Friends (AtsuMina) Part 3

Finally the 3rd and last part! T______T

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed it so far! ^^

Once again it has Minami’s Pov and Atsuko’s PoV.

Words: 1,984.

Total words: 5,714

Again Thank you so much for reading and liking this fic!

WARNING: Last part of this non-sense ahead! it ended just like that… somehow… I was willing to change it a bit, but then Acchan’s dating news came and I decided to leave it like that OTL



I tried to focus on my notes since the beginning of the afternoon. I still was angry with her for the words she, well, practically yelled. Was that what she really thought? Does she dislike me so much now?

Maybe it was my fault. I was the one that didn’t send those letters. It was me who didn’t say anything when we bumped for the first time, after a long time without seeing each other. It was me who acted cold. Maybe I deserve this.

I can feel her piercing stare.

 -Are you going to stare at me the whole day or will you start the project? – I said coldly.

She looked down at her notes and I suppressed a giggle. She was still the old Minami I knew. I looked at her for a good couple of minutes before focusing on my notes again. She looked so cute with that serious and concentrated face.

I miss her so much.

I yawned; I was tired, and my eyes were itching a bit.

-You know… – She said – We can come tomorrow or in the weekend if you want – she took a few minutes and then added– If you want I can make the final details on my own. There’s no need to be with me if you don’t want…

Do you really think I don’t want to be with you? I stared at her, trying to figure it out, but her words anger me again. I wanted to be with her as much as possible! How dense could she be?!

-I can’t let someone else do my work. What if you ruin it? I can’t. Even if I don’t want to spend this time with you; I should endure it, only for this project. – I said more coldly than I expected.

-Of course! S-sorry that I even s-said that, M-Maeda-san…


I flipped my phone open, trying to suppress the annoyance that made me feel those words. 8:30 pm, already?! I needed to go home or my dad would get worry if he calls, to check on me, and I don’t answer.

I started to pack my things on my bag and I saw Minami doing the same thing. I didn’t want her to follow me. I want to cool my mind and walk around the city for a while.

-I will walk you home, Maeda-san. It could be dangerous at night- she said when we were on the street. Why does she know me so well? Even after all this years…

-You don’t have to. I’ll be alright. I’ve been living and walking home alone since I remember. – I must admit that those words were said out of anger.

I saw how her eyes lost that usual spark in them. I regretted my words so much after I said them. But I couldn’t do anything about it.

-Still! I will just walk you home from afar. I will be worried if I let you go alone… – she said firmly, and walked behind me.

I wanted to make it up for my words, so I silently walked towards home.

After a good 20 minutes of silent walk we arrived to my building.

-Wow… -I heard her say behind me – You live here, Maeda-san?! – She stood next to me, looking at the building as if she just found a lost treasure.

I giggled. She can’t be cuter, can she?

She looked back at me with a huge smile on her face. I couldn’t but smile back.

-Well… I think… I should go, right? – She looked disappointed, and I was disappointed too.

I wanted to see her again. I wanted to spend more time with her. I didn’t want her to leave.

-See you tomorrow, at the same time at the Library- she smiled at me, a sad smile – sleep well.

I couldn’t let her to go from me again.

Grabbing her hand, I stopped her from walking away. She turned at me, surprised for my action.

-It’s already late… – I say blushing- I can’t let my project-partner to walk alone in the streets. You can pass the night with me… -Minami was speechless, and who wouldn’t?! “Think, Acchan. THINK” – Besides, we can advance with the project even more. – Yes, that’s a good excuse.

-I… – she was pondering her options- I… have to ask my mom first…


Passing a night with Atsuko was something that I never imagined I would do ever again. It was a dream.

Her new apartment was HUGE.

-Your parents won’t get mad for this? – I asked a bit worried.

-Don’t worry – she replied, shaking her head – They aren’t here. They went to London to attend some business.


My surprised face made her laugh. I missed her laugh.

-Yes, London.

She put her bag on the floor of the living room and sat on one of the large couches, stretching her body. I sat myself on the individual sofa and hugged my bag tightly; admiring the big room.

There was a moment of comfortable silence, in which Atsuko closed her eyes and relaxed her body. I could only look at her, admiring her body. She grew up so much; she became so beautiful. My heart was beating too fast that I could feel that it can pop out of my chest anytime soon.

-You’re drooling, Takahashi.

Immediately I placed my hand over my mouth, cleaning it.

-Maeda-san, please don’t tease me like that… – I pouted after realizing what she just did.

She laughed and I smiled.

-I’ll make us dinner – she said while standing up – after that we can keep working.

I blocked her way; I couldn’t let her make us dinner while I was here without doing anything.

-I will make dinner. – I said smiling at her- You, change yourself and relax.

-I can’t let you do that.

-I won’t burn the apartment, if it’s that what you’re afraid of.

-You’re a guest here – she stubbornly replied – I will make dinner while you relax.

-As stubborn as always aren’t you…

-What did you said?

Did I just say that out loud?!

-I-I m-mean… don’t be stubborn and go change yourself! I will make us dinner. – I walked towards the kitchen and ignored her while she called my name.

