Suddenly, Love! (AtsuMina Part 2)

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Looking at the papers she had in her hands, after the girl left her office, she stared at the photo attached on it.

-Maeda Atsuko – she whispered.

-What do you think about her? – Togasaki asked as he sat on one of the sofas.

-I don’t know. – She replied – Honestly, what did you said to her? She came here to be part of the Managers and, as far as I know, we don’t need more managers. I thought she came here for an audition.

-Well, she sounded desperate when I called her and she told me she would do anything, even cleaning the floors. – Minami raised an eyebrow – and while being part of the managers, we can, maybe also give her the small jobs that the “great” artists here don’t want to do.

-Right, but still. I feel very confused about her and this whole situation you created.

Togasaki got up and bowed.

-Well, that was fast – turning around he walked towards the door – Usually it takes a lot of time for you to feel “confused about someone” – he laughed and walked out of the room while closing the door behind him.

Minami stared at the now closed door for a few seconds.

-WHAT?!! – She yelled as she realized the real meaning of his words.

Togasaki only laughed harder after hearing the scream.



Resting her forehead on the hard and shiny table wood, she sighed feeling incredible embarrassed. She lifted her head and rests her chin again on the table.

-It went that good, huh? – An almost blonde haired girl said.

Atsuko pouted as she straightened on her seat and crossed her arms while pouting.

-I don’t know why I did that – she said to herself – Tomochi~n – the girl whined. – I don’t know what I’m gonna do tomorrow.

Itano Tomomi lifted an eyebrow at her friend’s childish behavior.

-What happened?

-It was the worst day of my life! First I woke up late, then I fall to the floor thanks to those shitty sheets, then no hot water, then no bus and no cabs and then I pushed someone out of the cab, making that that person’s coffee to fall on her suit. – She took a deep breath – And then I met the CEO of the company who happened to be…

-Don’t tell me!! – Tomochin laughed.

-it’s not funny!! – Atsuko whined.

-But you got the job, right? – Tomochin said after she stopped laughing.

-I guess… – Atsuko looked down at her unfinished meal.



It was almost like a ritual. Takahashi Minami would go to her office, on the last floor of Akihabara Towers, early in the morning, work on some papers and then go out to buy a coffee; she easily could make coffee at her office, but she used that short time to relax her own mind.

Walking back inside of the building, coffee in hand and sunglasses on her face, Minami walked towards the elevators.

While waiting for the elevator to come, she started humming a song, she was about to take a sip of her hot beverage, when a sound distracted her and looking at her right, she saw a girl running towards her direction. Minami glanced at her wrist watch and looked back at the girl.

Finally, Maeda Atsuko stopped next to Minami while trying to recover her breath.

-Well, at least this time you didn’t make me throw my coffee – Minami said with a playful and sarcastic tone – And you’re on time – Atsuko looked down while biting her lower lip, feeling embarrassed – Or did you steal someone else’s cab again?

Looking up, Atsuko watched as her, now, small boss took a sip of her coffee while smirking. She was about to reply, when the elevator’s door opened. Minami walked inside and waited.

-Are you coming or not? – She asked.

The long-haired girl walked inside, still looking down.

-What floor? – Minami asked again.

-Actually, I was heading to your office again. – was the girl’s shy reply.

Nodding Minami pushed a few bottoms and the elevator started its way up.

Inside, an awkward silence was made.

A few floors later, the doors opened again, revealing a young girl, laptop on her left hand while the other one was busily typing something. The girl walked inside without noticing the two other occupants; and even though, there was space in there, somehow, the girl made Atsuko to move closer to Minami.

-Good morning, Sasshi – Minami said

The girl stopped typing and looked up.

-Ah! Takahashi-san! I’m sorry – she bowed – Good morning. I was actually heading to your office. Remember that project we discussed about? Well, I’m thinking on doing some changes and –




-Takahashi-san!! – Sasshi pouted. Finally noticing the other girl’s presence, she smiled. – Oh, sorry for my rudeness – Sasshi closed her laptop and bowed at the girl – I’m Sashihara Rino. You must be Takahashi-san’s girlfriend, am I right?

Minami, who was drinking her coffee, spat her drink and started coughing, making Sasshi’s smile to grow and Atsuko blush as she started shaking both hands in the air.

-N-no, I’m not her girlfriend. I’m new here. I’m Maeda Atsuko, nice to meet you too.


-What are you doing here, Sasshi? – Minami asked as the girl was sitting next to Atsuko in front of the desk.

-I told you, I came here to discuss about my project!

-Don’t you see I’m busy in here?

