Runaway Chapter 4 – Surrender

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“Feels like the weight of the world,

Like all my screaming has gone unheard.

And oh, I know you don’t believe in me.

Safe in the dark, how can you see?”

-Weight of the World by Evanescence


Consciousness starts to come back to me and, for some reason, I feel as if a truck ran over me. My head hurts, my whole body feels sore. However, as I open my eyes, I never expected see the night sky. I was sure I was back at home, with a roof over my head, but now all I can see are the stars.

The air feels a bit heavier and I can smell the smog. Suddenly, as I take in more air, I start to cough uncontrollably; rolling over my stomach, I try to get up, but I feel so weak right now. The coughing doesn’t stop, I crawl two steps and I can’t get inside the breakfast of this morning. It feels awful. Throwing up everything that was in my stomach, however, makes me feel a bit better. I notice the sweat that covers my body; my clothes are wet and pressed against my skin. It really feels awful.

Looking around I notice a fainted figure a few meters away from me. Who could be and where am I? I look around once again, this time my mind is clearer than before. I notice the old and rusty buildings next to me, the trees that surround us, the dry land we are in and finally, again the open sky.

-Where…? – My head still hurts a bit, my face too.

Remembering the last events, I could remember Yuko’s fist landing on my face, her knee on my stomach and a kick. “No wonder it hurts” I think, because, it really hurt like hell.

Forcing myself again, I demand to my body to react and finally I can get up. Everything turns around. I close my eyes and breathe once again; the air isn’t clean and it’s really hard to erase the bad taste in my mouth; but, nevertheless, I open my eyes and look around once again. It’s the third time, I know, but everything looks so different and, at the same time, so familiar. I pay particular attention to the buildings, or more like ruins, in front of me. It’s like I know this place, but from where? I frown, that’s all I can do right now. I try to look more, to inspect every little detail of this place, to give myself a clue. And then suddenly, it hits me.

I know very well this place. I gulp. But it can’t be. How the hell did I get here?! I look down to my wristband and I notice that the time stopped. I panic and I land back to the ground, my ass receiving the major damage. I crawl away, still looking at the buildings, I feel really scared. The memories of my past flash again in my mind, stopping on one specific memory, one of the last ones I got; Oshima Yuko, in a train station, leaning over one of the walls, smiling at me.

I didn’t know when I reached the other body, but a small grunt surprised me. I looked back and I frown again. I forget, for a second, my previous panic and it surrounds me another wave of fear, very different, but both connected.

-Atsuko? – Hesitating I reach my hand to her face.

I wished my mind was making me see things, I wished this was an illusion. But when my hand touched the rather cold skin of Atsuko’s cheek, I felt so disappointed.

-Atsuko! – I said a bit louder and grabbing her shoulders I gently shook her. No response. – Atsuko! – I bring her body against me, gently, placing her head on my chest as I keep on shaking her- Atsuko! Please wake up!

I feel like crying, my fears become real in front of me and I can’t keep them inside. Until I hear her coughing. I look down on her, tears and sweat rolling down my bloody cheeks, and I smile.

-Atsuko… Are you okay?

She looks up at me, she blinks, trying to focus her attention on me; closing her eyes she coughs more and more, she then pushes me lightly and turns her head away from me. For a minute I feel sad at her action, but as I see her throwing up too I understand. I grab her hair on my hands, so it can’t get in the way; I also wrap my free arm around her waist to give her support.

The air is cool, I remember this weather. Maybe we are around August or September. Or maybe I’m wrong, since in this year, we don’t keep the count of the months. I wish I had a coat with me, so I can give it to Atsuko that seems to be shaking a bit.

We are in silence; she is sitting next to me, both under a tree. I want to ask her many things, but she looks so weak that I can’t dare myself to ask anything. Thinking back, is so long since I’ve come back here. Not to this exact place, but more like, this exact time. I know it’s going to be dangerous, more for me than to her, but still I don’t want her to be involved in my case. “What should I do?”

-Minami? – I stop my thinking and I look at her, in silence, waiting for her to continue talking – Are you okay?

I nod. For some reason I can’t bear to talk.

-You-You might be won-wondering whe-where are we… – She’s stuttering and still shaking, afraid maybe? – But I ca-can assure you tha-that-

-I know this place – I finally say, my voice sounding husky and hard. I look back to the remaining buildings in front before looking back at her, surprise on her face – I used to live here…

-What…?  – She is confused and I understand, but I also want some answers too.

