(Runaway) Chapter 3 – The Escapist

Back with a new chapter!

I won’t say much, just I hope you like it and enjoy your reading!



“You fight me, flat on my lonely face I fell.

Finding in the end I live well.

In light of the life that I have found,

It’s coming down.”

-You fight me, by Breaking Benjamin


My attention drifted away from the classroom I was in, I looked outside the window, but I wasn’t really looking outside either. I was trying to come up with a plan to solve the mess I was in. All this years, since I came here, I forgot the real reason of my Travel, I became comfortable around all these new friends that surrounded me, I became too comfortable around Atsuko; and now, I needed to find a solution as fast as possible or I could put Atsuko’s integrity in danger. If something happened to Atsuko I would never forgive myself.

And then I noticed a girl under a tree, right above my classroom window, with a grey hoodie and dark brown hair. I gulped. The girl looked up and my body tensed. I saw once again that smile; that stare full of anger and hungry of revenge; again that devilish smile and those dimples. She lifted her arm up and pointed at me with her index finger.

I got up of my chair afraid that Yuko would do something reckless in front of all this people.

-Takahashi-san, is everything okay? – I looked around the classroom. Everyone was looking at me wondering what I was doing and murmuring.

-I… I need to… go… – I replied and without waiting for a reply I ran out of the classroom without even caring the calls of my teacher.

I ran down the stairs; I ran through the hallways without minding the cold stares that the students gave me when I bumped them. Some people called me, they tried to stop me and ask me if everything was fine, but I didn’t stop. That was until I bumped Atsuko on my way out of the building.

-Minami?! – I stopped and looked back at her. She couldn’t know about this; the less she knew the better.

So I decided to ignore her. I saw the concern in her eyes and I felt scared again. I ran away from her as fast as I could. After running 2 blocks away from my school, I stopped and hide in a deserted alley; I pulled my cell phone out of my bag and dialed a number.

-They found me! – I desperately yelled to the person on the other line.

-What? Wait… what are you talking about? – Answered a confused voice.

-The Elite Force! They found me! – I repeated again.

-No, no, no. That’s impossible. I erased all the traces…

-Well, obviously they found a way to track me! – I interrupted the girl on the other side.

-But… I… -the sound of shuffling papers was hear from the other side – What do you want me to do now?

-I need to know if you progressed on my case. – I was hoping she did and that she actually found something good. Something I could use on my defense in case the worst happened.

-Well, it’s not so simple… – she answered her voice sounded distant and hesitation was imprinted in it – Besides they know we are friends. They’re suspecting that I helped you.

-I see… – I sighed – at least try again. I need something, anything would be good. Just a single small proof!

-I actually found something but I’m not sure if it’s true or not. But I will look again, I promise!

I nodded, forgetting that she couldn’t see me.

-And Mayu?


-Be careful…– I hung up after that.



Once I reached the apartment, I quickly opened the door; I was sweating after all the running and the stress this situation was causing me. I walked a few steps from the door to the living room. I, certainly, didn’t expect a fist impacting my face once I went inside. The pain hit my nerves, I landed on the ground and my own instinct made me stand up once again. And there she was, Oshima Yuko in person.

I felt the iron flavor on my mouth and I prepared myself for the next attack. We stared at each other for long seconds until she spoke first.

-You have a good life here, don’t you Takamina? – She asked with a sarcastic smile on her face – You live a comfortable and happy life, while we try to clean your mess! How dare you?!

-I… I’m innocent… You didn’t give me the chance to explain…

-Innocent? – Yuko laughed – Bullshit! We saw you, Takamina!

-It might look like that, I admit that I wouldn’t believe myself either, I know! But I was incriminated! The man we were chasing, on the alley remember? He was working under the commands of someone in the government! I know that! He told me his plans and I tried my best to stop him! I swear! – I tried to explain myself but I’m sure I wasn’t convincing her.

