A Christmas Surprise (AtsuMina OS)

Well again late with my stories (at least posting them here)

This time Merry Christmas!!!! (late again! ><)

I hope you forgive me (whoever read this anyway)

Also I hope you like this!




She was alone in her favorite restaurant. She asked for a cup of hot green tea and sat comfortable on a table next to the big window. She didn’t feel like drinking chocolate today.

It was a day-off. A rarely day-off on her Christmas busy schedule with the group, yet here she was, a few hours for Christmas and she was alone. Her family had traveled out of Tokyo, to visit some relatives.

She didn’t blame them, it was only normal. From the last 3 years she was so busy on Christmas days that she won’t be with her family.

She sighed. “Christmas will be cold and lonely” She thought.

-It’s almost Christmas and I found you here, alone – said Maeda Atsuko while sitting on the chair in front of her best friend – How predictable, this is so you – she added while trying to suppress a smile.

The surprise expression on her friend face always amused her.

-W-What are you doing here, Acchan?

-‘Acchan’? So now we are on nicknames basis, Takamina?

-You’re right. It sounds off… – Takahashi Minami agreed – But then, you didn’t answer my question

– And you haven’t answered my calls for the past months. I think we are tied.

Minami looked at her cup of tea. It was true; she started avoiding her bestfriend once the rumors of her dating ‘that’ guy started. She didn’t have the right to feel anger, but there she was feeling anger and jealousy all at once.

-I was busy – was Minami’s weak answer – And you didn’t called that much.

Atsuko frowned at Minami’s answer. Her voice sounded distant and cold and she didn’t like that sound.

-Yuko, told me that you changed, you know? – Minami looked up, towards her for the first time, making Atsuko’s frown grow as she saw a battle of feelings happening inside of those hazel eyes she loves so much – I didn’t believe her, but I guess it’s true – she added with a sad smile.

-People change, Atsuko. Time and circumstances make people change – Minami replied looking away.

-I’m sorry for leaving – Atsuko finally confessed her feelings, those hidden and heavy feelings she carried with her since she left the other girl alone in the battlefield.

-Sorry? What do you mean ‘sorry’? – Minami said raising her voice – That means you’re sorry that you followed your dream? That you’re sorry about the path that you chose? – Minami slammed her fist against the table, making Atsuko jump – Don’t come here, telling me that you’re sorry about leaving me. Because I don’t want to think that all the effort, all the time, all my hard work and all my tears and feelings for you were just a waste.

Atsuko looked at the shorted girl surprised, feeling both sadness and happiness combined. Knowing her friend she knew that this was a love confession blurted out of rage. And Minami won’t ever admit it herself.

-I-I didn’t want it to sound like that, I’m sorry – Atsuko looked away, avoiding Minami’s intense gaze.

After a few minutes in silence, Minami reached for Atsuko’s hand and started to slowly rub her thumb on her skin as she sighed.

-I miss you, Atsuko – Minami confessed – It’s been hard but… I have to be strong – she smiled at Atsuko, a tired smile.

-I know – was Atsuko’s reply.

-Besides, – Minami left Atsuko’s hand and grabbed her cup – I’m angry at you for not telling me about that guy you’re dating.

Atsuko confused look lightened after the last statement and she started to laugh.

-If I knew that you would avoid me, I would never ever dated him in first place – she brought her right hand towards her face, hiding her embarrassment but never stopping her laugh.


-I thought you would man-up and say something like “get away from her, you jerk! She’s mine!”  – Atsuko imitated, in a bad way, Minami’s low voice.

-I… I…

-Never mind, I’m enjoying being here right now –Atsuko shrugged – I miss you too, Minami.

-I… I guess this won’t be a lonely Christmas, after all… – Minami stated with a bright smile.

-Merry Christmas – Atsuko said.


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