-I was born in this era, I was part of the Police Force that tracked and stopped people from Time Travelling. I know all this abandoned zones… But – I frowned again, I tried to make my words and voice sounded softer, but I couldn’t – But how do you know about this time and place?

I saw her looking down; I waited for her answer, my heart bumping hard on my chest. Feeling so anxious and afraid of her answer; could she be part of the past I was trying to run away? She got up from her place and tried to walk away, but she fell on the ground. Immediately, I ran to her, to help her, and I noticed she was holding her ankle. Her face showed clear signs of pain.

-I … -she started saying again. I looked up. – I’m actually…

The sound of some kind of vehicle made us froze in our spot. I could hear it near us, but the silence and the echo that this place emitted could be tricky. I looked around, to find any signal of it near us, but we just could hear it. I placed Atsuko’s arm around my neck and helped her to stand up.

-We have to move – I said.

I started to drag her with me, towards one of the nearest buildings. We had to hide, especially me. If nothing had changed too much, I was sure that the others already knew about my arrival. I laid Atsuko’s body near the farthest corner of the building and I told her to keep silence. I was decided to go and check when I felt her grabbing my hand.

-Don’t leave me… – she said weakly.

-Don’t worry, I won’t. – I said and I smiled.

I don’t know if she saw my smiled even though it was really dark, or if she just trusted in me, but she let go hand free and I went near the door. I crunched down to what it seemed to be a window and I waited. The roar of the motor was still the only sound I could hear, but I now, it was also accompanied by lights. I really wished I knew where we were, so I could make up a plan. After a few minutes the flashlight intensified and the motor stopped. I gulped and I put more attention to any sound.

At first, silence surrounded me again, but soon I started to hear some voices. I tried to search in my mind, just in case that I already heard any of the voices before, but I couldn’t find any match. Some of the voices were complaining about the patrolling they were doing, some others wanted something to eat and I knew there were some people in silence.

I was wondering if I should just go outside and bet my luck and ask for help, or if I should remind hidden and then try to contact Mayu; pondering on the pros and cons of any of the two options I had, suddenly a name was said. A name that I remembered from before; that name made me take a decision.



Watanabe Mayu straights her back and walks a few steps away of the door she was leaning during the whole meeting. She feels a bit tired; she was up searching all night. She was surprised of the news; she was sure Minami was being chased down, but to have a partner. She almost made a mistake in the meeting. Thinking everyone was talking about her. But she was smart enough to not to say anything.

She now knew where Takamina was, in what state? Mayu wasn’t sure.

Many things changed since Takamina left, and if Minami won’t be careful enough, she could get in trouble. Mayu suddenly had the need to find her and help her.

Once the meeting was over she headed over her office, she walked fast. Reaching the door of her office, she walked in and towards her desk, not without first locking her door. She pulled a few folders and then started to check on them for the nth time in forever.

“Takahashi Minami’s Case” could be read in one of the folders. Mayu wasn’t a person of laws, she even broke a few rules and the law in the past; but she was good at searching and finding secrets. Secrets that the government wanted to keep hidden from the society. She new best, he father was a doctor and scientist under the government’s hospitals that never helped the injured. Before dying, he gave her a hard drive disk. In it, there were thousands of secrets. Dark secrets; the Special Police Forces were one of the many secrets they had.

However, she couldn’t talk about them. Not with a random person, of course. Minami had proved to Mayu that was a trustworthy person, in many aspects. So, when Minami finally knew, she wanted to have her own research. Mayu was glad, finally a heavy burned was lifted from her shoulders.

But her happiness didn’t last too long. A few years later, and still with not many solid proofs, Minami was sentenced to death. Their only option, Mayu could think of, was Minami going back to the past. However, Mayu’s initial plan was going back a few days or even months. Neither of them imagined that this travel could send Minami back far too many years.

She frowned, even though she read the files over and over again, she couldn’t prove that Minami wasn’t a terrorist. Everything said the opposite.

A knock on the door distracted her.

-Mayu? Are you there? – A knowing voice said

-Ye-yeah, wait a minute – Mayu panicked.

Quickly she put all the files back into a drawer and locked it. She walked fast towards the door and, inhaling, she opened the door.

