Memories (AtsuMina OS)

Okay, so again will post something!

As usual Atsumina! But in different PoV. If you noticed, I always write from Takamina’s Pov… so this time, I will change that!

I was so tempted to give this one a sad ending… but since I already have one in progress I decided not to do it.

So, here is it, guys!

To be honest I’m really glad and happy at how this turned out. But I really want to know your thoughts about it. I don’t care if it’s only to say that it sucks, I really appreciate any kind of comments.

So yeah, I will stop this rant and let you read.

Sorry for any mistake and I hope you like it and enjoy it!



Together in all these memories

I see your smile

All the memories I hold dear

Darling you know I love you till the end of time.

-Memories by Within Temptation


Sometimes we forget the importance of our memories. We believe that memories will stay forever in our head.  Sometimes we don’t care about them; we even want to forget our most painful ones. But what happens when we forget them for real? What happens when part of your life it’s been erased from your head? What happens when, one day, you wake up without memories? What happens when most of the faces, the people and, even, the feelings you once felt, suddenly vanish?

I always thought that we would be together forever, that nothing will be able to make us apart. But destiny had other plans for us.



Since the very beginning our love story was full of obstacles. I was a princess since the first day I was born; I never had to struggle for anything. And her, she was a middle-class kid; her parents always struggled to make her and her younger brother to go to a decent school.

The way our paths crossed was when I was 11. That day I escaped from my father’s bodyguards, I was walking around Akihabara when suddenly a group of boys started to molest me. I was scared and, for instance, I wanted the bodyguards’ protection. That’s when she appeared; yelling at the boys and even punching them a couple of times.

-Are you okay? – She said with a big and proud smile on her face. And I just hugged her while crying.

She patiently waited until I calmed down and stayed with me until my father’s car stopped in front of us. I was scolded of course, but since I was the only child in the family, my father just sighed and, after his speech, he hugged me tightly. I wanted to know her name at that time, I wanted to thank her for what she did; but when I glanced to my side, where she used to be, she was gone. The only thing I remembered was her smile, her long and light-brown hair and that ribbon that supported her ponytail.

Our second encounter was when I was 20. This time, it was at Tokyo University. For some weird causality, we shared a few subjects; which I found weird because I was trying to be an actress and she was aiming to be a singer and, even though, I was the only one of my class to take those few subjects.

When I realized she was the little girl that saved me back in the day, I was very excited and happy. I tried to find her for a couple of years, I even went to Akihabara again, with protection, and stayed there, standing in the same spot where we met for the very first time, with no luck. She changed a bit. She had the same height though, but her hair now was shorter and the ribbon was nowhere to be found. But her smile, that smile I’ll never forget, that smile was the same.

I wasn’t brave enough, even though I was full of confidence; for some reason I felt scared. What if she didn’t remember me? What if, to her, I wasn’t an important memory? The single thought of it made me tremble. And after a year of seeing her from afar, of collecting all my strength; suddenly my father announced me that I could go to New York. Finally I could go there to study acting; finally, my dream was coming true. But, she was so close to me. I was so close to talk to her and I didn’t want to let go before even saying “hi”.

But, as expected, she didn’t remember about me.

 -I’m sorry, Maeda-san. But –she scratched the back of her head- I don’t seem to remember. I’m really sorry! – She bowed.

I turned around and started to walk away. I didn’t stop until I reached the gates of the entrance, and just as I got in the car, I saw her running to my direction. I could hear her calling my name, but I didn’t want to hear her voice, I didn’t want to hear her excuse or her apologize. I just simple wanted to go away.

Our last and final encounter happened when after 2 years of staying in New York. I decided to go back to Japan, in order to be a known actress. I missed my parents, my friends, but mostly, very deep in my heart, I missed her too.

It happened at a coffee shop, in Shibuya. I was trying to relax with a good coffee, a habit I acquired while living in New York, while reading one of my first scripts for a drama role. It wasn’t a big role, but it was a first step.

-Maeda-san? – A sweet voice said. I looked up just to find her, my heart stopped for a second and my mind screamed in both fear and excitement. She smiled at me- You are Maeda-san, right?

The only thing I could do was nod.

-It’s me, Takahashi Minami – she pointed at her chest – remember me?

-I… I… yes. Yes! Of course I remember you! What are you doing here?

