Of Flowers and Something More (wWatanabe Part 1)

Hey there, me again.

This time with an OS of what I believe 2 parts. I kinda got stuck here… But I have a slightly idea of how I want this story to end and how to continue it. I hope you guys like it.

I’m sorry if you encounter any mistake. I’ve been really busy, as usual, and I will keep like that this weekend too. But since it’s been a couple of days without me posting anything, well I will leave this here!

I’ll update my on-going fic probably next week, I hope, and I will post the second part of this story the next weekend or maybe earlier. So wait for them!



The ever so cold Watanabe Mayu had one of the weirdest jobs for someone with her personality; she was the proud owner of a flower shop. Her parents were doctors, her mother was a dentist and her father a surgeon; but that didn’t make the young Mayu want to follow their steps. She studied hard to please her parents; she got excellent grades and, finally, graduated from University with high honors. But, in her personal life, she was always alone, reserved and even shy.

During her teens, she was seen as a “freaky” otaku nerd girl; but, personally that didn’t matter to her. Moreover, to young Mayu being ignored and alone was the best; she convinced herself that without distractions she would be able to study even more; always alone and studying.

Love didn’t come until later during her first year in Med School. Kashiwagi Yuki was a senpai to her, a bit dumb in her vision, but very beautiful. Being older than Mayu, Yuki, or Yukirin, how Mayu called her, always saw Mayu as a dear and very close friend. Mayu never confessed her real feelings towards her beloved senpai, making Mayu’s heart to break as time passed by; Mayu became more and more recluse, always alone and without going out with “friends”. And, in the end, when Yuki finally graduated, even when they promised to keep in contact with each other, their relationship, eventually, was forgotten.

Mayu then, closed her heart even more. At first, the cold attitude was a façade, but with the time, it became part of her. Classmates and other students started to call her “cyborg”, because of her lack of any kind of expression. Mayu’s graduating happened a few years later, she refused herself to work in a field that reminded her love for Yuki; she didn’t want to work/study in a hospital in which probably Yuki was also working. And after much persuasion her parents accepted her request and bought her this place. Since then, Doctor Watanabe “Cyborg” Mayu became the only cold florist, as fellow florist called her.


Mayu lived in a small house that was behind her shop, it was connected by a door. Mayu always closed her shop at around 9pm on a daily basis; if there were special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and such, she would close at around 3 or 4 in the morning. That night however, she was closing at the usual time; when she finally went to the front door to change her door sign from “open” to “close” she encountered with what it seemed like a lovers fight. Mayu couldn’t heard what the girls were saying to each other, and not like she wanted to hear anyway, it was a rainy night and the sound was making it hard for her to distinguish any sound, except from the raindrops crashing against the street and the windows.

She was about to ignore them and go back to her house, so she can get some sleep since, for some reason, she wasn’t able to sleep very well lately, when one of the girls eventually threw the bouquet of roses, she had on her hands, to the girl in front of her; the girl yelled something and then the other girl simply turned around and walked away, leaving the other girl crying and soaked in the middle of the street.


-Are you okay? – Mayu asked curious and a bit concerned. After much debate she decided to grab an umbrella and check on the girl who was still crying.

The girl was sitting on the ground, hugging her legs and with her head buried on her knees. The girl looked up and moved her head from side to side in a negative response. Mayu then looked around the street, wondering what she could say or do next.

-Why don’t you come inside? – Mayu offered; she tried to sound as friendly as possible, but she failed – Look, you are soaked and you could catch a cold. So just… – Mayu leaned down a bit and placed her free hand over the girl’s hands – Just come inside, okay?

The girl then, suddenly, hugged Mayu and cried harder in her shoulder. Mayu, who was surprised at first, let the girl cry; however she didn’t hugged the girl back.


Once inside her house, the shop closed and with the girl taking a warm and, apparently, long shower; Mayu was preparing hot chocolate while waiting.

-Thank you – Whispered the girl, once both girls were sitting around a small table Mayu had on her small living/room.

-No problem – Mayu replied and took a small sip of her hot beverage.

Both girls stayed in a rather awkward, yet, comfortable silence while drinking the hot liquid. Mayu didn’t know what to say or how to act in a situation like this, so she opted to say nothing and just grab the new manga she was reading a few hours ago. Until she hear small sobs coming from the girl still in front of her. Looking up she frowned.

-Thi-this tastes so-so good… – The girl said as she drank the rest of her chocolate.

