Fire and Water (Title Unsure)

Okay so, first: I decided to post some of the ideas I have on my notebook. This ideas are waiting for me to develop a whole plot and turn then into complete stories.

Second: I want to say that the following idea wasn’t supposed to be turn into a Fic or OS of my favorite AKB48 ship. This was supposed to be a book. Okay, being realistic here, it was supposed to be a short novel. I wrote it like 7 or 8 years ago. It was supposed to be about a boy “Pyro, son of the Fire” and a girl “Alice, Daughter of the Sea”. And after being waiting I decided to make it into an Atsumina Fanfic. Also I originally wrote this in Spanish, so I just translate it and edit it a bit.

Now, don’t expect me to write this soon; since I have other stories that I’m currently writing, but I will definitely write this Fic.

NT: The images are not mine, I wish they were though, I’m bad at editing so it was kind of hard to decide what images I will use…. but there, I liked these 2 pictures :3

Without anything more to add… I hope you like this idea ^^



You always hear that everyone is different, for the way you dress or talk, for the way you think or for everything that means being yourself; but, what happens when you really are different? Not because of how you act or think, but because you are a monster?

I realized that I was different when I was 6 years and, since then, my life became, literally, a living hell. In the beginning I didn’t understand what was going on, my brain couldn’t understand what my senses were seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. And, at that time, I cried like what I was, a kid.

I remember that my older brother was always molesting me. Sometimes, he was really mean towards me. But, I also remember him covered in flames and screaming. At that time, I didn’t know how it started, but there was a moment in which I felt a great hate towards my brother, that hate was burning inside me and I couldn’t control it. Then, out of nowhere, my brother’s clothes started to burn. It never happened before and yet, it seems like I was able to control it. All the times my brother molested me came back to me and my hate grew, just as the flames that were burning him. My parents, scared by my brother’s screams, rushed towards our bedroom; they tried to save my brother, but they failed.

Since then, my parents were afraid of me. If I was present in the room they will be nervous and scared; I even heard them talking about that. I still didn’t get what was going on, but I knew that what happened was my fault.

After a few months, the school called my parents to inform them that I started a fire in my classroom; they ask them to keep an eye on me and to talk about the incident with me. But, my parents didn’t even spoke about the incident, too scared of what could I do to them.

And so, the days became months and those months into years. When I was 12 years old, I couldn’t stand that my own parents wouldn’t even look at me. That’s why, without remorse, and with an almost a complete knowledge of my own power, I set my house on fire while my parents were still sleeping.

This fire I carry inside, no one can stop it; not now that I control it, that I know how to start it, and not now that I’m guilty of many deaths I caused. However, I hope that someone, someday, can control this fire that burns me and makes me go crazy. I hope that one day I can be normal, like everyone else. I hope I can find something that can extinguish the flames that I carry every day. I really hope that someone can control me.



My parents always wanted me to be special, but they never imagined how special I could be.

I remember that everything was normal; I didn’t have troubles during my adolescence days, I didn’t have a boyfriend, I was the first in all my classes and so on. And then I enrolled in University.

It was supposed to be a normal scholar trip to the woods. And the normality stops here. Everything was fine and it was fun, until our second day; our teacher suggested that we should go to the near lake to have some fun, it was summer and it was a very hot day, so we agreed on the new plan. But I was having a bad feeling that I ignored. Everyone was having fun, me included; everyone was laughing, playing around and just having fun; and then the disaster occurred.

After a few hours of swimming in the lake, I decided that was time for me to go out and get some snacks; but then, one of my classmates pushed me back to the water, the push was strong and it was so sudden that I couldn’t react on time. I remember seeing everything happening in slow-motion, the water getting closer as I was falling and the last thing that my brain could register was the sound of my head crashing against a rock.

When I opened my eyes, and the air filled my lungs, I started coughing. Once I calmed myself, all I could see were the rocks in the river. I looked up and what I saw scared me so much that, for a second I forgot to breathe. The water was surrounding me, while big walls of water launched against my classmates and teacher. All I could hear was their screams and I panicked.

I closed my eyes, tightly, thinking that maybe it was a dream; but when I opened them again I saw how the water surrounding me now turned into a sort of twister, after that, I couldn’t heard anything else and I blacked out.

I didn’t go back to school after the incident; I was afraid of what people could say about me. It was hard enough that my parents, literally, kicked me out of home, thinking that I was a monster.

Since then I stopped considering myself as part of the “normal” people. Since then if I cried rain would fall; and if I was feeling upset a heavy pouring rain would fall. Since then I only want an explanation. Since then I look for someone like me. I seek for answers to all my questions. I look for a place to belong.

Maeda Atsuko In Tokyo 3er.PB (85)


And what could happen when these different, yet similar, girls find each other? Will they hurt each other? Will they be happy? Or will they destroy each other?


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