-Cut the crap, Takamina. Why don’t you just accept your crime?! You will make our job easier! – Yuko walked closer and closer with each word until she could grab my shirt and pulled me closer – Just accept your crime and pay for all the lives you took – She added whispering and looking straight into my eyes.

-I’m innocent Yuko… – I replied tiredly. Her knee impacted my stomach and all the air left my lungs.

Coughing I fell to the floor, trying to breathe, and she grabbed my collar again with one hand and punched me on my jaw again and again and again.

-Yuko! Stop! – A third voice said and the owner of the voice pulled the raging Yuko away from me.

-But, Sayaka…

-No buts, Yuko. We came here to just leave a warning. You know the rules!

I giggled at the image in front of me, they haven’t changed at all.

-What are you laughing at, idiot?! – Yuko wanted to punch me again but Sayaka stopped her. I sat on the floor with my back against one of the couches in the living room.

-You haven’t changed a single bit, have you? – I smiled bitterly

-Nice to see you too, Takahashi-san. – Sayaka greeted me, polite as usual.

-What the fuck are you doing Sayaka?!

-Easy squirrel! – Sayaka ordered and added – This will be your second warning, Takahashi-san. I suggest you to return as fast as you can. We don’t want to cause any mayor problems.

-I won’t come back – I replied – I’m innocent.

-I’m so gonna kill you, you motherfu…

-Yuko! – Yelled Sayaka – Stop it or I’ll hit you instead!

Yuko only crossed her arms on her chest.

-I’m asking it nicely, Takahashi-san

-I know. But I won’t. I’m innocent and I will stick to this until I die. And even if I wanted to, I can’t go back. The device I used only granted me a one-way travel; and in this era, they still haven’t invented any type of mechanism I could use.

-Then give us a proof! – Sayaka surprised me with her statement – Prove to the government that you’re innocent! We can take you back to our time, that’s not a problem; but you have to show us some evidence, solid evidence that you didn’t do anything wrong!

-Sayaka… – I whispered.

-I don’t know in what to believe anymore… – she added – If I’m honest, I’m sure the government is hiding something from us… But…

-They indeed are – She looked at me, surprised – they are the only ones who know our names, right? And yet that man… that man knew my name…

-I don’t believe a murderer’s words! – Yuko yelled and kicked me on the face.

This time Sayaka couldn’t react in time, the kick landed on the right side of my head and everything went black after that.



-What the hell, Yuko?! Why did you do that?! – Sayaka yelled at the small woman next to her.

-She’s full of lies and I got tired of her voice – Yuko said calmly while crossing her arms over her chest.

-Now we will get in some troubles, you know that?!

-Problems with whom? Mariko? – Yuko laughed – Please, she wants to grab this piece of trash as much as I want to punch her face until I get tired.

Sayaka sighed. She was leaning down to check on Minami’s unconscious body when the door opened. Both women looked towards the door, surprised, and then back at Minami’s body.

-What are you doing? – Atsuko yelled while approaching the girls with a very angry look on her face. She wasn’t afraid of them, which really surprised both SP members – What did you do to Minami?!

Yuko acted first, she grabbed one of Minami’s arms and was about to press her wristwatch when Atsuko suddenly charged on her, she pushed Yuko’s unprepared body with both hands, making Yuko fall over Sayaka, who was right behind her and making both girls fall on the ground.

-I won’t let you take her! – Atsuko yelled.

The next thing Atsuko did left both SP partners very shocked.

Atsuko pulled out, form her jeans pocket, a device similar to a cellphone and pressed on the screen, just to disappear along Minami’s body.

Yuko reacted first.




Year 2673, month and day unknown


The alarms started to sound on the big control room of the Special Police Section. A tall girl walked around the many desks and people.

-What happened? – Asked in an energetic voice – someone jumped?

-Yes, captain. A breach was opened a few seconds ago – A girl said as she frenetically typed on a keyboard, specialized specs allowed her to visualize everything she was typing – The jump was made someday in the year 2013 but… I think there’s something wrong…

-What do you mean? – Asked her captain.

