yukirin was the daughter of the President of Kashiwagi Co. one of the most powerful companies in Japan; and Haruna, the daughter of a model and actress who also was divorced. Haruna wanted to follow modeling, so since she was a little girl, and thanks to her mother, got several jobs. Soon we became good friends; talking about different things and our possible future on the show business.

But I still missed Minami.

I was so surprised to see her back in Tokyo; moreover, I was surprised to see her in my school! I didn’t know how to react; so I just put on the acting of my life. I acted cold, as if I didn’t know her. But soon, I realized that I made the worst mistake of my life.

Hearing her say my surname instead of my first name hurt me a lot. That she was avoiding me, broke my heart. And that she had another friend who laughs, talks, share things, go out and other stuff with, that was killing me.

“How can I approach her again? Will she forgive me? What if she doesn’t want to be my friend again? My heart won’t stand the pain if she doesn’t want to be my friend again and what if…”



-Did you hear what I said?

I blinked a few times before paying attention to my friends. What did she just said? I look back and forth, first to Yuki and then to Haruna, both having worried expressions. Blinking again, I remove a bit in my chair, trying to be comfortable again.

-I’m sorry, Yuki. I was thinking about my plans for this summer… – I smiled at her apologetically.

-Ah, yeah. If it’s that then its okay, never mind. It wasn’t anything really important – she smiles and keeps eating.

She believes it, great! But, on the other hand, Haruna just keeps staring at me. She might be an Airhead but in fact, she always knows.

When I glance towards where Minami was sitting I found that Itano girl with her. They are laughing. I can’t stand that girl.

Itano Tomomi, another model. One could say that she’s more famous than Haruna. She’s a walking fashion show; always with the most fashionable clothes and accessories, even at school. She’s rich of course. She could have any friend she would want, but why Minami? Why MY Minami?

“Wait, my Minami? What’s wrong with you, Atsuko?!”

Shaking my head I decide to stop thinking about them and focus on my friends and lunch. Soon the bell rang; and Minami goes back to the classroom with Itano-san. I really hate her.

As much as I hate summer.

So! How was it? Should I post the second part? Tell me your opinions, complaints, whatever! ^^

Thank you for reading!!


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