New Year (AtsuMina/KojiYuu)

And because I know I’ve been a bad person for not posting this in here… Well, tonight/today I will post another OS!

I hope you enjoy it! ^^)/

By the way… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (Late but… well… u w u )



-5! 4! 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! – Everyone in the room yelled.

It was the start of a new year, everyone was excited and happy. Drinks did the usual cling clang sound when clashed, many kisses and hugs, many good wishes and promises, but specially, many laughs were heard.

Maeda Atsuko sighed.  She didn’t felt that excited for the New Year; she wanted to return to a certain date back in 2013 and stay there forever. She looked at her drink in hand and sighed again.

-Happy New Year, Acchan – her rumored boyfriend said to her

-Happy New Year, Onoe-san – she replied in a low voice.

He laughed

-You don’t look THAT happy, Acchan – he sat next to her – What’s the problem?

-Well, you could say that SHE is the problem – Atsuko sighed again.

-Ah, Takahashi-san? – He laughed again – Why don’t you just confess to her?

-I already did! – Atsuko shouted – she said that I was confusing friendship over love – she pouted and looked away.

-Typical man – he giggled – Come on, Acchan. Are you gonna give up only because of that answer?

-She has been ignoring my calls since then – she pouted.

-Well, I guess tonight it’s your lucky day – he said looking in front of them with a grin on his face.


-Just look over there – he pointed to the front.

Atsuko frowned but followed the direction where he was pointing.

-Minami… – she said in a whisper.

There she was, her so called best friend, the person she loved the most. She seemed to be struggling with her companion, who was no other than Oshima Yuko, one of their friends. But how? Atsuko wondered. This is a private party and just selected people were invited so why and how?

-Happy New Year, Atsuko – the man next to her whispered in her ear and stood up. He winked to her and walked away.

She blinked, confused; and after a couple of seconds she smiled.

-Come on, Bakamina! Just talk to her! – said Yuko

-And what will I say?! I’ve been ignoring her and now she must be angry at me! – replied Minami

-It doesn’t matter! Do you love her or not?

-I… Well… Y-yes… B-but…

-No ‘but’s! Just go over there and confess to her, before someone takes her away from you – Yuko pointed towards were Atsuko and an unknown, to them, man were.

He leaned closer to Atsuko and from their point of view it seemed like they kissed. Minami’s reaction was instantaneous, her foot moved on its own, firmly walking towards Atsuko.

But once in front of her, she went blank. What she should say? Will she accept her back? Will she believe her in first place?

Minami gulped.

-A-Atsuko … -she looked at her trying to gather her thoughts – H-hi!

Atsuko raised an eyebrow. Being an actress had its advantages, like faking being angry or annoyed, when in reality she wanted to burst in laugher.

-I-I… I … -Minami cleared her dry throat – Ho-How are you?

-Do I know you? – was Atsuko’s response.

The shocked expression on Minami’s face almost makes her lost her cover. She had to take a sip of her drink before she started laughing nonstop.

-Do-don’t say that, Atsuko! Is me! Minami!

-Minami? I don’t think you are the Minami I know – she said – The Minami I know would never ignore me. So you aren’t that Minami.

Minami bite her lower lip.

-I’m so sorry for not answering your calls! – She bowed – I’m really sorry!

-No, you are not sorry. You did it on purpose. You wanted to avoid me. I get it; you don’t love me as I love you. You know, I waited to confess my feelings for so long, Minami and when finally I gathered the courage, with a smile you said nothing would change and yet, you changed, you avoided me. Do you know or, at least, understand the pain I felt? – Atsuko stood up – I decided to stop loving you, it’s New Year, I can start again. And I decided that I won’t love you like in the past.

Atsuko walked away, towards the man who was her friend, the man who knew about her feelings towards her best friend, the one who was there for her when Minami started to avoid her. Her ‘boyfriend’.

Minami looked at her, walking away from her, she felt how her heart broke in tiny little pieces. Probably it was too late. Probably she made mistakes but…

But she won’t let it happen again.

-What are you doing, Atsuko? – The man asked curiosity on his voice.

