Acceptance 2.0 (AtsuMina)

Okay, so I wrote the first part of Acceptance when I heard the first news of Acchan dating this man. At first, I wrote a kind of angst Os from the news. And made Takamina suffer the most, in some way.

After that, I reflected and went into a deep thought of what would be more realistic? Knowing my Kami, even though I don’t know her at all, except what she show us, I decided that IF Takamina loved Atsuko very much then she would let her be happy. If she is happy, Takamina is happy too. Sort of what she did when Atsuko announced her graduation.

So, that’s why I wrote ‘Acceptance’ in first place. This time, this has some -fair enough, a lot of – delusions. I am an Atsumina shipper and I really want them to be together as friends as a couple.

So, after unforgettablefeat insisted I decided to make this second part :D

I hope everyone like it! And sorry for any mistakes.



It started with a phone call from Atsuko.

It was quite late at night and I was returning from a recording in a radio show; I was tired by my day schedule, half conscious I flipped my phone open and answered. I didn’t check the caller ID, at this time it only could be the staff, some of the members or even Akimoto-sensei. But when the other person spoke, all my tiredness went away.


-Atsuko? What’s going on? Are you okay? Why are you calling me at this hour? – hearing her voice surprised me, it’s been months since the last time we see each other and for her to call me at this hour, it wasn’t normal.

-Now I can’t call a friend? – I imagined her pouting

-No! It’s not that and you know it! – I sighed – It’s just… it’s rare for you to call me at this hour, that’s all.

I heard her giggle.

-I can’t sleep – she said in that sing-sang voice she used when she was bored – Can you come here?

I blinked. What? Why? All this questions started forming in my mind. I really wanted to go, I wanted to see her; check if she’s okay or if she needs something, but my time… My excuse was my busy life, but in reality, I also was jealous and hurt.

-You can’t… – she sighed- I understand…

I could hear disappointment and sadness in her voice.

-I will call my manager – was my last statement before cutting the line and calling my manager.

Honestly speaking, I was nervous. Why? I don’t really know; maybe it was because it’s been so long, maybe it’s because I know she has a boyfriend and me going  her apartment sounds weird, maybe it was my own feelings towards her. I’m seriously so confused, as to why I was nervous. I hesitated for some minutes, before inhaling and knocking the door.

She greeted me as usual, grabbing my hand, pulling me inside and launching herself against my body in a bear-crushing hug. I had my back against her closed door, as usual, my arms were on my sides and my hands turned into fists when I felt her nose against my neck.

-I’m glad to see you too, At-Atsuko… – Stuttering was the norm for me.

She giggled and planted a kiss on my neck before pulling away. Chills ran from my neck. She smiled at me, that beam smile of hers. Was she really that happy to see me? I wondered.

In silence she grabbed my hand and guided me towards her room; once inside she took my bag that was on my shoulder and placed it randomly on the floor. She removed my scarf from my neck slowly and then threw it to the side, falling on the floor too. She continued with my hair, it was a bit longer than the last time we met; she removed the hairpin and started stroking my hair. It was like a little massage and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and enjoy it.

When she stopped and I opened my eyes, she smiled at me sweetly.

-Do you want to take a shower? I still have some of your old clothes in here.

And I remembered that, since I used to spend so much time with her in here, we decided to bring some of my clothes. I smiled and nodded. I really needed a bath right now.


Once inside the bath, filled with warm water, I started remembering the old days when we spend our time together. I smiled.

Once out, and with a t-shirt and one of my old pajama pants, I was ready to sleep. I walked closer to the bed, slowly and trying to not make much noise, as I knew that Atsuko was already sleeping. I didn’t feel bad, actually this was normal. It was as if, knowing I was with her, she suddenly relaxed and fell asleep faster than she wanted.

Slowly I lifted the bed sheets and went inside. I removed for a bit before finding a comfortable position. I sighed and looked to my side. Atsuko was really a beauty when sleeping, she was simple perfect.

I smiled and closed my eyes, ready to have a night of good sleep.

And, then, I felt Atsuko’s arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder.

-Minami… – she whispered still sleeping.

I couldn’t sleep that night.


I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I guess that it was maybe around 5 in the morning, but the sound of my cellphone alarm woke me up, as usual, at 7. I tried to grab it and turn it off but I couldn’t reach it.

Opening my eyes, I moved a bit away from under Atsuko’s, still sleeping, body and I turned the alarm off. I could feel part of my body numb due our position and I tried to change it, so I could stretch. But it didn’t work. Even sleeping Atsuko had a strong hold.

I sighed and opening my phone again I checked my schedule for the day. I called my manager to tell him to come to pick me up later that day and, when I was hanging up, Atsuko hugged me tighter.

-Do you have to go? – She said in a still sleepy voice.

I nodded.

-Would you come back later?


-I just really miss you, Minami. Don’t you miss me too? – She pouted and I suppressed a smile.

-I do miss you, Atsuko. But I’m busy… – It was always the same excuse.

-Fine then! – She then got up from bed – Don’t come back if you can’t. I’m sorry for disturbing your busy schedule.

She spoke in a soft, almost apologizing, voice. But, her actions spoke louder than her words. She walked out of her room and closed her door shut.

