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This is something I wrote the other night on FB. I didn’t/won’t edit it/check it because I’m lazy like that … but I hope you enjoy reading this!

Just random writing lol LIKE A BOSS! LOL

BTW if you like this and/or comment I will post the second part.

AN: I’m really sorry for any error in the grammar, I really don’t want to check it and correct it. I’m lazy like that! I’m sorry ><



Kashiwagi Yuki was not a normal girl. She had a secret that she was hiding to the other girls in the house. She knew about her condition since she was a kid. A quite few years ago. She was a werewolf. And as one she had, well, certain urges. Her appetite was big, and not only food-related., also sexually speaking.

Up till now Yuki had managed, somehow, to suppress her own urges. She had Watanabe Mayu, her girlfriend, to suppress her urges; but unfortunately, Mayu wasn’t there right now.

Yuki knew that tonight it would be a full moon, meaning that her wolf instincts would came out. She wasn’t prepared, she never was.

“I’ll manage somehow” she thought, feeling positive.

But everything was in vain. That night, she couldn’t suppress her urges anymore.


Yuki was hiding behind a wall, looking directly to her prey. Trying not to make any sound. She could see the silhouette of a girl taking her clothes off and getting ready to take a shower. Yuki felt her lips getting dry, licking her lips, she started to walk towards the bathroom.

Yuki looked at both sides of the hallway and seeing no one she silently opened the door.

To her surprise Yokoyama Yui, wrapped in a towel greeted her. Yuki started sweating, trying to make up an excuse when Yui asked for her reason to why she was there, in the bathroom.

-I… Thought it was empty… -Yuki nodded- yes, I thought it was empty.

-well, clearly is not. Do you want me go out so you can do… Ummm… Your thing? – Yui asked with a deadpan expression.

-NO! – Yuki coughed as she knew that it sounded desperate- I mean, no, it’s not necessary. I… I will get out now. Sorry…

She turned around, blushing due embarrassing and started walked out of the bathroom. A hand on her shoulder made her stop walking

-are you sure you’re okay, Yuki-senpai? – she heard a worried Yui asking.

-I… Ye-yeah! – Yuki started to feel nervous too. Her instincts were starting to kick in, harder that ever before. And Yui in a towel wasn’t helping.

-are you sure?

And that was all. Yukirin blinked and her eyes changed their color and her instincts kicked in.

She grabbed a quite surprised and confused Yui and pushed her quite hard against the wall behind her. Without even giving Yui a minute to speak she leaned over the other girl and started kissing her lips with lust.

At first, Yui tried to push Yuki’s body away of her, but for some reason, Yukirin body felt heavier than before and Yui couldn’t even move her an inch.

Yuki then started biting Yui’s lower lip and as Yui let go a whimper, a mix of a cry and a moan, she pushed her tongue inside Yui’s mouth. Yuki explored every inch of the Yui’s mouth, moaning as her tongue started battling with Yui’s.

Yuki’s hands were active too. She made the towel fall on the ground, so she could now touch the smooth skin of her kohai.

-Yu…mmm… ki… – was the only thing that Yui could mumble, before feeling a pair of strong hands cupping her breasts.

Without wasting time, Yuki lifted her knee between Yui’s legs and instantaneously, she felt the centeheat that was coming from Yui’s center.

Yuki pulled off the now bruised lips and gave the girl a chance to breathe. Yui’s breathing was shallow and heavy, she was already gasping for some air to fill her lungs.

Yui let go of a moan once she felt a mix of sensations coming from all directions. She felt the lips on her neck, the strong hands pinching and rubbing her now hardened nipples and a pressure in between her legs.

-Yui… – Yuki whispered near her ear – I can’t hold it anymore… -her husky voice made Yui’s legs to tremble. Yui was already eager to finish this.

-please, Yuki-senpai…. Ple-please…

Yuki smiled against the girl’s neck, her fangs already showing and her left hand started its way down. She licked her lips once more as she inserted her finger inside Yui.


-Yui… Yui… YUI!

The girl opened her eyes and jumped away from the girl beside her.

-Yu-yu-yuki-senpai! What… What are you doing?! -She asked as she desperately gripped the towel, that covered her naked body, firmly against her.

-I was worried! -Yuki sighed- you slipped and apparently hit your head quite hard! I could hear the impact sound from the hallway! So I rushed inside to check on you! -Yuki explained as she looked down, trying not to look at the other girl.

Yui opened and closed her mouth a couple of times. She felt confused… Wasn’t she and Yuki actually having…. Shaking her head she tried to focus on Yuki, still looking away from her “So it was my imagination” Yui sighed, relieved that everything was a product of her head.

-It’s okay. I guess… I should thank you… -Yuki denied with her head

-no, no. I just wanted to help! – Yuki stood up and still looking down she walked towards the door- I’m glad you’re okay, Yui. Now just go to the infirmary once you’re done.

Yui nodded and smiled at how sweet her senpai was.

-I will- she promised and she could notice the content smile of Yuki.


Yuki closed the door and walked away from the bathroom, leaving a probably, relieved Yui.

-She doesn’t have to know… – Yuki’s eyes changed its color again as a evil grin appeared on her face. Her urges were successfully satisfied that night. -But nothing can beat Mayuyu’s taste. She’s still the best.



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