2.- Love (Atsumina)

This is from a list of prompts that I wanted to write as a personal challenge. I forgot where the list is (I’m sure I reblogged it somewhere but I forgot -.-)

Anyway~ this was number 2 in the list.

It was 3 am over here and I really had this urge to write this one, so I typed it on my iPod, so I’m really sorry if I made mistakes (More than the usual ones)…. Also since I was half asleep it probably doesn’t make sense so bear with me… Just saying -.-
Anyway here it is! Enjoy it (or at least try~)

And as always thank you for reading



Sometimes Takahashi Minami wondered why she was in a relationship with such a girl.

In first place she was a GIRL. Nothing against anyone’s preference but she always saw herself married with a man.

Said girl was a bully. The ones that look cute but once you turn around she will bully you nonstop.

Her girlfriend had the worst mood swings of the world. She would wake up happy and in a second she would be crying for attention only to get angry the next second as the small girl just keep on sleeping.

She liked to kick her, push her, slap her and ignore her.

She liked to buy. Making her carry ALL her bags, even if she couldn’t walk anymore, her girlfriend would just drag her around.

She was sure her girlfriend used to be a bear in her past life. A bear who would be ready to hibernate and eats non-stop. She made her almost broke only by buying snacks and food.

Her girlfriend sure liked to torture her. Teasing her with her sexiness, teasing her about her bad jokes and height and teasing her with her sexiness over and over again.

Her girlfriend was a tsundere. She could easily be the queen of all the tsundere girls of the world.

She was also stubborn.

They would usually fight over little things, such as who would cook or what movie would they watch.

Her girlfriend was everything she wanted to run away from.

But there was something she couldn’t help but love.

Her smile. That proud and fresh smile on her face everytime she would accept her usually crazy ideas.

That cute blush she would have everytime she said to her ‘I love you’ out of the blue.

She loved that reply of hers “Ba-baka!” She would say and then look away, but she knew very well that she was blushing and smiling.

Sure she had pride and a hard front but she loved her soft side and to find that soft side she had to bear with the cold front. But she was ready to take the challenge.

To Takahashi Minami that was love and she was sure on one thing. She loved Maeda Atsuko way more than her mother’s katsudon.


2 Responses to “2.- Love (Atsumina)”

  1. I so love and respect this woman. I know nothing about her personal life, but you do make it fun to speculate : )

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