Mayu was confused and closed her manga-book.

-And that’s why you are crying now? – Mayu asked quite bluntly

The girl nodded, tears still rolling down her cheeks and then smiled, or at least tried to.

-Are you dumb? Who would cry for something like that?! – Mayu replied.

The girl looked down and cried a bit more, Mayu reprehended herself for being rude towards the crying girl. She then patted the girl’s head; she never did something like that, so the pat had more force than the usual.

-I’m sorry; just… just stop crying okay?

The girl nodded.


-I know this could sound weird… but… – The girl hesitated- Can I… stay… here tonight?

Mayu raised her eyebrows; she had never let anyone stay with her, not even her closest friend slash sister, Oshima Yuko. Why would let this stranger to sleep in her house? She really didn’t know why, but nevertheless, she nodded. The girl excited and quite happy jumped over Mayu and hugged her again. Since Mayu, didn’t expect such reaction she lost her balance and both girls ended on the floor, the girl still hugging Mayu.

-Thank you! – The girl said near Mayu’s ear, causing the young florist to blush at the tickling feeling that she got. The girl then looked up, smiled brightly and then leaned down.

Mayu never got kissed before, not even her parents did it; at least she couldn’t remember that they did. She placed her hand on her right cheek, red as a tomato and with her eyes wide opened; she wanted to say something but her brain was confused, so she just stared at the girl, still over her body and still smiling. They stayed that way for a few minutes more, until Mayu, a bit harshly, pushed the girl aside and went towards her bathroom.


After the incident and an apologizing girl, Mayu decided that she would sleep in a small futon she had, and the girl would use her bed. The girl obviously disapproved this.

-This is your house; I should be the one sleeping on the futon! – The girl debated.

-I don’t mind! Just take the bed.

The girl pouted as she saw Mayu placing the futon near the bed.

-Just sleep already okay? – Mayu then laid down on the futon and closed her eyes.

She listened at the sound of the girl laying on her comfortable bed, then silence, then once again the sound of the girl moving around on her bed, and then, once again, silence. Mayu sighed and moved to her side, finally deciding to sleep and ignore the girl on her bed. Or, at least, that’s what she wanted to do.

Feeling a pair of arms around her body, Mayu jumped scared, opening her eyes and turning around, she saw the girl next to her, on the floor, smiling.

-Wha-what are yo-you doing?!

-I decided to sleep with you on the floor – The girl smiled even more, if possible.

-But… but…

-Good night – the girl said and closed her eyes, still smiling and hugging Mayu’s waist tightly.

Mayu was surprised and at the same time confused. What should she do or say? She didn’t know.

-Miyuki – the girl spoke once again, still with her eyes closed- My name is Watanabe Miyuki.

And finally, the girl, Miyuki, fell asleep, leaving a very confused cyborg.


Mayu didn’t have the best night of her life, but somehow, she managed to sleep all night long. And the florist wondered if the reason was Miyuki. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that the other Watanabe wasn’t there. Sitting up she rubbed the back of her head, she could feel all her muscles felt sore. She stretched and yawned and then decided to prepare her stuff for the day at the shop. She took a quick shower, so she could wake up and soothe her body. Finally, fresh and fully awake she noticed that in her dining table was a neatly breakfast waiting for her. She took her time eating. It was good, for some reason this was one of the best breakfast she ever had.

She then noticed the hour. If she didn’t get hurry, she would open the shop late.


The sight of Miyuki surrounded by flowers in her back garden was breath taking. The smile and how she looked at the flowers was mesmerizing. She still had Mayu’s borrowed clothes.

-I thought you left – Mayu said, making Miyuki jump.

-I was about to go but then – she smiled – I guess I got distracted.

“What is this feeling? Why do I feel like this? Why seeing her smile like that makes me feel like this?” wondered Mayu.

They looked at each other for a few minutes, without saying anything, until the sound of a ringtone startled both.

Miyuki ran and answered, hoping that it was her girlfriend who called her; Mayu simple sighed and starting picking some flowers.

-What am I thinking? – She said to herself.

Mayu sighed for tenth time that day. It’s been a month, or so, since Miyuki left her house, not without kissing Mayu again and then thanking her for her kindness. She left in a hurry, Mayu wasn’t sure if she got bad or good news, she just ran away to never comeback. “Or something like that” Mayu thought.

But since that day Watanabe Mayu started to feel something warm surround her body, and heart, every time Miyuki appeared in her mind.


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