-There are some data that might be wrong.

-Show me.

The girl pressed some keys in her keyboard and a holographic screen appeared in front of the room. In the screen a graphic showed alongside a few curve lines.

-This is the point in which the jump was made – The girl said zooming the spot – and here is where they arrived…


-I’m not really sure about this but – she pressed the keys on her keyboard again and the graphic disappeared and instead several numbers appeared.

-This code here is from the jumper suspect Code number: 040891TKM. Name…

-Takahashi Minami – Said the captain bitterly.

-Exactly, but there’s also this numbers – she zoomed the next code- This is not from 040891TKM, this is another code, but it’s incomplete. Or it could be just a mistake.

-Can you do something to try and find the person with that incomplete code?

-Unfortunately, I can’t. The code number serial consist only of the few thousands numbers of the whole code. Many of our citizens use those same numbers; I would need at least half of the code to track it the specific name and person.

-Well, in this case we…

The loud sound of someone opening the door of their room made the captain look at the person who was walking towards her.

-Where is she, Sae?! – A very angry Yuko asked – I can’t believe she had a partner… Where is she?!

-So you can confirm that there were two people jumping?

-Yes, that traitor and her accomplice!

-Do you know her name?

-I didn’t have time to ask her, I’m sorry! – Yuko answered sarcastically.

Sae frowned and Yuko sighed.

-This is the person. – Yuko gave Sae a picture and added- This is the girl who helped Takahashi to jump.

Sae grabbed the image and passed it to the girl she was talking a few moments ago.

-Can you track her now?

The girl nodded and taking the picture, she went towards a machine that scanned the picture. The data immediately was displayed on the holographic screen. Many faces and pictures flashed rapidly on the screen until it stopped.

“Matches not found”

Everyone in the room looked at the young and energetic captain that was frowning.

-Interesting… – she said.

-Interesting my ass! – replied Yuko.



-Where are they? – Asked Shinoda Mariko once all her Captains where gathered around a circular table on a big room.

-I’m certain they are in this year. When exactly? I’m not really sure. We will have luck if they landed in this day, but they could have landed a few days earlier or later from today, even months – Explained Sae.

-How could be possible that your team can’t have an exact time, when in the past you could know? – Asked Sayaka.

-The problem is the incomplete code and that girl that helped Takamina to jump. There’s something odd in all this. If the girl is a citizen, why is not listed on our records? That girl can be the key to know why we couldn’t fully track their arriving.

-How’s that possible Sae? The codes can’t simple not exist! – Yuko slammed her fists on the table – Are you sure your team did a good job?

-Yuko! – Warned Sayaka while placing her hands on her partner’s shoulders.

Miyazawa Sae got up from her seat, walked near Yuko and leaned down a bit.

-I dare you to repeat that in my face, Oshima! – Sae said in a low and aggressively tone.

-You don’t scare me, Miyazawa – Replied Yuko in the same dangerous tone.

-Stop it! Both of you! This is not the time to be fighting with each other! – Said a serious Mariko – Sae, at least you do know approximately where did they land?

-Yes, It was in a 10km perimeter around the Phantom Area number 5. I’m sure about it.

-Fine! Yuki, Rena you go there and inform the Captain from that area. Tell her that we need their cooperation to find and capture them. – The mentioned girls nodded – Sayaka and Yuko, give me your report about the incident, a very detailed one. And the others keep doing their respective works. But be on alert if anything new happens, am I clear?

Almost everyone responded with an energetic “Yes, sir!”

Yuko was the last person to walk out of the room pestering everyone in her heard.


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  1. Waaaaa. So what exactly is Atsuko? And what did Takamina do? I mean she said she was innocent. So, who framed her?

    So many questions. Hahaha.

    Waiting for the next update. :D

    Those two disrupted everything. :3

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