And that brings me to my actual situation. Sitting in Atsuko’s living room and wondering again why I am here. Oh wait, I remember. Since I didn’t want to make her angry I just moved my schedule a little bit and before leaving her apartment I told her I would come back at around 6 in the afternoon.

-Do you really only wanted me to drink tea with you? – I asked in disbelieve.

-I really want to spend time with you. Is that wrong?

-No. – I looked at her with an eyebrow up – But really? I don’t think you just wanted me to drink tea with you. – I just knew her too well.

She sighed.

-Alright – after placing her cup of tea back in the small table in front of us she continued – I want your help in something.

I frowned a little bit and turned my “serious” switch on.

-My help? In what exactly?

-This is going to be like, the first time, Onoe-san is taking me to this fancy restaurant and I TOTALLY can’t decide what to wear. Can you help me? – She brought both hands together and made a cute face.

I really couldn’t refuse. But, I tried.

-Why didn’t you call Tomochin or Haruna or even Yuko for this? Don’t you have like also your own stylist or something?  – I was just playing hard to get at this point.

-Haruna? – Her eyebrows went up, clear signal of annoyance – Now you call her Haruna?

-What? – She’s always changing topics – I have always called her Haruna though.

-You used to call her Kojiharu, not HARUNA.

I blinked. Okay, fair enough. All this “me calling Kojiharu, Haruna” was to make her jealous. But… maybe I should just answer and not make her angrier.

-Well, she and Miichan are the closer people I have now inside AKB48… so, I don’t really understand why this is a big issue. – She made a movement with her mouth. That was a clear sign that she was upset. Well, damn! –Look, just tell me why you didn’t called any of those 3 in first place. You were agreeing with everyone that my clothes were ugly in the past. So…

She sighed.

-Tomochin was busy; Haruna is busy, actually with Yuko. And my stylist has her own life too. I just wanted you to tell me how I look, you know, the male perspective.

-The male perspective… I see… – I sighed again. She’s mocking me, I know.

-At what time will he pick you up again?

-At 8.

-He’s late – I looked at the time on my cellphone – he has to be here at least 30 minutes before the according hour!

-Could you stop? You are starting to sound like my father.

I looked at her, very beautifully dressed, and we had this staring fight, which I lost.

-I just want him to treat you well.

She came closer and hugged me.

-He treats me well, don’t worry – she giggled.

-Really? – She nodded.

Her scent was making me go crazy. Having her so close after god knows how long was making me go crazy.

-Atsuko… I … – And I was interrupted by the doorbell.

We separated and she was going to open the door, but I grabbed her hand and walked towards the door. It really didn’t surprise me the shock in his face.

-Ta-Takahashi-san. Ni-nice to see you aga-again – He stuttered. “Isn’t he cute?…. Nah”

-Nice to see you too. – Flowers, he came here with flowers – Oh, those are for me? – I grabbed the bouquet before he could even answer – Well, thank you! Come inside she’s waiting.

I gave him my biggest fake smile.

-I’ll just grab my purse and we can go – She announced to him before she went back to her room.

-Before you go – I said – I have some rules. – He looked at me and I really wanted to laugh at him – Don’t touch her more than necessary. No holding hands in public; many paparazzi are following her movements and I don’t want any scandal, adding to that, definitely no kissing, not even in the cheek. Don’t call her names. She’s not a kid. Be a gentleman and pay for her meal too even if she refuses. And I want her back here at 11. Not later. – Many years of being Captain and now General Manager prepared me to this day – Do you understand?

-Ye-yes, ma’am.

-What did you said?

-Yes, ma’am!

-Minami~ – Atsuko suddenly said – Stop~

Again that smile and that voice, well… She came closer and hugged me again.

-You don’t have to stay here and wait for me tonight. – She said in a sweet slash I am annoyed voice.

-But I want to. – was my firmly reply. What can I say? I’m stubborn.

-Don’t you have a schedule tonight? – She added.

Well, damn, again.

-I’ll call you after I finish the radio recording – I said feeling defeated.

She smiled again and walked towards her boyfriend. At least I’m glad that they didn’t kiss.

-Let’s go – she told him while smiling and he only nodded.

And before they walked through the door Atsuko looked back at me. I smiled and wished her good luck, by bringing my thumbs up, even though I wanted to kill that man. She smiled again and waved good bye.




I was tired. I wanted to go to bed and sleep again. The recording went well and I had fun, but I was a little bit distracted by the fact that Atsuko hadn’t replied to my texts.

I closed my eyes, I just wanted to surrender to the tiredness I felt and sleep until I arrived home and then throw myself in my bed. But my phone had other plans. A new message.

“It all went well :D Thank you for helping me. Are you going back to your apartment? Why don’t you just come home? ;)”

I blinked. My mind wasn’t working so well at this point. And then, after a few minutes, I realized.

-Kenji-san, could you turn around and leave me at Atsuko’s apartment again? – I asked.

The man looked at me from the front mirror of the car and nodded while smiling.

-Let’s just go home – I whispered.


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    1. Lol but you were the one who insisted me to write this second part lol.
      So what do you think? Is it good enough? I just really think something was missing but… agh :v
      Thank you for reading :D

      1. Well, since you are like… the only one who comments on my stories… I have priorities and I really take in consideration your comments :D
        And definitely thank you for commenting and liking my stuff :D

      2. Ready for another story? I’m about to post something xD
        I’m not quite happy with the result but! anyway xD

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