AKB48 World Cup – Drabble (Takamina)

So I wrote a thing….

A drabble, because the World Cup fever is high! I hope you like it…

It’s just really nonsense and I wrote it just for the LOLs

NT: Sorry for any errors or misspelling




Sweat was falling from her temple; her full self was focused on one thing only; the ball in front of her and the person standing a few meters away from her. She could feel her heavy chest going up and down as she tried to recover part of her breathe. The game was still on, just waiting for the referee to give his signal. She was just waiting.

Suddenly, she was aware of everything. The silence pierced her ears, the pressure made her shoulders go hard; the pressure she was feeling was, probably, too much. She could also feel every pair of eyes on her and the ball. She closed her eyes and inhaled long and slow. She needed to calm herself down and not let her own insecurities to betray her. Lifting her right hand, she cleaned all the sweat from her face and looked up, from the ball to the arc and the goalie and back to the ball.

The sound of the referee whistle was the signal she was waiting for, but she didn’t rushed herself. She looked to the arc and the goalie for one last time and kicked the ball with everything she had.

The ball flew towards the net, the goalie threw her body to the other direction and finally the whole stadium erupted in joyful yells-



-Goal!!!! – She yelled out, getting up from her seat.

The bus was still in movement and some of the nearest girls jumped as Takahashi Minami’s scream interrupted the silence that was made a few minutes ago.

The small General Manager was still half asleep and disorientated. Her right fist still in the air and her eyes barely opened.  She realized of her surroundings after she heard some giggles and laughs. Blushing she sat back on her place and pouted.

-Enjoying the World Cup are we Takamina? – Kojiharu laughed and a few girls followed her and laughed too.

There is no need to say that that day; Takamina was teased more than usual.


10 Responses to “AKB48 World Cup – Drabble (Takamina)”

  1. This is funny. Hahahaha.

    • secnecrom Says:

      xD It is, right?!! lol I laughed when I wrote it!! xD I can totally imagine Takamina like that LOL
      Thank you for commenting~~~ :3

      • Yes! That fail face. :D and the part where KojiHaru was the first one to tease her. It feels real.

      • secnecrom Says:

        Since there is no Yuko and no Acchan to tease Takamina, I picked Kojiharu. I was about to write that as Miichan but then as you said, it felt more real with Kojiharu xD

      • True. Since Takamina and Kojiharu are in the same team and all. :3

      • secnecrom Says:

        yup and also because from some time ago it seems like No3b is not as close as they used to be. Maybe their schedules don’t match or way too busy with their own teams and all… but that’s the image they give me now :v I’m sure they’re still the best of the friends… but I guess something happened there~

      • If anything did happen I hope it’s not that bad. They’re the only Pioneers left. -.- And I like how they were the first ever sub unit and now the last remaining of the Pioneers. :3 Let’s just hope it’s just “schedules don’t match”. :D

      • secnecrom Says:

        Yup, I hope that too! And yup! I hope they reach the 10 year mark! That would be totally awesome! >3<

      • Yep. Me too. It’ll be next year already. :D I have to study now, I’ll have my exams later. Thank you for the fics. And I’ll wait for your fics too. :3 Have a nice day.

      • secnecrom Says:

        Have a nice day too!!! Good luck on your exams!!!! 8D

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