-I see! –She clapped her hands and pointed at Minami with her fingers – I get it! – She got up and before walking out she added – You two want some time alone, don’t you? I get it! – She winked and then closed the door.

-Sasshi!!! – Minami yelled.

After the girl left, Minami focused on the reminding girl.

-Your work is relatively easy. You have to focus on helping the other managers for now. Depending on your efficiency I will decide if I’ll put you in charge of one of our artists. – Minami started explaining her role in the big company – Of course, as new here you probably will be required to help on other tasks too. Nothing too difficult, but we always need some help. – The small CEO gave Atsuko an identification card, with her name and photo. -You’ll be helping Togasaki-san, just while you get used to the new environment, and also you will help the other departments. Don’t forget the identification, this will allow you to walk freely around the building. Have it with you all the time, at least for now, okay?

Atsuko nodded.

-Fine, follow me then.



After a few weeks in which she had to learn a few rules and regulations, Atsuko found herself following Togasaki around the many studios the building had. She met part of the staff and the other managers. Some were young and others old. She also had to help in those studios. Sometimes she was asked to help in easy tasks, such as if the lights had a problem, she had to call a technician to repair them, or push a few bottoms in some recording studios and, from time to time, give some suggestions, when asked.

Today the girl and the man were heading towards one of the photo shoot studios. Togasaki received a call minutes ago, from one of the managers, the problem was that one of the models didn’t want to do her job.

-Ah, Togasaki-san! Thank you for coming here! She’s getting worse day by day and I can’t handle her anymore! – The young manager said.

Togasaki sighed. This was something that happened quite a lot, once said models became famous enough.

-Okay, let me handle her. – Looking back at Atsuko he added – just wait here Maeda-san.

Atsuko nodded.

-Maeda? So you are the new manager, right? – The young girl said.

-Y-yeah. I’m Maeda Atsuko, nice to meet you.

-I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you too. – The girl said.

-Are they always like that? – Atsuko asked while looking at Togasaki and the model talking.

-Some of them are, some are easier to handle. It’s just the fame, you know? – Yuki sighed – Once they are wanted by many agencies, they think they are important. Not everyone though. I have some friends that are famous. I guess you can find very different people in this business.

Both girls nodded and waited in silence.


-I will tell her… Hai… I’ll call you if anything else happens. – Togasaki hung up his mobile phone. – I’m sorry, but she said no.

-I quit! I won’t come back to this agency anymore! – The model said as she grabbed her things and walked away.

Togasaki sighed.

-Is everything okay, Togasaki-san? – Atsuko asked.

-Yeah. This happens quite a lot, and in the end, they always come back. But still I have to talk with the photographer. She won’t be very glad. Wait here. – Shaking his head, he walked towards a group of people gathered around a table.

-Oh… so, she walked away? – The shorthaired girl said – I really didn’t want her in first place. But now I have to find someone else. And soon!

-I’m sorry Minegishi-san.  – The man bowed.

-Nah, its okay. There aren’t decent models recently. So don’t blame yourself.

-We will find someone as soon as possible.

The photographer tilted her head to the side and looked behind the man and suddenly an idea popped out in her mind.

-I didn’t know you were someone’s manager again, Togasaki-san. –She smiled – how about her? – She pointed at the girl behind him.

Togasaki turned around and laughed.

-She’s not a model. She’s not even a new talent. She’s in training; we recently recruited her as a new manager.

-We need more managers? – The girl asked – I thought your group was enough.

-Well, apparently we needed one more.

-Well, I want her to be my model. –Togasaki opened his mouth to say something but the photographer interrupted him – I won’t take a ‘no’ as an answer.

-Fine – the man sighed for the nth time that day – but Minami…

-I will handle her. Just don’t tell her. I will tell her, personally. – She finished the talk and walked towards the girl.


-I-I’m not so sure about this, Mi-Minegishi-san – Atsuko said nervously.

She was sitting in a set that reminded her of a Coffee Shop, just that in this case, it was one of the studios.

-Miichan, call me Miichan, Atsuko-chan – the photographer said. – Now, I just want you to relax and to act like you would normally do while being in a coffee shop. It’s not so difficult, right?


-No! No buts. Look, – she lowered the camera – imagine you are with a friend and both are enjoying of a good coffee while having a random talk, okay?

Atsuko nodded, not entirely convinced of how the events turned into this. She scanned the area; she saw many other people behind Miichan, all of them were focused on her, making her more nervous than she already was. But she was looking for a certain person and once she found him, the man only nodded.

-Atsuko-chan? – Looking back at the photographer Atsuko bit her lower lip – don’t worry.

Atsuko nervously smiled and the first flash of the entire session blinded her.


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