Suddenly, Love! (AtsuMina Part 4)

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After signing up the contract, Maeda Atsuko´s life changed drastically.

The first 3 months were of promotions in their own agency’s magazines. Atsuko started to gradually, feel more and more comfortable around the people that surrounded her the most. At first, it was awkward; she wasn’t used to all this attention.

Since those where her first months as a model she wasn’t very busy, she still could do some of the things she liked to do. Her usual schedule started early in the morning with a photoshoot; later on, Minegishi Minami would invite her to have breakfast with her; after that she usually had most of the day free. Sometimes, she would get a few and small appearances in TV Shows, nothing big, she just was there to introduce herself and talk a bit about her life and how she enjoyed this new job she had; people would laugh at some of the jokes she said and then it was the end. Soon enough, she started to get more and more jobs, other companies wanted her; magazines wanted her, TV Shows wanted her; even musicians wanted her to be in their music videos.

Atsuko was starting to feel the pressure and the tiredness of being a model under Takahashi’s agency. Since she had more and more jobs, she was barely at home. She would usually sleep in between her schedules, during her photoshoots or in the car. But she liked it. In this job she was able to find some good friends, from her old workmates to other models and entertainers.

Her relationship with Takahashi Minami, however, reminded almost the same. She was sure that the small woman will never forget their first encounter; she was still cold and sarcastic towards her. But still, she was a very professional person. When they were around other people, she would be kind and less sarcastic too.

-You will start the recording of the Talk Show at around 4, so I suggest you to eat something; take a bath and have some sleep, okay? – Her manager’s voice distracted her from her own thoughts.

-Okay – Atsuko stretched her sore body and yawned – I need some sleep.

The driver giggled and Minami just looked at her with an eyebrow raised, she didn’t say anything else and she looked back at the papers on her hands.  Atsuko sighed and looked out of the window. No more words were said and a rather calm silence surrounded them the whole trip to her apartment.

-You were invited to the annual party as usual. – Minami looked up from the papers on her desk and frowned at the man who was walking towards her, with a envelope in his right hand – And before you say that you won’t go, as usual, I have to remind you that, now, you have to go along the model you are taking care of.

Minami grunted. She really disliked the annual party. She had very bad memories of the event, ever since she started the company and always made an excuse to not assist. Togasaki chuckled while leaving the invitation on her desk. She sighed and leaned back on her chair.

-Damn it.

-This could be very good for us – Togasaki said, trying to be positive.

-Or could be very bad. – Minami replied, remembering her past experiences.

-Come on, Takamina. It couldn’t be too bad, it’s been what? Five years?

-Don’t remind me of that. I don’t even want to remember her.

The man reminded silence as he saw how Minami’s features changed drastically. She knew the girl since she was a child; after all, he was the one who helped her to make her entire empire. Minami’s face now was tired and sad. She wasn’t a bright and energetic girl, but rather, a serious and shy girl. That’s why Minami’s face easily reflected all her emotions.

-Well, then. I will leave now. – Togasaki didn’t want to add anything else; he knew that the girl needed some time alone. – Do you need anything else?

Minami didn’t speak, shaking her head she focused back on the papers in her desk. She looked at the hour in her computer and noticed that it was already late. 12:00 Am. As if her mind registered the time, she yawned.

Togasaki smiled, then bowed and, turning around, he started to walk towards the door.

-Togasaki-san – Minami said. The man turned around once again, but reminded in the same place, near the door – Could you take care of Atsuko for a few days? I have some work over here and a few meetings this week. I will also travel out of the city.

-Of course I can. – He smiled – I will talk with Maeda-san tomorrow, or rather, later.

-Thank you, that will be all.

The man bowed again and left the office.

The loud sound of her doorbell woke Atsuko up. She wanted to sleep some more, but she knew that if she ignored the doorbell an angry Minami will reprehend her all day. Rubbing the sleep off her tired eyes, she walked slowly towards her door.

-Did you forget your keys? – Atsuko said and yawned.

-I don’t have the keys of your apartment, Maeda-san. And I don’t think you would like me to enter your apartment without asking first

The voice was manly, more than the usual Takahashi slash manly slash sarcastic voice. All sleep still in her eyes vanished as she saw Togasaki standing in front of her, instead of the usual moody-girl.

Atsuko gasped and then closed the door, right in the man’s face. Togasaki, outside, lifted his eyebrows and seconds later, he started laughing. Inside, Atsuko rushed towards her room to change her clothes.

-What brings you here, Togasaki-san? – Atsuko asked once they were sitting on the chairs of her dining room. – Why Takahashi-san’s isn’t the one waking me up as usual?

-Ah, well, first sorry for surprising you so early. And, second, Takamina is a bit busy with stuff regarding the company. So, she told me to be your manager for a while – the man answered with a smile.

And that was the beginning of, what Atsuko named, a bright week.

However, her happiness didn’t last too long. It seemed that, to replace her absent, Takahashi the dictator Minami made her days busier than usual. She had to run between photoshoots and interviews, Tv shows and also commercial recordings. Most of the times, even Togasaki had to call and change a few things of her schedule. And in the middle of the week, Atsuko was already giving up.

-Before I forget it – Togasaki added before leaving the apartment of a very tired, almost dead, model – This Saturday you were invited to a party, along your Manager. So please, remember it and don’t make plans for that day. The party starts at 9 at night, it’s not a really formal party, but I will make sure you dress properly. So, don’t worry for anything and just remember: Party, this Saturday at 9 p.m.

Atsuko nodded, her face was buried in the couch of the living room. She was tired and sleepy, but still made a mental note to remember the date and hour.

Togasaki smiled and then left the apartment.

Saturday came fast. She wasn’t sure if it was because she barely noticed the hours of the day, since almost all her jobs, of that week, were indoors; or, because she was actually enjoying her tight schedule.

Tomochin had invited her to go out and drink, but as much as she wanted to say yes, Atsuko had to push her disappointment aside and say no. She had asked Togasaki last night, when he left her in her apartment as usual, if the party was actually important for her career. She was honestly tired and, if it wasn’t really important, she wanted to stay at home and sleep. But, as expected, the man replied that this was her first and most important party of all.

Atsuko had no choice.

That day, in the morning, she had invited Tomochin to have breakfast with her. Both agreed to stay at Atsuko’s apartment. They thought it would be more comfortable and private.

They talked about the usual stuff. Tomochin actually was amazed that Atsuko’s career were skyrocketing too fast; since she, Tomochin, took her at least 3 years to get at least little attention on her. However, they were no rivals; they were childhood friends, and while Tomochin always wanted to be a famous model, Atsuko was just looking for a job at that time. Tomochin said that it was fate. Atsuko, however, called it bad luck.

She was happy of the little-massive, corrected Tomochin- fame, but this wasn’t her dream job. She wanted to be an actress. It was her dream since she was a child. And for once, she didn’t want a dictator as her manager. Tomochin laughed at this statement, saying that almost, all managers were dictators on its own singular way. In the end, her day was full of laughs and teasing. She felt relaxed and a bit more positive.

When Togasaki came back to her apartment, she was ready, feeling positive and fresh. He made her turn around and Atsuko did. She flashed him a shy smile and the man smiled back.

-You look beautiful

-Do you think this is good? – Atsuko was wearing a black lace jewel A-line dress and silver heels.

-I think it’s perfect. – He then looked at his wrist-watch and added- We should go now.

Atsuko grabbed a small black handbag and followed the man.


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