Suddenly, Love! (AtsuMina Part 5)

So here it’s the last update! I still have to write part 6, so wait for it okay?!

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“They’re late” Was the first thought Minami had after checking the hour for the nth time. She arrived wearing a, now, black suit. Not too different of the one’s she usually used to go to work. She really didn’t like wearing dresses.

She grabbed her phone and called Togasaki.

-You’re late – she said in an irritated way.

I know. I’m sorry for that. The traffic is heavy tonight.

-Did you even leave on time? I look like a fool all by myself right here.

We did, I didn’t thought there would be heavy traffic tonight. We are 3 or 2 blocks away.

-Okay then. – Minami hung up.

Minutes later Togasaki was getting out of a black ban.

-It’s about time! – Minami said.

Togasaki opened the door and Atsuko went out of the car. All coherent thought left Minami’s mind. Minami, even though she already had seen her in all kind of clothes, for some reason, this particular choose, made Atsuko look really beautiful. But Minami would never really admit it out loud.

-She’s really pretty, isn’t she? – Togasaki gambled on fate

-She… she looks beautiful… – And Togasaki won.

Atsuko blushed and looked down to the floor, she bite her lower lip and smiled. Minami on the other hand coughed, she suddenly felt her throat go dry, and also blushed looking away of the younger woman in front of her.

-I think we should get inside – Togasaki suggested.

-Yeah, we should. – replied Minami. What she did next, not only surprised Atsuko but Togasaki too. Minami extended her hand towards Atsuko, who looked at her. Minami smiled confidently. – Let’s go.

For some reason, Atsuko’s heart stopped for a second. Maybe it was her smile or maybe it was because of Minami, usually, inexpressive eyes, were showing confidence and assurance. Atsuko really didn’t know.

Minami, on the other hand, got a warm feeling travelling from their connected hands to all her body. She felt big and important. Not, because of her name, no. She felt important because of the woman that was on her side. Atsuko gave her even more confidence that she already had and she liked that feeling.

They walked together up the stairs of the big salon. Atsuko stopped then, she felt her heart beating so fast; she was feeling nervous all of the sudden. The situation, suddenly, came to her. It was her important night, as Togasaki said. What if she made a fool of herself? What if she said something out of place? What if the other people didn’t like her? Would her career be finished?

She felt gently fingers holding her chin and making her look up. She found Minami’s brown eyes filled with worry. She was about to confess that she was feeling nervous, when Minami smiled. The smiled wasn’t a sarcastic one, like the ones Atsuko always received from her; instead, it was a calm and understanding smile.

-Don’t be scared – Minami said – I will be by your side. Don’t worry.

Atsuko nodded, still feeling a bit nervous. Minami nodded too and she grabbed her hand once again.

They walked in and Atsuko noticed all eyes on them. People started to whisper and some even pointed at them, while Minami guide her. Atsuko saw some famous personalities, she also saw a few of her old co-workers waving or with their thumbs up; as if telling her that everything was okay. She relaxed a bit more.

It already passed an hour and the three were on their table. Some people came to greet Minami and of course to know more about Atsuko. At first, Atsuko was amazed by all the famous people that were in the grand salon; she was also curious about certain people, but was shy to ask and she only talked whenever people addressed her.

-Would you want to dance with me? – Atsuko asked suddenly.

She was feeling adventurous and wanted to dance, she liked dancing, but she wasn’t sure that Minami would agree or not.

-Yeah, I think you two should dance – Togasaki added.

-I don’t dance – Minami replied as a matter of fact.

Togasaki giggled and Atsuko pouted. Atsuko started to wonder where the nice and smiling Minami from earlier went. She wanted that Minami back.

After a while, she was feeling tired and bored. She was about to ask Minami when would they leave, when someone tapped her shoulder lightly.

Looking up she saw Sato Takeru charmingly smiling at her.


-Would you dance with me? – He asked.

-I’d love to! – Atsuko said before Minami could open her mouth.


-Why don’t you just go there and dance with her too? – Togasaki asked after a while – You look angry, you know?

-I don’t dance and this is not helping me – Minami answered annoyed.

