Suddenly, Love! (AtsuMina Part 1)

I already posted this story on Tumblr but unforgettablefeat told me to post it in here so….

I’m trying to describe more the world around the protagonists, but since I’m limited by the language barrier well, this is what I got.

Sorry for any bad description/word used. I’m really trying my best here. If anyone, while reading, wants to correct my grammar or word, please do so! I don’t have many people around who can actually correct me or widen my vocabulary. So don’t be shy! <—— sorry for asking that though. >3<

Well then. Here it is. Tell me your thoughts so I can continue it or trash it! ^^)

Thank you for reading! And I hope you enjoy it!



WARNING: Probably messy grammar and descriptions. But, probably not many nonsense ahead (?)


A young woman was walking fast through the busy streets of Tokyo. She was late for her appointment.

After many work interviews and many closed doors, she finally got a call. However, her day wasn’t going as good as she planned it to be.

That morning, her clock alarm didn’t sound; when she woke up it was already 6 am, she was late, an hour late, according to her plans. Jumping out from her bed, one of her feet got stuck in the sheets, making her fall. Five minutes later, she got up from the floor, rubbing her aching knees and after cursing at her sheets, she ran towards the bathroom. She wanted to take a shower, and she thought that it would only take her 15 minutes and then she would be in time.

But she was wrong. Her planned quick shower turned out to be a 30 minutes long shower. The reason, there was no hot water.

In a rush she dressed up. She decided to wear black jeans, a grey t-shirt, a black leather jacket and black boots; taking a bag, not too big not too small, her cellphone and a carpet with all her papers, she rushed out of her apartment. She skipped breakfast; convincing herself that she would eat something after the meeting.

Her appointment was scheduled to be at 9:00 am. She didn’t live quite far from the business district, but taking in count that it was Monday, the traffic would be heavy and she should have taken a bus at exactly 7. But by the time she arrived to the bus stop, it was already 7:15 and the bus was gone long ago.

-Damn it – she cursed and started walking towards her destination.

Searching in her bag, she found a hair band, her long and light brown hair was starting to get wet from her sweating. Placing her bag in her shoulder, and now with both free hands, she tied her hair up in a ponytail while still walking.

After a few blocks she decided that it was a good idea to take a cab. She tried several times, but it seemed that the drives ignored her. A frustrated sigh escaped from her lips as she continued her walk.

Pulling out her phone she glanced at the hour. It was almost 8 and she wasn’t even near. Trying again, she stopped and tried to take a taxi; but her efforts were in vain.

Walking, more like running, another block she spotted a parked cab. Her hopes grew as she rushed over the car. However, her heart sank when she noticed that someone else was opening the car’s door.

Deciding herself that the other girl, coffee in hand and dressed in a suit, could wait, she ran with all her will.

-C-could you… l-let me ride th-this cab? – She asked gasping for air and feeling that her feet will give up and make her fall.

-Why? I saw it first – The small and short haired woman asked.

-I’m in a hurry! Please! – She begged – I really need this cab or I won’t make it!

-If you’re late… – the other woman started saying. And for a second, the already tired girl thought she was saved – You should have woken up earlier – she finished her sentence while getting inside the car.

Clutching her teeth she did something she would never do in normal circumstances.

Stopping the car’s door before it were closed, she strongly pulled the small woman out of the car. The coffee in the woman’s hand slipped from her hands and fell on the girl’s suit.

-What the… – was the only thing the poor woman could say.

-I’m sorry – she said while getting inside the cab – I really, REALLY need to take this cab. And besides – she looked at the girl’s shocking expression – Aren’t you too young to be wearing a suit and drinking coffee?

She quickly explained to the driver the direction she was heading. And, even though the driver was a bit confused, he started to move the car.

-O-oi!! Wait!!



-Ah, you must be Maeda Atsuko-san, right? – A man in a suit said to her. Atsuko stood up and bowed – I’m Togasaki Tonobu. Our boss is slightly belated, must be the traffic jam. But she will be here soon – He smiled, making Atsuko feel relieved.

She barely made it. She entered the building at exactly 8:55. Quickly she released her hair and checked her current state. Her clothes were a bit wrinkled but nothing serious. Her light make up was still in place. She wasn’t at her best state, but it was all right. “I still can cause an impression” she thought.

-It’s okay – she smiled back – I understand. I almost show up late too – she laughed nervously – The traffic sure is a big problem.

After the man could add something more, he was interrupted by a third voice.

-Togasaki-san, I need your help with som- – The voice stopped as the young girl noticed Atsuko’s presence in the waiting room. – Oh, I didn’t know you were already busy. I’ll come back later. – The girl smiled and bowed before leaving the room.

The man sighed.

-Well, do you want a coffee? – Togasaki gently asked.

-Sure – Atsuko smiled, and remembering the incident from earlier a light blush appeared on her cheeks.

-Okay, then! I’ll be right back.

A few minutes later the man returned to the room, a cup of coffee on his hands, but before he could say anything a loud sound of someone closing a door was heard in the next room.

-If you excuse me, I’ll be right back – he left the cup on the table and left the room.

Atsuko got nervous all of the sudden. The loud sound probably meant that the person was not happy at all.



And Atsuko was right.

-What happened to you? – Togasaki asked while trying to hold in his laugh.

-Some crazy girl I bumped! – The woman replied – Do me a favor, Togasaki-san. Bring me clean clothes so I can change.

-Hai! – He walked towards the door and then he remembered the other woman on the waiting area – Oh, the girl we talked about, is here. She’s waiting.

-Let her in

-Are you sure?

-Yes, yes. Just let her in and let’s finish this as soon as possible.



-Come with me, Maeda-san – He smiled.

Atsuko nodded and followed him.

-Good luck – he said leaving her in front of a big wooden door.

-Yo-you won’t come inside? – Atsuko asked.

-Don’t worry, Maeda-san. She’s a good person – He patted Atsuko’s shoulder softly and smiled – But, responding to your question. I won’t, I have something to do. I’m sorry.

Atsuko nodded and after the man disappeared, she stared at the door. Taking a long breath, she knocked.

-Come in!

Atsuko opened the door slowly. The office was big and sophisticated. It had some books shelves, a big flat TV screen on one corner, on one side a little table and a couple of sofas and, in the middle of the room, a big desk with a laptop and a few papers on it. She also noticed some photos of famous artist and personalities hanging on the walls. She walked directly towards the big desk.

-I’m Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you – she said bending her body in a deep bow.

When she straightened up again her mouth hang open.

-Well, well – the woman in front of her said – This could be very awkward. Don’t you think?

The small woman form before was in front of her, standing behind the desk with her arms crossed over her chest; Atsuko noticed a clearly coffee stain on the suit, and a plate shining on the desk. The small woman smirked at her.

Takahashi Minami, CEO.

Biting her lower lip, Atsuko looked down, knowing that maybe her ‘new’ job would never start.


3 Responses to “Suddenly, Love! (AtsuMina Part 1)”

  1. “Well, well. This could be very awkward. Don’t you think?”

    My favorite line in the fic. Hahahaha.

    Togasaki the Bridge. Haha.

    I like this fic. I mean really. Hahaha.

    • secnecrom Says:

      XD it was a bit awkward in the end xD

      And Togasaki will be bridge Cupid adviser and many more! XD

      He needs to ask for more money in his paycheck for all he does xD

      Thank you for liking it!!! I will post second part some time later :D

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