-Just play along – she answered – I want to know if she will be brave enough to- – she felt her body being pulled away from the man with force and before she could even react a pair of lips clashed against hers.

Her eyes opened big and at first she fought against the unknown lips. Only to realize that it was Minami who was kissing her. She relaxed in an instant; her heart stopped and her eyes closed. A low moan escaped from her lips when she felt a wet muscle entering her mouth.

-Ejem… girls? I don’t mind the view but… You should get a room – Onoe said

After what it felt like an eternity Minami pulled away and Atsuko groaned in frustration.

Atsuko opened her eyes and looked at her small friend, silently asking for an answer; both totally ignoring the man and the world around them.

-I won’t make the same mistake again. – Confessed Minami – I’m sorry for ignoring you, but I needed to make sure that I wasn’t confused. I realized that what I told you that day, those words were actually my feelings towards you. I wanted to convince myself that I didn’t love you, that I was just confused. But when the rumors started growing my heart couldn’t take it. – Minami grabbed Atsuko’s hand in hers – I love you, more than anything else in this world and I don’t want to lose you. I want to make you mine. I want to spend my whole imperfect life with you. You make my life perfect. But, over all the things, you are my bestfriend and I don’t want to lose my only bestfriend.

Minami looked at Atsuko’s eyes showing her that she was honest, showing her the love she felt.

-I… I… – Atsuko stuttered

-I understand if you don’t love me anymore – Minami looked down, scared and sad – I mean, who would love someone who ignored you for so long – she also released Atsuko’s hand and smiled bitterly- I understand that you don’t feel the same anymore. I get it… I just wanted to… well, just… you know… just wanted to sa- -she was abruptly interrupted in the middle of her rant.

Atsuko hugged her hiding her face on the crock of Minami’s neck and started crying.

-O-oi! Atsuko!  – Minami started panicking – W-Why are you crying?! – Atsuko only cried harder – I-I’m sorry! I never wanted to make you cry! I-I will go right now! I-I will go and make Yuko slap me for making you cry! I-I… Stop crying! If Mariko-sama knows about this she will kill me!!! – Minami whined

-Just kiss her already!!!!!! – yelled Yuko

-Y-Yuko! I just did it!!! – Minami yelled back

-I mean Atsuko!!!

Maeda Atsuko never felt better. Laughter soon started to fill Minami’s ears.

-I love you, Minami – Atsuko whispered in the other girl’s ear and pulling away from her neck, she leaned closer once again.

The kiss made not only Yuko yell out of excitement, but also some of the people who were around them also cheered and yelled.

It was the start of a New Year. New starts, new lives; and to certain girls, it was the start of a new relationship.


-So… can I call you ‘Nyan Nyan’? – Yuko asked, to tall and with a cat-like-face girl, for the 10th time that night.

-Get away from me! – The girl yelled and slapped Yuko’s head

-Itai! – She rubbed the spot – Nyan Nyan! Just admit it already! –and she started chasing after the girl who only wanted to disappear.

After a drinking game however, both girls were laughing together, obviously drunk.

-I think Haruna and Yuko look good together – Atsuko said making Minami laugh.

-Ugh, I won’t ever drink like that again – Kojima Haruna said to herself once she woke up the next morning.

-I agree – painfully replied a second voice next to her.

Haruna let out a yell and grabbing the blankets she got up from her comfortable bed.

“Wait… this… this is not my room!” she thought while looking around

-What?! What?! – Yuko yelled also getting up – What is it?!!!

Haruna blushed at the sight of the short girl naked body and started to throw her anything she could grab.

-Why are you naked?!!! And where the hell am I?!!!

-Wa-wait! Stop! This is my place! And don’t you remember anything from last night, Nyan Nyan? –Yuko asked.

-I… I… No! This didn’t happen! You! … I WILL KILL YOU!!!  -Haruna released her grip on the blankets and before she could take a step forward, Yuko smiled, in a very perverted way.

-I’m sure you will kill me – she licked her lips – That would be a great way to die – dimples showing she smiled.

Looking down Haruna desperately grabbed the blankets and covered her naked body with them

-HENTAI!!!! – was the only thing what the other residents could hear.


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