Suddenly, Love! (AtsuMina Part 3)

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Here it is part 3!!



Minami looked at the folder in her hands; she looked at each picture and even a small sample of the magazine’s front page. A frown appeared on her face as she was still trying to understand the situation. She placed the open folder in her desk and looked at the photographer in front of her.

-What’s this supposed to mean, Miichan? – Minami asked.

-It’s good, isn’t it? – Miichan smiled proudly.

Both girls were at Minami’s big office. Above the desk, it was laying the many pictures Miichan took earlier. In all of them appeared the same girl.

-I won’t publish this, Miichan.

-Oh, come on! Takamina, you have to admit that they are good!

-She’s not a model! Her contract doesn’t say that she can do this kind of jobs.

-Look, just admit it! Besides, she’s what I was looking for. So, why not?! You just have to change her contract a bit, right?

-I already told you. I won’t accept it and that’s my last word! – Minami got up and folding her arms, she glared at the young photographer.

Miichan grinned. Making Minami to raise her eyebrows; she knew that every time Minegishi Minami grinned, it was nothing good.

-You owe me a favor, Takamina. Remember that time when …

Minami’s mouth opened slightly and interrupted her.

-What? Are you going to use that?

-Well, I really want to see those photos published. So…

Minami clenched her teeth and, after a few minutes of glaring at each other, she sighed.

-To-Togisaki’s office – Atsuko answered the man’s phone nervously. It was the first time she did it.

-Maeda-san? – Minami’s voice replied confused – Why are you answering the phone? Where’s Togasaki?

-I’m sorry, Takahashi-san. He’s busy talking with Yokoyama-san right now

-When he’s done I want both of you on my office.

-Hai, I will – the line got cut – tell him – she sighed.

-I want you to pick up your stuff, Maeda-san – Minami coldly said once the girl and the man were in front of her – I appreciate your hard work, but I can’t allow an incident like the one that happened yesterday with Minegishi-san. I can’t let you stay here as a manager anymore.

-But… But…

-I’m sorry. I will pay you for all the days you worked here, don’t worry.

Atsuko felt like crying, she finally got a job, finally she found a place where she felt comfortable, and then, she had to send it to the trash.

-I’m really sorry – she said as she got up and bowed – What I did was reckless, thank you for everything. – She quickly went out of the room. She didn’t want to cry in front of them.

-Why don’t you just tell her the truth? – The man asked, as soon as the door closed.

-She ruined my suit.

Togasaki laughed.

-Right, right! – He sighed, still smiling – What should I do?

-Just make sure she arrives safe and call me once she’s there.

The man nodded and followed the same way the young girl did minutes ago.

After picking up all her stuff and packed them in a box, she walked towards the exit while feeling defeated. She ignored all the glances people were giving her.

-I will drive you home, Maeda-san – Togasaki said surprising the girl.

-You don’t have to. It’s okay. – She smiled

-Oh, but I insist. Besides, that box seems heavy.

Atsuko sighed and her small smile grew. Nodding she followed the man.

-I thought you would drive – Atsuko said once a black car parked next to them. She had one eyebrow raised.

-What can I say? – He shrugged.

Both laughed and went inside the car.

-Thank you for everything you did for me these past days. I really appreciate it.

-You don’t have to thank me, Maeda-san. – He smiled.

Atsuko looked towards the window; she was enjoying the comfortable silence they were in, until she realized something.

-Umm… Togasaki-san? My apartment is on the other side – Atsuko said.

-Don’t worry – the man said – The driver knows what he’s doing.

A few minutes later the car stopped in front a fancy looking building. Atsuko looked at the man next to her with a confused look. Before she could even ask the man got out of the car, walked to the other side and opened the car’s door.

-Please, follow me.

Atsuko didn’t know what was happening, but at this moment, she felt scared. What was this place and why she was there? She was wondering. Still hesitating, Atsuko followed the man inside the building.

-Oh, Togasaki-san! It’s been a while since the last time I saw you! – A young girl said once the pair walked inside and headed to the reception.

-Shiichan, you look more mature than the last time I saw you! – Togasaki smiled.

-Really?! – Replied Shiichan while blushing – Thank you! But what brings you here?

-Ah! Right! This is Maeda Atsuko, a new girl.

-Oh! Nice to meet you – the girl said after looking at Atsuko – My name is Oya Shizuka, but everyone calls me Shiichan. Welcome!

-Nice to meet you too, Shiichan.

-Let me search for the keys – the girl disappeared for a few seconds and returned with said keys on her hands. – Here! I hope you like it! – Shiichan said while giving Togasaki the keys and bowing.

-Is this your apartment, Togasaki-san? – Atsuko asked feeling worried.

-No – Togasaki said while moving his head – this is actually, your new apartment.

-What?! – To say that Atsuko was confused was to say too little – What do you mean?

-I’m not the one who should tell you, so while we wait for that person, why don’t you check the apartment; if you don’t like it we still can change it – he said smiling.

Atsuko didn’t need to hear it again as she rushed to inspect every single space the big and expensive apartment had.

-It’s awesome, it’s amazing! It’s perfect! – Atsuko said excitedly

-Well then, it’s yours.

-B-but how am I gonna pay this? I don’t have a job anymore… – Just when Togasaki was about to answer the door opened revealing the person they were apparently waiting.

-What does this mean? – Finally, Atsuko could ask.

-It’s a contract, can’t you see? – The small girl in front of her sighed – I didn’t thought you were that dumb, Maeda-san. – Atsuko wanted to reply but Minami didn’t allow her to as she continued talking. – This is a contract in which I hire you as one of the agency’s girls; model, to be more exact. You are not a manager anymore. But I – Minami stopped and coughed – we want you now as a model. This apartment is part of the contract, along with other things.

Atsuko didn’t know what to say. She looked at the standing man, near her. He smiled and nodded. She then looked at Minami and then back at the contract in her hands.

-Who would be my manager? – Atsuko asked suddenly – Togasaki-san?

A laugh broke the silence that those questions generated.

-Of course not! – Minami replied

-Then who?

-Me, of course. – Minami stood up and smiled in an arrogant way. – I’m gonna be your manager from now on, Maeda Atsuko.


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  1. Part Threeeeee. Yes. I’ve been waiting for this. Hahaha. Thanks. :3

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