Project, Meetings (YukiMina OS)

I don’t know how to name this one xD

So here it is, the SMUT!…. or at least I tried :v

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If you find any errors, then I’m sorry! Lately I feel lazy when I try to check it… so… anyway! Here it is and I hope you enjoy it~


PS: Maybe I will post another smut tomorrow… Maybe not xD


The meeting was turning into a mess at every minute it passed. I only could see how my soon to be ready project sank in the deep sea of complains. Every single man from the board seemed to have agreed on turning down my project “for the sake of the company” they said, but I knew the real reason. They would never allow that the new woman in charge would tell them what to do.

-If you want to do this, I can assure you that it will fail. Probably not right away, which will give you confidence, but in the following days you will notice the results – one of the oldest men in the board said.

-Excuse me? How do you know that? You had never thought of something like this and what the clients want is a change. And honestly, if you want to direct this product to teenagers, keeping the project in an OLD fashion way, won’t be the best. – I said confidently, remarking the word old.

-How dare you! You little –

-Oi! Stop! Everyone stop right now!

Everyone in the room looked to the front, to the president of the company. It was kind of ironic that all this men were just trying to block my way in this project, when our president, and the one that in the end said if it was approved or not, was also a woman; a small woman.

-I don’t know why everyone here is trying to disagree in a new and fresh project like this. I think this is the mere reason why we gave Kashiwagi-san this job. – She said pointing at me – I don’t see why not try. It could work.

-And if it doesn’t work, then what? – Another man asked – The Company will lose too much money!

-The company? – I looked at him with a deadly glare – Or you mean that all of you will lose money?

-What are you trying to say, huh? – The man at my left said harshly.

-Kashiwagi-san, I suggest you to keep those kind of comments to yourself – The president said – This meeting is over, until everyone of you has calmed down and can think in better arguments than “It’s not acceptable”.

I grabbed my papers and the folder that were in the table and I was ready to storm out of the meeting room, when the other woman called my name.

-Kashiwagi-san, you stay. I need to talk with you – she spoke in a very neutral voice.

I sat on my chair once again as I saw the other men leave the room, some had content grins on their faces, as if saying “You will get what you deserve” or something in the lines. I really hated them way too much. I just wanted to grab their neck and…

A hand on my shoulder broke the torrent of murderous thoughts and looking up, I saw the small president next to me.

-What’s going on with you Yuki? – She said in a calm voice and I knew she wasn’t blaming me of anything – You can’t talk to them in that way!

-I’m just tired of their stupid arguments! Have you seen how they look down at me, just because they don’t want to take orders from me? A woman to be more exact?!

-Don’t be silly, Yuki. If they didn’t want that then I wouldn’t be the President of this company!

-Oh, come on Minami! You know that since you are the only daughter of the Takahashi Empire, they have no option but to obey you, besides, honestly I don’t think they see you as a woman though – I said looking away.


-Tell me I’m wrong – I interrupted her and looked at her with anger boiling in my veins.

She sighed.

-Just, don’t do this, Yuki. It’s really hard to keep control when you are my girlfriend and all these bunch of men are about to insult you. – Minami rubbed her temples.

I looked at her and then to my papers still on the table. She was right and I knew it. Since we started dating, she told me that when it was work related, she wouldn’t be biased and she would think of what was the best for the company. That she won’t help me, more than necessary, because that could create problems. Some rumors where starting to spread like wild fire in the past days. Apparently, some saw us getting out of a restaurant, hands linked and me hugging her; of course there weren’t any proves. But, if I thought about it, I could understand why Minami was saying all this.

-I can’t stand when people are rude towards you and you know it – She grabbed my hand and I looked at her – I know what they are trying to do, but I just can’t say anything or they will know it. There are rumors already and…

I knew that she was right and I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned forward and I kissed her quite hard. I liked when she was like this, being shy in front of me, when everyone saw her as a strong and fearless woman. But this side of her, that only I could see, was what I loved.

She was actually quite submissive, especially in bed.

