Untitled (YuiYuki/MaYuki) part 2

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So here its the second part!!!!

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Thank you for reading and I hope you like it!


The always trustworthy Yokoyama Yui couldn’t stop thinking about what happened a few weeks ago with her beloved senpai. Was it really that her head made up all that or did actually happen? She wasn’t quite sure. But the images were so vivid in her head that she could still feel those strong hands roaming her naked body and cupping her breast in a lustful way. And the lips, those lips that, literally, eat her up. A shiver ran down her body and she started to blush. She liked it, that feeling; for some reason, Yui wanted those feelings surround her body and cloud her mind again.

That’s why she is, currently, searching for her senpai. Its night already and Yui hadn’t seen Kashiwagi Yuki at all. She sighed, feeling defeated, and she quite doesn’t know why she’s feeling this urges and this kind of disappointment.

A wolf-howl was heard and Yui opened her eyes, walked towards the window and there she could visualize a silhouette walking towards the main door. Yui waited until the person opened the door to jump in front of the person, to her surprise Kashiwagi Yuki was grinning to her, while holding her phone on her ear. Yui gulped, she knew that grin. She felt that knowing shiver once again.

Kashiwagi Yuki was hungry, it was full moon and her girlfriend had made an appointed with her, but after waiting for hours for her arrival, she didn’t appear. She ended up eating dinner alone in the usual place. She decided to go back home and try to sleep. But she knew it wasn’t an easy task.

Just when she was about to reach home, her phone rang and the voice of her girlfriend greeted her.

-I’m so sorry, Yukirin! I’m really sorry. Something happened here at the hospital and I couldn’t leave on time. I lost the bus and my phone ran out of battery.

– It’s okay, Mayuyu. – Yukirin was indeed disappointed, but glad of hearing her girlfriend’s voice.

-Will you be okay tonight?

-Un, I’ll think about something – Yukirin replied.

– You… never told me what you did last time… – There was hesitation on Mayu’s voice and Yuki could only guess why.

-I… well, I had to… lock myself on my room… – Yukirin knew she was lying, but she didn’t want to lose Mayu.

-Really…? –Yuki was surprised that she reached the main door so fast, she didn’t notice that her body moved.

She opened the door and a knowing scent greeted her and she knew who the person was. The grin plastered in her own face grew when her kouhai appeared in front of her, she was about to say something but Yuki lifted her free hand, in a sign of keeping silent.

-Really. I think I will do the same thing tonight. – Yuki said while she felt her other hunger growing once again. – I have to go now, Mayu. I reached home already and I think everyone’s sleeping already.

Yuki heard a tiring sigh on the other line, making her look down, feeling a bit bad about the lie she just told. But the lust and her instincts were starting to take control of her mind.

-Okay, then. Have a good night then. I will be there tomorrow morning.

-Have a safe trip. I love you.

-I love you too. – And with that the line was cut.

When Yuki looked up again, after placing her phone back on her bag, she saw Yui with an eyebrow lifted. The memories flashed in her mind and her wolf-side kicked in again. She was now pure instinct.

Yui saw lust in her senpai’s eyes, the same lust she saw in her “dream”. Those eyes that made her feel so defenseless.

-Yui… – Yuki spoke in a rather husky voice, while she, slowly, walked closer and closer to the younger girl. – Why are you still up? I thought everyone went to sleep already.

-I… I… was waiting, f-for you… – Yui was surprised of her own stutter.

Yui was a very cold girl, it was rare that she showed her emotions, and yet, here she was stuttering. Yuki could felt the fear and excitement in Yui and her grin transformed into a smile.

-Well, then… – Yuki stopped right in front of Yui, a few centimeters away from each other- What do you need from…

Yui, literally, threw herself over her senpai, interrupting her. Lips against lips, just as Yui remembered the Yuki of her “dream” did to her. Yui bite, lick and kiss the older girl’s lips; she tried to push Yukirin’s body against the wall, but couldn’t. Instead, Yuki grabbed her waist and pushed Yui over the low chest of drawers that was behind her.

Yui left out a surprised yelp at the force and speed that she was placed over the furniture, a few things fell off and broke, but they didn’t mind it. Yuki was now in between Yui’s legs, her hands started to caress her exposed thighs and, as Yui moaned to the feeling, Yuki’s tongue invaded her mouth.

