Runaway – Prologue

Hey guys! I’m back! (with a new fic)

So I was watching a movie last night and the inspiration came to write this one.

With this new Fic I’m trying to improve by making longer chapters and longer Fics.

This will be the Prologue. There’s nothing much about the plot, I kinda want to surprise you. (If I can LOL) I already have 2 chapters written (that I will post today)

Again, it’s an AtsuMina fic.

Bare with the lack of description and grammar OTL

As always I accept any recommendation, suggestion, yell, disagreement, comment, hate words, anything xD

Total words: 706

Now enjoy~


“The burning desire

To live and roam free

It shines in the dark

And it grows within me”

-Utopia, by Within Temptation


March, 2010

The travel was as always, tiresome. My body was aching and my head was hurting. Without any further thinking I get up and start walking towards what I considered my freedom, with a bag on my shoulder and a smile on my face. Somehow, everything was new to me. I was amazed by the lights and the tall buildings. All the descriptions I had read so far, about the city, were totally not enough to express the real beauty of it. After a few moments of truly stupid amazement, I realized something really obvious. I needed a place to spend the night; moreover, I needed a place to live from now on. Scratching the back of my head and letting out a sigh, I continue walking without any real direction.

After walking a few blocks, I found myself in a quite solitary street, and that’s when I hear some strange sounds. Carefully, I walked towards were the sounds, or rather a pair of voices, came. Not so far away, I saw a young girl surrounded by three guys.

-Let me go! – said the girl, while struggling to set herself free from their grip. But the boys ignored her.

-Hey, jerks! Let her go! – I yelled while placing my bag on the ground.

The four looked at me. The boys looked at me, anger and annoyance showing on their faces, and the girl looked at me with pleading eyes, silently asking me for help.

-Huh?! – one of the boys, and apparently the one in charge, said while walking closer to where I was – What is doing a kid this late at night? Shouldn’t you be already sleeping?

They laughed, at me and my obvious lack of height, I frowned. I hated when people made fun of my height.

-Look, I don’t want any troubles. So just let the girl go and go way.

– Look, kiddo. I don’t like to hurt small kids. So, why don’t you just keep walking? – He said turning around and walking towards the scared girl.

Big mistake; I didn’t lose time and charged against him from behind. He was surprised, but recovered fast. He tried to hit me with his elbows, but I avoided them.  Everything happened rather fast. The other two let the girl free and came to help their friend. But they were in a clear disadvantage; I was trained in self-defense and a few other martial arts.

A few minutes later, the boys were lying on the floor, whining in pain.

-Now go away! – I yelled.

They quickly got up and ran away, not without yelling something about revenge. I sighed and shook my head back in a disapproval manner.

-Are you okay? – I asked to the girl. Her dark and shoulder length hair covered her face; I decided to slowly approach her. – Hey… you okay…? – I asked again placing my hands on her shoulder, and suddenly she threw herself against me, in a tight hug. I was more than surprised and didn’t know how to react.

Her body was shaking and I could feel the tears that started to wet my t-shirt. I just let her calm herself first, I didn’t say anything and I just patted her head affectionately.



-So… what’s your name? – I asked her after 10 minutes of walking in a rather awkward silence. I decided to walk her home.

-Ma-Maeda At-Atsuko… – she said shyly.

-Maeda-san, huh? – I nodded and smiled.



-You can call me Acchan…

– Nope – I said trying to not smile, but I couldn’t stop that smile when I noticed that she lowered her head – Atsuko. I will call you Atsuko. – I added.

She looked at me, a light shade of pink on her cheeks and a shy smile.

-I’m Takahashi Minami, by the way. But everyone calls me Takamina! – I introduced myself.

-Minami – she whispered – can I call you Minami?

Her shy voice made my heart skip a beat.

-Of course you can! – I nodded

And that was the start of our friendship and the beginning of my life in Tokyo.


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