-Why were your door locked? – Asked a curious Kashiwagi Yuki.

– I just didn’t want anyone to bug me on my work, sorry a bad habit – Mayu knew Yukirin will buy it and won’t ask anything anymore, but even so, she didn’t felt less nervous. – What do you want Yuki? I thought you had a mission.

-I told Rena to go ahead. She will notify me when everything’s ready. – She smiled proudly

-You abuse your authority, Yukirin. That’s no good. – Mayu teased the older girl.

-I just wanted to say goodbye to you… – She pouted – This is what I get for being nice…

Mayu couldn’t believe how childish Yukirin could be, heck she was one of the great generals, but now she was being so… silly! Mayu liked it though. Mayu hugged Yukirin suddenly; Yukirin’s eyes were wide open, she wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from Mayu.

-Take care, Yukirin… – Mayu whispered on the taller girl’s ear – And please, promise me… that you won’t do anything reckless… You have to listen to any argument carefully and then proceed. – She pulled away only enough to see Yuki’s eyes – Promise me Yuki, that you will call me if you find her… -Mayu saw the frown on Yuki’s face, she didn’t blame her – You must find her, Yuki; and then call me, before calling Mariko-sama…

Yuki’s eyes turned dark, she was getting on Black’s mode, and Mayu felt even more nervous.

-You know I can’t do that, Mayu. Shinoda-san is my superior and you know that-

-I know you follow orders, Yuki! But this time… This time you have to promise me that YOU – Mayu pointed Yuki with her index finger – will find her and call me first.

Yuki started shaking her head in a negative answer to Mayu’s words and Mayu did the only thing that came to her mind at that point.

She cupped Yuki’s cheeks with her hands, to stop Yuki’s head, and slowly, Mayu leaned forward. The kiss was simple and just their lips touched. It was the first time Mayu initiated a kiss, she knew that, and that was her last weapon.

-Promise me that Yuki… Please… – Mayu rested her forehead on Yuki’s and sighed.

Yuki was feeling lightheaded, her mind was clouded by her own feelings, and she only could nod.



It hurts. To be punched several times in less that, what? A few hours? It really hurts. Looking up I could see Yamamoto Sayaka’s angry face, the many lights from before, all were on me. The small patrolling group pointed at me with their guns.

-I need your help – I said weakly, my face hurt really much.

She grabbed me from my shirt and lifted me up, she was strong, stronger that I imagined.

-I won’t help a traitor.

It hurts, even after all this years, to be called a traitor.

-I didn’t do anything. I was set up. I know I can’t prove it, but I am innocent.


-You weren’t there Sayaka…

-Don’t call me that! – She pushed me against the wall- I know I wasn’t there, but what you did…

-I didn’t do it! – I stared right into her eyes – I was trying to stop the bomb! Did the others notice that the countdown was already set before I even get near it?! Did they notice it?! I was the one trying to stop it!

-You are lying…

-Did you watch the cameras footage? No one noticed right? – I laughed bitterly – My so called friends never noticed… – I looked up – I am innocent, I can prove it, if you help me. I’m not lying.

-Then why you jumped? – Sayaka’s voice was hesitant.

-The original plan was jumping a few days, months or even years. It was a new machine, we didn’t know how to control the jumps, but still, we were hoping it could work out. – I sighed – the only problem was that, if it didn’t work, I would not be able to comeback. Of course, the worst happened.

-You say “we”, who?

-I don’t know if I can trust you that information yet, Sayaka…

-Bullshit! Tell me!

-I won’t tell you even if you beat me. You still don’t believe me and I don’t know what you would do if I tell you the name. But, if you help me…

-I won’t help you…

-Then help my friend – I looked behind me and Sayaka understood, she looked at her group and with a movement of her head, three of the other girls went inside. – She doesn’t know anything about this. Just help her.

I could hear a scream followed by the sound of struggling and finally, steps coming to our direction. Atsuko was in pain, from her injured ankle and from the way one of the other girls were holding her arms behind her back.

-Everything is going to be fine soon, Atsuko. Trust me.

She nodded and I could see tears falling. I looked up to Sayaka once again.

-Just help her and I will go with you.

She looked to Atsuko and then back to me and then nodded.


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  1. Oh I see ~
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      It’s a really compliclated relationship XD

      1. Added you!
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