-Come on, Minami. – Togasaki laughed.

Both were looking at the place where Atsuko was dancing with the acclaimed actor, she was laughing and enjoying their little chat. The man leaned closer to her from time to time and made Atsuko smile and laugh. Minami was feeling pissed off. Every time the man leaned, every time he made her laugh, and she didn’t understand why.

Maybe it was because as Atsuko’s manager she wanted to protect her, if she said something she shouldn’t to him or to any of the people there, her career would be over and Minami would lose much money. Minami felt the necessity to protect and take care of her… product.

She convinced herself of that. She didn’t walk near the dancing couple because she felt irritated, she was walking closer to them because as manager, she had the obligation of being with Maeda Atsuko, at all times, even now.

-I think is my turn, man – She said.

Both stopped dancing and looked at her, Sato looked angry, but said nothing, he only nodded and smiled at Atsuko before getting lost in the sea of people.

-I thought you didn’t dance – Atsuko teased her.

-I’m your manager and he was getting too closer to you.

-We were just having fun.

-I know, I know. I’m just making sure that nothing would happen to you or your career.

-Sure… – Atsuko whispered.

The music then changed, it turned into a slow melody and some of the people stopped dancing and took the chance to get some drinks or to talk. The real couples however danced closer and more romantically.

Both, model and manager, stood there, without moving and pondering if they should dance or just get back to their table.

-Are you going to dance with me or not? – Atsuko asked nervously.

Minami looked at her and seeing her nervous, trying not to look at her and biting her lip, for some reason, made her heart jump. She grabbed Atsuko’s hand and passed her arm around Atsuko’s hips. They started moving, slowly and awkwardly. Minami was trying not to step on Atsuko’s feet and looked down every five seconds, she was aware that her hand was sweating and she was feeling hot.

-Just calm down – Atsuko said, near her ear.

Minami could hear her heart beating fast. Just then, Minami suddenly stopped, making Atsuko trip and almost fall. Minami couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing. It was some sort of illusion, she thought. It couldn’t be that her eyes were working right at the moment. She just really, couldn’t believe it.

Atsuko looked at the same direction her small Manager was looking. To her surprise, she noticed a tall and beautiful woman looking at them; to Minami to be more exact. Atsuko then, remembered who the woman was.

-Ray… – Minami said in a soft voice.

And, just then, the Charismatic Diva smiled.


-So she’s back, huh? – Miichan suddenly said.

-She’s the biggest artist Japan has produced, ever. – Togasaki replied.

-Yeah I know but, she never comes to this kind of parties. So I wonder… – Miichan looked at Atsuko and then to Minami who only groaned.

Minami and Atsuko were back in their table, surprisingly, Miichan was there too. Atsuko was wondering what and when did she arrived, however, it made her happy to have her there.

Minami didn’t want to hear it. She didn’t want to see her, to hear her laugh even though she was meters away from there. She didn’t want to notice her and yet, her head and attention always turned towards her. Ray, the Charismatic Diva, who was being friendlier than her usual self; maybe this was karma, for being so bad at Atsuko, and now this was her punishment; that must be. Ray’s laugh filled her ears, above the sound of the background music and the chatter of the other people.

The party went smooth, from there on, but to Atsuko it also had an awkward feeling. Minami spent her time talking to some people, making some projects along the way, also greeting and asking the managers and talents under her company, if they were okay or needed something. This side of Minami was new to Atsuko. Sure, she knew that “the dictator” cared for the others and also was always involved in other projects aside her job as her manager, but to see her actually going around, smiling and laughing. It was all new.

After a few hours in the party, Minami went silent and started daydreaming; Atsuko couldn’t stop her curiosity and asked Miichan about it.

-Did something happen between them?

-Well, it’s a long story. A difficult one to tell and, to be honest, I don’t know the full story.

-Let’s just say that Minami was Ray’s manager in the beginning – Togasaki said – She was the one who discovered her talent.

-Ray left the company then? –Atsuko asked again


-It was more like, Sarukawa stole her from us – Minami finally added – But I don’t want to talk about that.

Atsuko bit her lip and reminded silence for the rest of the party.


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