Rainy Days (AtsuMina)

I have no excuse cuz  I have already published this and some other stories on other website.

For some reason I keep forgetting to post them in here! >< I deeply apologize!

But I will leave this here~ hope you like it! ^^

It’s really short though… ><



She loves rain; she loves reading a book, while drinking hot chocolate on raining days, to be more exact. But what she loved the most was Takahashi Minami’s arms hugging her while she was reading a book and drinking hot chocolate on rainy days.

It was the best combo, ever.

Maeda Atsuko sighed; rolling on her side on the bed, glancing towards the big and closed window, enjoying the sound of the rain drops hitting the glass. Snuggling herself under the soft blankets, she felt a bit warm and comfortable.

The young actress found herself in a dilemma. She wanted the book she was currently reading and a big cup of hot chocolate, but she was feeling lazy – as usual. She didn’t want to get up and get those things; but at the same time, she wanted them so bad.

And also she wanted to get her phone, to mail her small girlfriend.

She pouted at the thought of the General Manager. She wanted Minami’s arms around her waist while she read her book, her cup of hot chocolate on the table near the bed, on this rainy day.

She sighed again.

In the end, after a few minutes of deep debate with herself, she decided to just sleep for a while.

It was one of her, more often, day offs. Unfortunately to her, her girlfriend was busier than before. She was glad about it, but it also made her feel sad. She missed her; but she also decided her own graduation from AKB48. She could do nothing about it. Work was work.

With a last and long sigh, Atsuko closed her eyes.

A few minutes later, she was deep asleep.


Atsuko woke up when she felt a knowing, and delicious, smell invade the room. Hot chocolate.

Lazily she opened her eyes; she was in the same position than before, facing the window. She stretched her body and yawned.

-Good morning~ – sang a voice, making Atsuko jump.

-Minami! – She yelled, sitting on the bed with her right hand over her pounding heart – you scared me!

The small woman just giggled. Minami was lying on the bed, next to her.

-It’s not funny!! – Atsuko pouted and slightly slapped her shoulder – when did you arrive?

-A couple of minutes ago – Minami wrapped an arm around the younger woman’s waist and softly made her lay down on the bed again – I was about to wake you up. I saw you sleeping and decided to make some hot chocolate and bring you the book you were reading before – she smiled, resting her head on Atsuko’s shoulder.

Atsuko looked at the table, next to the bed, finding said items on it. Looking back at her girlfriend’s tired face, she smiled. Before she could say anything, Minami continued talking.

-After the shooting was cancelled, due the rain, I rushed over here – Minami snuggled her face on Atsuko’s neck and closed her eyes– I was guessing that you could want some of your favorite drink, since it is raining… – she sighed, making Atsuko shiver.

Atsuko hugged Minami tighter.

-I missed you – she softly whispered in her girlfriend’s ear.

-And I love you… – Minami replied, kissing Atsuko’s skin.


Eventually, the rain stopped. The hot chocolate, now cold, and the book were long forgotten.

And, after a long time, both women focused on one thing.

Kissing and touching each other.


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