-I work in here – she giggled as she bowed her head a little

After a few more seconds of talk, I finally ordered what I wanted and she disappeared in between the tables. I felt my heart pounding hard inside my chest. After all this time, I still have a crush on her. I smiled as I waited, finally she remembers me! That was all I could think.

We exchanged numbers and promised to go out whenever we could. We texted each other every time we could, even if it was late at night. And soon, that crush developed into something else. Something I knew very well, but that I stubbornly, didn’t want to admit. That something was called love.


My phone’s ringtone brought me back from my memories. I was at home, trying to rest from my last job.

-Maeda speaking

-Atsuko! – Shouted a voice through the device – Takamina, she…

-Minami? What happened to Minami?! – My heart ached.

-She had an accident; we are currently at the hospital!

The porcelain cup I was holding soon crashed on the ground.


I rushed inside the hospital and went straight to the waiting room that Yuko told me she would be.

-Yuko! What happened?! – I asked scared of the answer.

-I-I still don’t know the details – she said as she grabbed me and made me sat, softly, on one of the chairs of the waiting room – I was trying to call Takamina to ask her about something, when a nurse answered me and told me that she apparently had an accident not long ago. I came as fast as I could but she… – her voice broke a little, she was trying to be strong- since then, she’s in the operation room.


The hours passed and I felt it like an eternal waiting. Her family and more of our friends came to ask for her after Yuko called them to inform them of the situation. But I couldn’t talk, I was feeling so scared; even more scared that when I was 19. I was alone, in a corner, trying not to break down in tears and only hoping for the best.

-Takahashi-san’s family? – A nurse called.

-Yes? – I walked fast towards her. – I am her wife. What happened to her?

For a moment there I forgot that her parents were in the room too.

-I want to inform you that Takahashi-san is in a bad condition. Apparently, she was hit by a car, a drunk driver. She had severe bone fractures and head contusion. But, fortunately, she was still alive when she got here. We made all we could and we are hoping for her to recover soon, but she still needs to be in observation until we are sure she is fine.

-Will she be recover? – Yuko asked.

-Well, now that depends on her. The doctor is a bit worried about the contusion on her head, but we won’t know if it will leave any sequel until she wakes up.

-Thank you, really, thank you so much! – Yuko then jumped on the tall nurse, making her squeal.


After a week, she finally opened her eyes. But, what we celebrated as a success, it turned into a living hell.

-Who are you? – were her first words after she saw me.

-What?… You… don’t remember me? – She moved her head form left to right. I tried to stop my tears. “This is not happening” I thought.

-How’s that you can remember us but not her? – asked Yuko, referring to Minami’s family and to herself, voicing my silent question. – What’s the last thing you remember?

– I remember that we were at school, planning our last summer vacation before we graduate. – She said looking at Yuko, confused.


Minami’s family, Yuko and I were waiting for the doctor to give us an explanation of what happened with her and also if she could leave the hospital or not

-This can be the product of the contusion. – The doctor explained at us – Unfortunately, I don’t know when will she recover her lost memory or if she will recover them at all. I’m so sorry about this.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and I broke down in tears. Yuko hugged me and assured me that she will recover her memories soon. She comforted me the best she could, while I just cried and cried.


The Present


I was feeling tired; tired of all the fights and fail attempts of making her remember. I never blamed her for what happened, how could I? But the stress from everything that was happening was taking the best of me and soon we started arguing over things, small things.

Things were getting worse day by day and I didn’t know what to do.

Since the beginning, she tried to remember. She looked at all the photographs we had; she watched our wedding videos and other videos we took together. But it was all in vain. We tried going out, dates to places we used to love, but that now were just mere places. We tried to watch the movies she used to like, the music that she used to like, the food. We tried everything, but the result was the same.

We tried everything, we waited, I prayed to all gods. Until one day she just said the words I was afraid to hear.

-I want the divorce – I looked at her surprised – This is obviously not working, Maeda-san. I’m tired. I can’t stand it anymore. This doesn’t even make sense. A divorce of a marriage I don’t remember… – She laughed nervously.

I walked near her and took her hands on mine; I needed of all my self-control to prevent myself from crying.

-Could you wait a little longer? – I begged in a weak tone – Please, just… Wait a little longer. Let’s just wait; maybe… maybe soon you will recover your memories… Just… Please… – She looked at me and biting her lower lip she gave me a small nod – If it doesn’t work then we will… – A sob slipped out of my lips.

She looked down and I knew she was feeling guilty about everything.


