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Since I’ve been busy with work and other things, plus being lazy… I decided to post this idea I had for a while.

This is a very raw draft of this story and I will write a longer plot for this in the future. BUT not too soon. Unfortunately, I’m still struggling with 2 ongoing fics, so I’m sorry!

If anyone want to give me some comments about this idea, I will really appreciate it! Ideas about the plot are also welcomed!

Anyway! I’ll leave this here for now!




To Oshima Yuko love never crossed her mind. She liked to mess around with girls and boys equally. She wanted to have fun without attachments. That was, of course, until she met Kojima Haruna.

Haruna was a new transferred student. Soon comments on her behavior reached Yuko’s ears. According to some of Haruna’s classmates, she acted like a princess, she was a real beauty and everyone agreed that Haruna was an airhead too. She would let anyone get too close to her, except a few people. Those people were Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami, Shinoda Mariko and Maeda Atsuko.



Yuko smiled, remembering the past and how they finally spoke for the first time; leaning her back on the cold wall, behind her, while staring at her cellphone, she was waiting for her. Yuko had sent a message to Haruna, who was, currently, in the middle of a date with her new boyfriend, and Yuko, was hoping that Haruna would read it and come to meet her. But after reading the message, in her phone, she realized that she didn’t even write the name of the place she was waiting; she only typed “I’m waiting”.

The night was cold and Yuko regretted her choice of light clothes. The thought of going back home and pick a sweater or something more crossed her mind. But, what if Haruna would come while she was at her home changing? “No I have to endure it”

She glanced at the hour in her phone. 12:00 am. She sighed. Several cars pulled over; even, some guys asked her for her price and she only told them that she was waiting for someone to pick her up.

“Would Haruna come?” she asked to herself.

After long enough, Yuko decided to sit there; she didn’t know when, but soon, she felt tears rolling down her cheeks; sobbing, she wrapped her arms around her legs. She was regretting everything she did after she confessed her feelings to Haruna. She then started to remember how Haruna reacted and how she ignored her.

“Why did I tell her about my feelings? Why did I kiss her? Why did I approach her in that way? Why? Why?”

She wanted to scream those words in her head, she wanted to disappear right there and now. But the good memories also flashed inside her mind; Yuko smiled while still crying. Those good memories that made her feel so strong; those memories that made her keep going, and that smile, Haruna’s angelic smile.

“I can wait. I will wait. Even if I die waiting; I will wait for you, Haruna. I will wait” and with this thought in her mind, Oshima Yuko composed herself, stood up and wiped her tears.

It was a cold waiting, but she knew that it could be worth it.


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