Acceptance (AtsuMina OS)

Okay! I’m back!

This time maybe all my fellow Atsumina shippers will kill me but… Just think about it. Takamina loves Acchan and she is the one who support her the most, even if it’s killing her… Am I right?

So, knowing my Oshimen…. I wanted to write this. I already posted this story in my Tumblr but I  thought it would be a good idea to post it here too! Thank you to all those who read my fail blog and stories! :D

I really hope y’all like it and …. you don’t kill me … -runs away-

This is short only 918 words.



-Takamina… Are you really going?

I snapped from my thoughts in the instant I felt Yuko’s hand on my shoulder.


She sighed and added –Good luck, then-


The news was already old to me. Nothing was really ‘new’, at all. She confessed it herself one night a few weeks ago.


She had invited me to eat, in one of those rare occasions she and I had a short free time. She came, wearing that smile I always loved to see. We ordered food and ate. We talked about everything and nothing at all. The topics were diverse, from the weather to AKB48, from “How are you” to “You should take care of your health”, from scandals, graduations and fake rumors to the topic I always feared the most.

I was prepared though, I was thinking about it long time ago. I never expected the time, it was too soon. Or maybe I was just thinking about that promise she made on her blog and an old TV Show.

-I’m seeing someone… – she said cautiously – He… is a good boy.

I was surprised and at the same time not surprised at all. If that even makes sense.

-Is he?

She nodded.

-Does he make you happy? – I asked her, feeling my heart beating fast.

– I am happy. But… – she looked at me, staring into my eyes – It’s not the happiness I was expecting.

Those words had a double meaning, I knew it. But I can’t. Not right now, not at this moment in which AKB48 has some troubles. I… just couldn’t.

I nodded and pouted.

-I don’t like tomatoes… – “Why did I even ask for this?”

She smiled. That kind of smile she always had when I accepted all her requests. She then, took the tomatoes form my plate and ate them.

-You really should eat your veggies, Takamina. This is the reason why you never grew up – She laughed.

-Mou… Atsuko!


Some days ago, I got a text message from her.

From: Atsuko.

Let’s have dinner together! After the theater show, if you don’t have anything else to do. I want you to meet him; he’s excited and a bit scared though LOL. Say yes, please?”

How could I even say no?


And so, here I am. In the changing room, preparing myself for the most shocking event of my whole life; meeting Maeda Atsuko’s boyfriend.

The whole trip towards the restaurant was slow. Too much traffic, but I was glad for it; it gave me time to think on the many things I could say, even knowing that I will forget half of them.

It would have been troublesome to have us 3 on the same table at bare sigh of everyone. So, Atsuko opted for a private table. I walked inside from the staff room.

I counted my steps. 50 was the magic number. 50 slow steps. I sighed and after contemplating the door for some minutes I knocked.


I looked up; in front of me there was a sight that I most feared.

Atsuko was holding hands with him.

I smiled and waved at her; but my smile vanished when I glanced at him. There was a tense atmosphere the whole night.


-How was today’s show, Minami? – Atsuko asked, trying to break the ice.

-Umm… As usual, I guess. – I couldn’t think in anything else. I have to act all tough; I have to scare him, to let him know that this won’t be easy only because of Atsuko.

-There wasn’t anything new? – She insisted.

-Not really. Oshiri sisters with their usual teasing, Mocchi all over my ears, Paruru and her salty responses, Haruna being an airhead, me failing…

-I get it, I get it! – She laughed – Just like always, right?

-Except. – I looked at her – You weren’t there…

The guy removed in his seat. “Feeling uncomfortable?” I smirked.

We ate in silence.


Dessert wasn’t sweet at all. It was bittersweet, at least for me. The two love birds were enjoying themselves way too much and it was starting to make me feel annoyed. I cleared my throat quite loudly.

-So… He is…?

-I’m Onoe Matsuya, nice to meet you. – He bowed.

Good manners. At least he has it.

But that face… That FACE! I… Why him, Acchan? Why? I’m even more handsome than him!

-Takahashi Minami, ni—

-I know! …

Is he nervous now or something?

-When is her birthday?

I kept eating the piece of cake I ordered, without even looking at him. The unexpected question made him more nervous.

-I-i-it’s 10th… Ju-july 10th.

I glared at him.


Atsuko giggled and I barely could contain a smirk. Onoe-san looked at Atsuko and then at me. He was thinking.


I frowned. He desperately looked towards Atsuko. “Looking for help now?” I saw her eyes movements. She looked at me.

-I-I’m kidding! I-It’s of co-course, Takahashi-san.

I narrowed my eyes.

-Her talents are?

-… Acting…?

I sighed.


He now looked all desperate.

-… Me…?

-You wish…


-Yes, Atsuko?

-Stop it.

That glare; that sweet voice; that smile…. I gulped. She stood up, walked towards me and hugged me tightly.

-Just say yes… – she whispered on my ear.

-He needs to study hard… – I sighed hugging her back, possessively while looking at him. The message was sent.

-You will be my number one forever. Just stop looking at him like that. He might faint… – she said still whispering and giggled.

-Just this time, Atsuko. Just this time.


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