(Runaway) Chapter 1 – Façade Of Reality

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Total words: 2, 212

Warning: The NONSENSE came back! Also Poor Grammar and Descriptions, (Try to endure it OTL)


“I escaped my final moment

But it’s turning back at me

On every corner I can feel it waiting

Just a moment, no awareness

I could easily slip away

And then I’ll be gone forever”

-Final Destination, by Within Temptation.


I started walking the stoned path in the middle of the big garden. I was looking for someone. I was looking for her. I stopped near a fountain and smiled at the image in front of me. There she was, with her now long hair that danced along the wind. She was sitting on the edge while playing with the water; her fingers moved the clear water that created circular patterns. I couldn’t see her face clearly, but I knew she was smiling and I could hear her humming a random song. I approached to her, feeling mesmerized by her beauty.

She noticed me before I could surprise her. She stopped playing with the water, turned her head towards me and smiled that smile in which she scrunched her nose and her eyes turned into crescents. That smile of hers that was exclusively mine. I was more than happy to see her again, after a long time, but something felt wrong.

A strong wind hit us and I closed my eyes. When I reopened them, my whole body tensed by the image before my eyes. Another girl, a girl that I knew very well, was behind the girl I loved. She was short but had a knife on her hand while the other was holding the other girl’s arm.

My mind started working fast, pondering my options, looking for a way out of this situation.

-Don’t do it – I tried to say but not a sound came from my mouth.

The short girl flashed a smirk, dimples showing, it was a devilish smirk. And I knew the meaning of that expression. Shaking my head from left to right and pleading eyes I begged her to not do what I knew she wanted to do.

The hand that was holding the knife rose up and placed the knife on the other girl’s neck, who was now silently crying.

-This is your punishment for breaking the rules – she said.

I tried to run, I wanted to save her; but I couldn’t move.

-I love you… – was the last thing I heard as the knife stole the life out of her.

I started to cry and I fell on my knees to the ground.

The wind started blowing once again and I only wanted to die too.



October, 2013

-Minami… Minami… – I heard someone calling my name on the distance – Minami! Wake up!

My eyes opened abruptly and I sat automatically on my bed, making the other person fall off to the ground.

-Ouch! – I heard her said and I got up.

-Are you okay? – I asked to the girl who was rubbing her butt.

-I swear I will never, EVER, try to wake you up again! – She said anger imprinted on her voice. And I couldn’t help but laugh.

It was always the same words, the same anger, the same warning; and yet, she always woke me up at the same time, everyday.

-I swear, Minami! This gonna be the last time! – She mumbled while I helped her to stand up. Once on her two feet she hit my arm, it wasn’t a strong punch but I always faked a painful expression.

-I’m sorry, I’m sorry! – I giggled and she sent me that death glare of hers – I’m really sorry, Atsuko… – I added while trying to hold my laugh and pouted while looking away.

-I might forgive you… if and only IF you make breakfast – I looked at her; she was acting all tsundere again, her eyes were looking towards the door and her lips formed a small pout.

I smiled.

-Deal!! – I yelled and with that I ran towards the kitchen.


-What are you gonna do today after classes? – Atsuko asked me, while eating her breakfast.

-Umm, dunno… -I answered chewing the food in my mouth – I might go to buy some new manga and maybe a book that I need for next week classes.

-I see…

She sounded rather disappointed and I frowned.

-It’s everything okay, Atsuko?

She nodded and kept silence.

I scanned her face and I wasn’t sure if I saw correctly or not, but I noticed sadness on her semblance. She was an Actress, still a student, but she knew how to mask her feelings very well. Biting my lower lip, I decided to not push an answer.

After finishing our breakfast in silence, I washed the dishes while she was getting ready.

We went to the same University, but we were in different Faculties. She was enrolled in the Art faculty while I opted for the Medicine and Research one. We often went to school together but there were days, like today, when I had a different schedule. My classes of today started at 9, while almost all Atsuko’s classes started at 8.

And she was getting late. I walked to her room and knocked.

-Atsuko, you will be late if you don’t hurry up – I wanted to open the door and check if she was okay, I hesitated.

I heard some sounds and, if my ears didn’t lie to me, a little cry. I was now more than worried. I didn’t care if she hated me after my action, but I just opened the door and I saw her on the floor crying while hugging her bag. I rushed towards her, still not understanding the situation.

