Noise/Silence (AtsuMina(?) OS)

So, I’m at my office and I got this crazy idea from a post on Twitter, to write about a noise or about silence… And so… here I am xD

I hope you like it. I kinda wanted to have a sort of sad ending. So yeah.

Anyway I hope you like it! ^^)/

Warning: Just nonsense and boredom ahead xD



It was noisy; she could hear the cheering and clapping from the fans.

-Noisy… – she whispered while rubbing her temples; she was having a headache, a strong one, and the noise was making her feel even worse.

-Takamina, are you okay? – Yokoyama Yui, the current Team A Captain, asked worried.

The small General Manager only nodded.

-Stand-by in 5 minutes! – The staff announced and everyone in the room rushed towards the stage door.

Only Takahashi Minami stayed behind, trying to breathe.

Looking at her reflection, in the mirror, she tried to calm herself down; she was starting to feel nervous and she didn’t know why.

The headache wasn’t helping, the noise from the audience either. She looked at her right, hoping to find someone; but no one was there.

Her, unknown, anxiety started to grow. She needed air, her body starter to heat up, even though the air-conditioner was on. She was gasping; she was almost obligating her own lungs and respiratory system to breathe; sweat started forming in her forehead and fell from there and her neck; she felt uncomfortable and her clothes started to feel heavy.

Standing up, she felt the world spinning. It was too much for her, and her legs finally gave up and she fell to the floor, hyperventilating.

-Takamina! – Someone called her name. But struggling to remind herself conscious, she didn’t recognize who the person was.

Clenching her teeth and tears rolling down from her eyes, she pushed herself up, in a last attempt to stand up and perform again. But her body gave up sooner than her own will.

She fainted, making a chaos backstage.

The news talked about the incident for the next couple of hours.



Takahashi Minami felt herself in peace. There was no noise; it was calm, just her and the silence.


A kind and soft voice broke her silent place, she kind of recognized that voice, but she couldn’t put a name on it.


She felt a hand stroking her hair slowly and calm; it felt good, she had to admit.

-Wake up, Minami…-

Wake up? She didn’t want to wake up. Waking up meant dealing with her problems, it meant deal with everyone; it meant a busy schedule and no time to rest. And she didn’t want to. She preferred stay in this place, where there was nothing but silence and darkness.


Slowly she opened her eyes, the bright and white light hurt her eyes and she closed them again. She tried once more, blinking while trying to adjust her vision to the light. She felt a soft pressure in her left hand and looked towards there.

She found the most beautiful human being she could ever see. The smile was brighter than the light and it make her feel so comfortable and calm.

-Good Morning – the girl spoke softly

-Morning…- Minami smiled and moved her sore body, changing her position into a new and comfortable one.

-How are you feeling?

-I’m feeling fine, what about you? – Her thumb started caressing the other girl’s hand automatically.

The taller but younger girl only giggled making her frown. Minami missed her and yet she was happy that she was busy herself. Suddenly, the taller girl stood up and took her bag and coat.

-Atsuko… – her voice almost cracked, making the younger girl stop before opening the door.

-Take care of your health, Minami. – She smiled to Minami; sad written on her face. –Good bye. – And without waiting for a reply, she went out.

Silence, felt heavy and lonely, uncomfortable; and Minami didn’t like it anymore.


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