After a good dinner and changing my clothes too, Atsuko actually lend me some of her clothes; we finally sat on the floor of the living room, spreading all our notes we started discussing on how we should make the project; about what things we should omit and the things we should write.

After a couple of hours in which, we silently were copying more notes, I noticed that Atsuko was already sleeping. Her head resting on the palm of her hand and the other was hanging on her side.

I smiled at the image. I slowly flipped my phone open and took a picture. She didn’t even moved when the camera made its characteristic ‘click’ sound.

I got closer to her, gently shaking her shoulder.

-Atsuko, go to your room…

She mumbled something incompressible and continued sleeping. Sigh, this girl hasn’t changed at all.

-Atsuko, it’s time for you to sleep. You will get a cold if you sleep on the floor. – I whispered near her ear.

This time she stretched her arms and before I could react she hugged me, resting her head on my shoulder.

-Minami… – she whispered while still sleeping.

My mind stopped working. Having her so close to me, smelling her essence, feeling her arms around me; my mind just had a break-down.


April, 19th, 2008

I tried to move my numbed arm from the position it was in but couldn’t. I tried harder, but it seemed as it was stuck. I pulled my arm a bit harder and I hear a groan.

I opened my eyes, only to find Minami’s face close to mine. We both were on the floor; our stuff was still all over around us. 

Minami’s head was resting over my arm, but that stopped being a priority. Staring at her face, I couldn’t stop my hand to caress her cheek.

-Mmmm… – she smiled still sleeping.

I wonder what she is dreaming about. I admired her for a few minutes more, until her phone started ringing.

She sat back in one single movement, grabbed her phone and turned it off.

I think she was still sleeping because her phone soon slipped off of her hold; and that was when she, disoriented looked around.

I closed my eyes again, afraid that she could find me awake.

-Shit! – She cursed. I heard her standing up and walking away from me.

I was about to open my eyes when I heard her footsteps back into the living room; she stopped near me and placed what it felt like a blanket over me.

I stayed still on my place for a couple of minutes more.

-Mom… yes, I just woke up… I will be at home after breakfast… Yes, I had a good sleep… -Minami laughed- I first have to wait until Atsuko wakes up too… I’ll try mom. I said some things that I shouldn’t had say and now she’s angry at me… I will, I will… – I moved my sore body- I have to hang up… -she whispered- I think she will be awake soon… I will tell her… bye.

As the good actress as I am, I acted as if I was just waking up.

-Oh, sorry for waking you up – she scratched the back of her head – I guess we slept here in the living, Maeda-san. I hope you don’t get angry at me for that…

She was looking down to the floor. How can I be angry at her?

-You have to make breakfast, if you want me to forgive you… – I yawned and stretched my body.

She hurriedly went to the kitchen. I suppressed my laugh.

She’s the same Minami.


I knew I need to explain my words. The words I said to Yuko and messed all up.

-M-Maeda-san? – I hesitated.

-Yes? – She said still reading the book in her hands.

-I… I w-want to t-talk… about w-what I-I said… the other day…

-Umm? What did you said? – asked me, still reading.

I inhaled air and courage and walked towards her; I grabbed the book away from her, place it on the table and looked straight into her eyes.

-I…I’m sorry for what I said the other day… I still remember you. I still want us to be friends again. I miss you by my side. But, my words had some truth in them. I don’t know you anymore, Atsuko. – I paused myself, so I could think my next words- I don’t know who this Atsuko is anymore. I only know the Atsuko from before I moved out of Tokyo; and I don’t see that Atsuko in you. I- I know I don’t have the right to say this, but… I just want you to know that I still want you to be my friend… Atsuko… Can we… be friends again?… Can we start over again?

Standing up, she turned around; her back was facing me and she stayed in silence for some long minutes.

-I-I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean all that. I was so angry about what you said that… -she sighed- I forgave you already, M-Mi-Minami… – she turned back and looked at me, a small smile and tears rolling from her face.

I wiped her tears with my fingers. It hurt me and at the same time I was so happy. I closed the distance between us and rested my forehead on hers. We cried and laughed at the same time; we shared a tight hug while saying how much we missed each other.

After that I must say…

We became inseparables again.

But that is another story.



Finally it’s over! OTL

what do you think of the end? was it bad? I don’t even know anymore o.o

Thank you to all who readed, commented and hated this crazy fic of mine xD

PS: I’m still debating whether to make a sequel or just short stories of them after the last part :3 (maybe their first date and/or confession xD)

Till the next time! … Maybe!


3 Responses to “Friends (AtsuMina) Part 3”

  1. The others were right. You can’t just let it end there. Hahaha. I’ll wait for the sequel. Thank you~. Be reading your fics again. :)

    • I know right? But kinda just lost inspiration after knowing Acchan’s dating rumors… I’m getting back on the mood though. Have a few drafts of the sequel/OS
      Anyway, thank you again! For reading and commenting (not many people do that nowadays OTL) I’ll be posting my OS this week maybe. I have 2 that I must post in here LOL
      And well, yeah thanks again and I hope I’ll see you again on my other fics :D

      • Oh. I was shocked too. But all’s well. :) Thank you too. And yes, I’ll be waiting for the sequel. :D

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