-Atsuko, what’s going on? – I hated to see her crying – Are you sick? Did you have a cut? Someone did something to you? – She reacted to this questing by hugging tighter her bag and burying her head deeper on it. – Who?! Who made you cry?! – I was out of my mind. No one dared to make Atsuko cry and live another day.

-Atsuko, talk to me, tell me who made you cry… – I said softly while hugging her and stroking her hair.

She only cried louder.

-He…he… -She finally said in between sobs – I found him… che-cheating on me… – with that said she hugged me even tighter, tears falling once again.

He? Cheating?

And I realized what Atsuko was talking about: Onoe Matsuya, her boyfriend.

I felt my blood boiling. How the hell he dared to cheat on her? HOW?! I knew he was a problem since the first time I saw him 1 year ago, back when Atsuko introduced him to me as an old friend and recent boyfriend. I knew it; I knew he will hurt her. I even warned him and yet he… He was so dead now!

-I will kill him – I said and I tried to get up. But Atsuko didn’t let me go.

-Stay… with…with me… -she asked me and I couldn’t say no. I never can say no to Atsuko.

I sighed.

Holding her back with my right arm and placing my left arm under her legs, I lifted her off of the ground; her face was still buried on my shoulder and her arms around my neck, softly laying her on her bed. She made me lay next to her, still crying. And I didn’t put any resistance and only embraced her.

I don’t know when we both fell asleep.



When I opened my eyes again, I noticed that my left arm went numb due our position. Atsuko’s head was above my arm.

Slowly, trying not to wake her up, I moved my arm. I glanced at the hour and saw that we slept almost the whole morning. The digital clock showed me the numbers 11:30. I stretched my body and put a blanket over Atsuko’s body. I went towards my own room and took my cell phone and made a call.

-I need a favor to ask – I waited for the answer – I need to know where Onoe Matsuya lives… I will tell you later… -The person on the other line told me to wait and after five minutes of waiting the answer came. – Thank you. – was the last thing I said and I hung up.


I decided to look for that jerk. So I left the apartment, not without leaving a note on the bed, in the place I was laying not long ago, just in case Atsuko woke up and didn’t find me there. I walked a few blocks until I reached the train station. I bought a ticket and waited for the train to arrive. Once the train arrived I went inside and sat near the door, the train was not so crowded. I pulled a little laptop out of my bag and I started typing a few things. It took me around 30 minutes to arrive to the next station and immediately got off. I walked a few blocks more and I arrived to my destiny.

The house was bigger than I expected. I rang the doorbell just above the nameplate where it was written the family name. He showed me his confused face not long after.

-Who are you? – He was notable confused

-I need to talk with you about your car – I said. A cap was covering my face – I know it’s having some problems that need to be fixed – I did my research about him.

-Ah! Yes, yes! I called you guys yesterday! – He opened the door and I went in.

I didn’t waste any minute and before he knew it, I hit him hard on his face. He was on the floor with a scared look on his face.

-Wha-what is thi-this?!

-This is called ‘punishment’. A well deserved punishment for making Atsuko cry. – I calmly answered.

-So, that dumb girl sent you? – He laughed when he saw my face – Does she really believe I liked her?

That was it. I punched and kicked him. He tried to defend himself but it was in vain.

-If you ever, EVER, go near Atsuko again. I will tell the police about your little dirty business, do you hear me?!- I warned him.

He nodded and I left him on the ground.

I ran off there fast, I was disgusted and angry.



Before arriving to the train station again, I noticed a little blood on my knuckles and placing both my hands inside the pockets of my pants I went to the toilets and washed my hands; then bought a ticket and waited for the train again.

Just that this time something caught my eyes. There was a girl, leaning her back on one of the pillars, looking to the floor. I couldn’t see her face, a gray hoodie blocked her face; but her long and dark brown hair was vaguely familiar to me. I kept on staring at her, trying to figure if she was who I thought she was. The arrival of the train stopped my thoughts. I got inside and stay standing glancing outside. The train started to move and when I passed right in front of the girl, she looked up, directly towards me and I felt as if someone threw me cold water over my whole body.

That face; that dimpled and devilish smirk were the same one that appeared on my dreams over and over again and it belonged to someone I perfectly knew.

The girl was without doubt Oshima Yuko.



I reached home again after a long time, I opened the door and silence greeted me. I walked slowly towards Atsuko’s room. She was still sleeping on the same position I left her. I went to my room and changed my clothes. Sitting on my bed I rested my elbows on my thighs and placed my forehead on the palms of my hands.