Yui had her arms and legs around Yuki as she tried to bring both bodies as closer as possible. Yuki left Yui’s lips and trailed her tongue from her chin to her collarbone and then back to her lips. Suddenly, Yuki stopped all movement and stopped kissing Yui, who groaned in frustration. Yuki moved her head towards Yui’s ear and blow hot air, making the girl shiver.

-What do you exactly want, Yui? – Yuki asked in a low and lustful voice.


Yui honestly, didn’t know what exactly happened after she answered her senpai’s question. What she knows is that she is still in the same place with Yuki devouring her neck and without her pajama shirt.

The hands she craved the most were already playing with her breasts, making her moan and her back arc. She felt Yuki’s mouth travel down her neck and the hands that were cupping her breast also moved down. The roughness that Yuki used to pull down Yui’s shorts and underwear was making Yui feel more wet.

-Senpai – Yui moaned when Yuki’s mouth started playing with her nipple.

Yuki looked up and she felt the lust increasing at the sight of Yui’s flushed face. Her hands stroking Yui’s thighs once again, feeling her hot skin and center, but never reaching the goal. She moved her mouth to the other breast and sucked long and hard. Yui moaned.

And that was it. Yuki really needed to satisfy her hunger. She stopped playing around.

-Yui… -She whispered in Yui’s ear – You have to scream.

And that was the last thing Yui heard before seeing her senpai’s head disappear between her legs.



-Yui… Yui… Yui!!

Yui opened her eyes and sat up, she looked around, feeling confused. She noticed the worried looks of the other girls she lived with and remembering last night’s events she covered herself with the blanket she had.

-What happened, Yui? Why are you sleeping here? – Asked a worried Shinoda Mariko

-I… I… – Yui looked to herself and when she noticed she was actually in her pajamas, she sighed – I couldn’t sleep last night… -she finally said trying not to blush.

-But what happened that all my old furniture ended up broken and on the floor? – Mariko said pointing to the floor.

-Ah… well … you see… – Yui tried to think of an excuse, she felt sweat starting to form on her forehead as everyone was attentively looking at her- well…

-That was my fault – Answered a still sleepy voice coming from upstairs.

-Yukirin? Could you explain it better?

-Actually, I came up late, the lights were off and I stumbled with all your stuff. Sorry – Yuki bowed.


-I was waiting for Mayu to come last night, but she couldn’t make it. So, I guess, I drank a bit more than normal… – she smiled apologetic – but don’t worry, I will pay for the broken stuff!

-Nah, don’t worry… I didn’t like them anyway – Mariko laughed.

Just then, the doorbell resounded and Mariko went towards the door and opened it.

-Hey there! – said a smiling Mayu.

For a second, Yuki looked at Yui and winked before rushing down the stairs. A faint blush on Yui’s cheeks appeared.


Two naked bodies were lying on the bed, both breathing heavily; the younger one of both was the first one to speak.

-You still owe me an explanation…

-You know my reason already. – The older girl replied.

That answer earned her a light slap on her shoulder; looking at her girlfriend she could see a hint of jealousy on her eyes. She started to stroke her girlfriend’s hair and smiled sweetly.

-Do you remember when we first met?


-You were so lost and scared – she giggled- Remember?

-Oi! Stop reminding me! – The younger said while blushing. It was just simple embarrassing.

-Do you remember that I also said that I will guide you and protect you?

-Yeah, I do. But what is your point?

Yuki smiled and kissed Mayu slowly.

-The point is… – she replied after the kiss ended – that I love you.

-I love you too, Yukirin – Mayu smiled and blushing. But then she remembered the confession the older girl gave her earlier and slightly frowned while pinching her girlfriend’s arm – But that doesn’t mean I forgive you!

Yuki gulped.

-I will make her scent go away! – Mayu declared before she pinned Yuki down on the bed – I will make you scream my name!

Yuki saw how Mayu’s eyes glowed and changed their color.

“It’s going to be a long, very long night”, was Yuki’s last conscious thought.


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  1. I’m just find this blog now and I will read all of your fics. First was the YukiRena ones, and now this. I just have to say that I’m already a fan of your fics! I love this one too!

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