-I’m sorry, but I can’t stay here anymore – she said. Those were her first words once I stepped inside our apartment and I found her luggage at the door – I tried, I really tried Maeda-san. But, I just can’t keep with this anymore. I… I don’t know what to do. I feel so lost and… I don’t remember half of the friends that come to visit me. I don’t remember things they assure me that happened. I don’t even remember all those videos and photos you have. This… -she sighed- this is just too hard for me to handle. The divorce papers are on the table. I’m so sorry.

I looked to the ground. I understood, right away. I nodded still looking down, my long hair covering my face. I didn’t want to look at her, because I knew that if I stared at her eyes and face again, I will cry.

I heard how she took her bags and walked towards the door. With each step a tear fell from my eyes and my heart broke a little more.

-I’m really sorry. – She said for the last time.

And I simple nodded.

-I’m sorry too – I whispered as the door closed behind me.

I fell on my knees and cried again. Cried like I’ve never done before, I couldn’t stop the tears and I couldn’t stop the few screams that left my mouth. All I wanted to do was to disappear and to not feel anything anymore. No more pain, no more love. No more memories.






I always liked the coffee from here. It was the first coffee shop I attended after I arrived to Japan. It was the shop in which Minami used to work and in which we reunited again. That was a powerful memory that I never wanted to forget.

It’s been 2 years since Minami left my life again. It’s been 2 years of hard work and sleepless nights, in which I would cry and call her name. It’s been 2 years in which I will remember our encounters again and again. Destiny didn’t want us together it seems.

A silent tear escaped my eyes, I quickly wiped it away. This was not the place to cry for her.

-Can I sit here, Maeda-san? – I almost choke at the sound of that voice. Looking up I saw her again, after all this time.

I nodded and it all felt like a déjà vu.

A waiter walked straight to us and asked her if she wanted to drink something. I knew what she would order even before she said it. Hot chocolate; “It relaxes me” she used to say.

-Just bring me hot chocolate. – She smiled at the young boy as he wrote her order and bowed before walking away. She looked back at me and added – It relaxes me.

I bite my lower lip, I wanted to tell her how much I missed her but, I’m afraid. I was a famous actress in Japan now, and so I acted in front of her. I smiled, even though inside I was crying, and nodded.

The silence that came after that exchange became a little awkward. I was trying to focus on the papers I had in my hands, instead of her movements. She was extremely nervous, I noticed, because she couldn’t stay still. She removed in the chair, tapped her fingers on the table and moved her feet quite a lot too. I suppressed a smile. The same Minami I love.

-A new movie or drama? – She finally asked after a few more minutes.

-A new drama, actually – I smiled at her and she blushed.

-I see. I… -she cleared her throat- I’ve seen your movies, they’re pretty good. – She smiled at me still blushing – Just like you –she whispered.

-I beg your pardon? – I said, acting as if I didn’t hear her last statement.

-I-I mean that you are pretty good too! – She blushed harder – Yes, pretty and good.

I laughed. I couldn’t stand her cuteness anymore. I just laughed instead of crying, I laughed as I remembered all her failing attempts to praise me; the same Minami as usual.

-Thanks, I guess- I laughed again and this time she also laughed.

After a few seconds, we both stared at each other, in silence and smiling.

-Can we… -she said doubtful – Can we be friends again?

All my memories came back crashing together to a certain day, the day in which she said almost the exact same words.


-Can we be friends? – She said as she handed me a piece of paper with numbers on it – Call me or text me whenever you want. I, actually, after you left me back when we were at the campus, I remembered you. You were the girl I protected in Akihabara, weren’t you? – She smiled, her dimples showing a bit – I always wanted to find you and I thought I would never see you again. But here you are and this time I will not miss this chance.


-Of course we can – was my answer.


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  1. No need for “sucks” comment. It’s great! I’m glad you didn’t make it a sad ending. Hahaha. Thank you for this. :3

    • secnecrom Says:

      I’m glad you like it!
      And thanks for reading. The next one will be the angst one. :3 it’s still 70% done. :p

      • Ehhhh? Hahaha. Ok. Atleast I’m ready and I know it’ll be a sad one. Haha.

        Ok, I really need to update my fic. Haha. Today is my last exam for this term. So I will have time to write fics. :3

      • Yaaaay!! More updates!! :3
        An good luck again! Yaaaay last exam~~~
        I’ll wait for the next chapter :3

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