“No, I saw wrong. She couldn’t be here. I was imagining things” I thought while trying to control my fear.

Standing up again I looked to the little table near my bed and frowned when I found an envelope there. I gulped. My hands were shaking and I tried to control them. Opening the envelope I found what I was trying not to think about. Reading the content of the paper in my hands, soon both, the envelope and the paper, slipped down from my hand.

My knees gave up and I fell to the floor. The letter said:


“To Takahashi Minami:

We have found your location after your unauthorized Travel. You know what this means and we hope that you could return to us without mayor problems.

This is only the first warning. The second warning will be given to you by a personal of the Special Police Force, in case you don’t contact us or try to hide and/or escape again.

You will be tried under the crimes against the articles 24 fraction 1 of our constitution; and also for stealing and using unauthorized mechanisms from the government.

We ask you to give yourself in and return before the second warning is sent. You personally know the rules and how the Special Police operate, so don’t give us any more problems.

Shinoda Mariko.

Head of Operations of the Special Police Section – “Specialized on Non-Authorized Time Traveling”

I am doomed.


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  1. Hiii. It’s me. Feat. ;) If you don’t remember, then it’s fine. :D Still haven’t read the Chapter 2 of this though. I just made this acct and just stopped by :)

    • secnecrom Says:

      Hey, I do remember :3 you wrote comments on my other story ^^
      I’m glad that you read my story~ I hope you’re enjoying this one though >3<
      I'm also glad that you took the time to write a comment ^^ I really appreciate it :D

      • Yey. :3 I am and I’m kinda waiting for chapter 3. (OvO) It’s not a problem. I don’t have much to do anyway, for now.

      • secnecrom Says:

        Chapter 3 will take some time but I’m working on it. Really don’t know what to do with this. Never really tried to write a long story so now I’m struggling D:
        But don’t worry I will post the 3rd part soon enough xD

      • That’s alright. No rush. I can wait. I have exams anyway so I don’t really have that much freetime. :/

      • secnecrom Says:

        Work eats practically almost all my time. It stress me and all my want to write gets lost.
        If I’m not working I’m lazy lol so I struggle.
        Having a little free time right now at my office though~
        Good luck with your exams!!! Ganbatte!! ^^d

      • I feel you. I’ve always tried writing a fanfic but then I always and I mean always get ideas when I’m busy then when I try writing I forget about it. -_- Thanks. Ganbaremasu. :3 Hope you’ll enjoy work today. :)

      • secnecrom Says:

        Boring day at my office, but I’ll try! :3
        And yes! It always happen!!! It happened once when I was in a meeting, I suddenly got an idea while my boss was talking, I started to write and then my boss asked me something and I was like “wut?”. I stopped writing and put more attention on the meeting -.-
        Or it also happens when I’m about to go to sleep and then I can’t sleep because all the ideas I get! >.>

      • Hahahaha. You weren’t scolded right? I know! Then I’ll tell myself that I’ll write it tomorrow and then I fall asleep. Tomorrow comes and everything is forgotten. :/

      • secnecrom Says:

        I was xD But she just told me to pay more attention lol yup, it always happens like that. The next morning I will desperately try to remember but nope, I can’t remember… xD

      • Lol. I’ve been successful sometimes in remembering but I lost the paper that I wrote in. Hahaha.

      • secnecrom Says:

        That’s bad!!! xD Oh~ you write in paper? wow, I don’t know of many people who still writes first on paper. Me included. LOL People tell me that I waste my time, but really if I type directly on my computer I kinda lost the ideas more quickly o.o

      • At first I typed on my phone but then, when I’m writing people always message me then I have to exit the app and back again. Then I’d have to reread the part I last typed in. I got tired. It’s much better to write on paper. I’ll just edit some stuff when I type then. :D

      • secnecrom Says:

        I see! I never could write on my phone :v lol I just typed 2 OS on my iPod, or more like drabbles lol one was part of a writing challenge and the other was an idea a friend gave me and since I was already in bed and I really wanted to write that idea, I wrote it there, not my favorite place to write u.u’
        So I always write on my notebooks :3

      • Ohh. Did you already post those OS? I started writing down on my notebooks too. :3

      • secnecrom Says:

        I posted them on my tumblr. I don’t get many comments over there so I feel safe when I post almost all my ideas there lol I’m thinking on posting 1 (the writing challenge one) and the other I will edit it a bit before posting it here too. :3

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