Friends (AtsuMina) Part 2

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I really, really appreciate that you guys read it and enjoy it. I hope you like this 2nd part as well~

Again 2 PoV: Minami’s PoV/Atsuko’s PoV

This part has 1,585 words. HEH?????! It’s short OTL

Warning: More non-sense ahead.

Part 2

April, 2008.

-Well, with this we will start the year. I will ask you to make a project. Said project will be decisive for your grades. So you better give me a great project, all right?! But, I will make the pairings for this project.

There was a general dislike with the idea. I guess everyone already had their partner for this project.

-C’mon, guys. I know you wanted to make the project with your friends, but that wouldn’t be interesting! So, I will name the pairings. First is…

One by one all the names were called. Some people made faces of disgust, others of boredom. Just a few were happy or had no reaction at all.

As for Tomochin, she had to make the project with Kasai-san, who wasn’t so happy about it. On the other hand, Tomochin was very delighted about it. Kasai-san was Tomochin’s crush since she saw her back on their first day.

I giggle. It’s gonna be an interesting project.

-Well, I’m really looking forward to this team – the teacher continues saying –Maeda-san and Takahashi-san – “EHHH???!!! Is he serious?!” He smiled to both of us – Number 1 and Number 2 working together. I’m really looking forward to it! So, the next one is…

What am I supposed to do? It’s not like I dislike the idea but, the thing is, I’m really afraid of Kashiwagi-san. She is so overprotective, and even though I understand that feeling, I don’t think I was THAT overprotective towards Atsuko.


-Good luck, Takamina! This is your chance! – Tomochin said while I was packing my books on my bag, ready to go home.

-Chance?! – I turned to look at her with an annoyed expression – Chance for that Black to kill me, you might say!

-Don’t tell me you’re still afraid of Kashiwagi-san? – She giggled – Takamina, you’re not gonna work with her!

-I know but…- I pout – She’s scary…

-Just think about this – she said while passing her right arm around my shoulders – Finally, you have Maeda for yourself. No one will be around, just you and her. You might be able to clear the things between the two of you.

“She’s right! Finally, I can talk with Atsuko alone. This might not be so bad after all…”


“Yes! Me and Minami, together for a project! Finally! Together, like the old times! YES!!”

I grabbed one of my pillows and putting it over my face I yelled all my excitement out. I just hope Yukirin won’t get overprotective on me again. I wonder why she dislikes Minami so much though. Haruna seems to be okay with her so far. She even went to her, a few couple of times, for some advice and help with homework.

I wonder if she will want to do the project with me though. When the teacher announced that we will do the project together her face was a bit… disappointed? Or was it scared? I wonder what was.

As always today she walked home along Itano-san; she was even hugging Minami! How dare she?!

The melody of a message alert, from my phone, distracted me from mentally killing Itano-san.

“From: Yukirin

I’m so gonna kill that Takahashi if she dares to make or say something disrespectful to you Acchan!

What? Why does she…?

“To: Yukirin

Why do you dislike her so much? And besides it’s only a project. It’s not like she’s kidnapping me

Seconds later the reply came back.

“From: Yukirin

I just don’t like her. She seems to be a yankee. No yankee has the right to even look at you Acchan!

I laughed so hard that I ended on the floor grabbing my stomach.

I couldn’t resist it. A yankee? Does she think I’m a princess or something? Moreover, is she jealous or something? She sounds like a total jealous boyfriend.

After calming myself, I wrote her my last message before focusing on my English homework.

“To: Yukirin

You sound like a jealous and overprotective boyfriend, Yuki. It’s okay, I know your parent side always want to protect me from the bullies; but believe me, I’ll be fine

Now, it’s time for me to focus on English. “Ugh, English… Why do you even exist?!”


April, 14th, 2008

It’s been 2 weeks since the teacher announced about the project. I don’t have the courage to go near Atsuko. Kashiwagi-san is always watching me, always glaring at me. I’m scared for my own life.

-Hey, midget! Tell me… – Yuko, in front of my desk, has an evil grin on her face. – How’s Atsuko?

-Huh? I don’t understand…

-Oh, c’mon! Don’t be shy! Tell me, does she have big boobs? I bet you already saw her changing, am I wrong? – Her smile grew – You two are a team, you must have already seen her naked!

-Oshima-san, please stop saying those things! – I was blushing like mad. Everyone was looking at us; some was already whispering, others laughing.

-She’s blushing, Yuko! It must be true. She must have a great body! – Miichan added and laughed too.

Why is this happening to me?! Why wouldn’t this 2 leave me alone?!

-Stop it! – Standing up, I sent a glare to Yuko and gripped my fists. I was really pissed.

-Oi, Oi. Take it easy, Takamini. I’m only curious about Acchan~ she is so pretty~ – she giggled – c’mon, tell me… Is she hot?

I couldn’t contain my anger anymore.

-I don’t know, Oshima. Don’t come here asking me about someone I don’t even know! Don’t come here to ask about someone I don’t even talk with! I don’t even know why the teacher chose us for this damn project! I don’t even want her as a partner!

My breathing was heavy. I just hope Yuko would stop messing with me after this.

-Is that so…?

-Yes! So, Oshima-san please stop asking me and messing with me!

-But… -I interrupted her.

-No buts! I already said the facts! So, just stop!

-But, I didn’t say anything! – she said and looked behind me.

-Eh? ….

-You made this clear, Takahashi – That voice… I turned around slowly, afraid of the person that, I was sure, would find. – It’s not like I want to make this project with you either. But, since I want to graduate, I will do it. I suggest you to do the same. We don’t have to know each other, or even, become friends after this.

And with that said, Atsuko walked away from the classroom. Everyone was in silence, no one dared to move an inch.

-Atsuko… – I whispered, facing the door of the classroom. Tears started rolling from my eyes. How this could happen? How…?

-Hey, Are you okay? – Yuko placed a hand on my shoulders.

-Leave me alone. This is your entire fault… – I angrily whispered; I shrugged her hand away and left the classroom.

I skipped the last few classes I still had.

April, 18th, 2008

Awkward, that’s how the Library felt.

In front of me there was Atsuko, she was writing some stuff on her notebook.

I was trying to decide whether if it was a good idea to try and start a conversation with her or not. She was so focused on her notes that she didn’t noticed that I was staring at her.

Or so I thought.

-Are you going to stare at me the whole day or will you start the project? – She said coldly.

I quickly lowered my head towards my own notes, trying so hard not to look back at her.

“I guess she’s still angry for what I said…” And I don’t blame her; if I were in her shoes I would be angry too.

The hours passed and soon it was night.

We still were in the Library. I was now focused on my own notes until I hear a yawn from Atsuko. Looking up, for the first time, after a long time, she was rubbing her eyes.

-You know… – I said slowly, afraid to anger her again. – We can come tomorrow. Or in the weekend if you want. – I thought about it a bit more; she maybe wants to finish as fast as she could. It makes sense – If you want I can make the final details on my own. There’s no need to be with me if you don’t want…

She was staring at me, with that blank face. I gulped. She was angry again. “Damn it, Minami! Why you can’t do anything right?!”

-I can’t let someone else do my work – she said – what if you ruin it? I can’t. Even if I don’t want to spend this time with you; I should endure it, only for this project.

-Of course! S-sorry that I even s-said that, M-Maeda-san…

She checked the hour on her phone and started packing everything on her bag. I quickly did the same. It not may be so late at night but still, I wouldn’t let her go alone.

-I will walk you home, Maeda-san. It could be dangerous at night- I said, walking next to her.

-You don’t have to. I’ll be alright. I’ve been living and walking home alone since I remember. – That statement was a punch to my heart. Straight to where it hurts the most.

-Still! I will just walk you home from afar. I will be worried if I let you go alone… – I slowed down my steps and started walking behind her.

Not so far, but not so close either.





What will happen now?!!!DUN-DUN-DUN!!


There! How was it? confusing? Not good enough?….

The only thing I will say about the last part is that it will start with Atsuko’s PoV!

Again leave your comments/yelling/requesting/complaints/whatever, they’re highly appreciated :3

And  thank you for reading ^^~


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  1. Yeyy. Thank youuu.

    Why must Minami say those things? :(

    Maybe Atsuko is just acting and she’s really hurt inside.

    What will happen to AtsuMina?

    I’ll wait for the next part. Thanks. :)

    1. Well, it’s just that Minami is tired of Yuko’s teasing lol
      She just said those words out of annoyance. You know how it is when someone is molesting you and the only thing you want is them to leave you alone and then… BAM you said something you didn’t want to OTL (True story actually)
      But anyway~~~ Things will get better! I promise~
      I already have the 3rd part done (and actually working on the Sequel because some people told me that it looks like it ended way too soon….. but still in progress~)
      Only because you commented so fast I will update the next and last part :) -and also because I might forget to update again OTL – work is messing my head -.-
      So as a thank you for reading and actually commenting I will post the 3rd part ^^

      1. Yea, I do. I think I’ve tried that already. Yeyyyy~ Hurray for the last part and hurray for the sequel. :D Thank youu~ :D

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