The whole situation was turning me on. I was still angry with those men from the board, I was quite annoyed by Minami’s attitude, but adding her shy and apologetic side always made me feel like this.

I pushed her against the big meeting table and I could hear her groan, in between pain and excitement. With force I pulled her up the table and her skirt moved up when I placed myself between her legs; I was glad that she’s wearing a skirt and not those pants of hers, I could have more access to her skin that way.

-Yu-Yuki… wa-wait…

-I can’t wait anymore. I need to release all this feelings right now or I’ll go crazy and will kill all those men – I said as I moved my mouth to her neck.

I unbuttoned her white shirt and roamed my hands around her body, touching her sensitive spots, while she contracted and moaned; I could feel her hand around my neck and in between my long hair.

-So-someone… could come and se-see us… – she moaned as I bit her neck – Yuki…

-Just enjoy this, Mi-na-mi – I whispered in her ear.

I kissed her ear and proceeded to leave a trail of wet kissed from there to her neck and shoulders. She couldn’t stop whispering my name and moaning, which was music to my ears. I massaged her chest with my hands above her bra. I wanted to taste her, to make her scream my name, to make her suffer for not helping me earlier. I wanted her to be mine, right here. Skillfully I opened her bra and instantly I attacked her nubs with my mouth. She placed one of her hands over her mouth in a desperate way to stop her loud moans. I only looked at her face; the pleasure in her face was evident. Maybe it was our situation, in the meeting room during working hours and with clothes still on, adding my frustration of all those weeks where we couldn’t see each other, but this was the best thing I ever experienced.

I didn’t stop there, I removed her hand from her mouth and quickly kissed her again, demanding her to open her mouth, and when she did, my tongue started to explore around. My hands moved to her smooth legs and started stroking them. I was enjoying this moment, the adrenaline was high and I just wanted more. I moved my right hand up, under her skirt. Minami moaned against my mouth as I felt her wet panties with my fingers.

-I want you now, Minami… – I said as we separate for a bit, trying to take some air to our lungs.

And with one last moan, I moved her panties aside and inserted my fingers all the way inside her, in a rather harsh movement. The moan that escaped her mouth was silenced with my own lips and it didn’t pass much time until she started to move her hips trying to mimic my hand movements. Pulling away, just slightly, the room was filled with her non-stopping crying.

I felt more turned on than ever. She still was half dressed, the door wasn’t locked and she was still moaning loudly. I knew that the fact that we were here, making love, while we tried to hide our relationship, was the thrilling factor. The dangerous of the situation only was making me feel adventurous.

I wanted to hear more, I wanted to taste her and see her ecstasy when she reached the clouds. I went to her ear and started biting her earlobe. I knew it was her weak spot. I could feel her body shivering and I smiled. Travelling down, I tasted her white skin and the drops of sweat that formed around her neck. It was salty, but still it had a mixed flavor of sweetness, thanks to her perfume.

-Yuki… – she moaned

Biting her neck and then trailing down, passing between her small breasts, without looking away from her face, I left a path of wet kisses. I keep going down and finally, I placed her legs over my shoulders and without asking, I lowered my mouth, the contact made me groan and finally, close my eyes.



-I think that we should approve her project – Minami said a few hours later.

-What? But what if…

-I will take responsibility of whatever happens – She interrupted the man – We will never know if we don’t try it. – She then looked at me – I will give you 3 months. And if by the end of that time instead of rising, our products go low, I will cancel it. Am I clear? – I nodded and she continued – Good, that’s all.

Everyone went out; I had a big smile on my face, finally one of my projects was approved and the board could do nothing to stop it, like happened before.

-Thank you, Minami – I said smiling at her- I won’t let you down!

-I hope you won’t – she said as she grabbed my hands and smiled at me – Besides, you were very persuasive a few hours ago… So, I could only agree.

I slapped her shoulder and she laughed. For some reason I felt embarrassed suddenly. Remembering that I repeatedly told her that she had to approve my project if she wanted to finish…

-We should repeat this experience more… – she said and I was so surprised that I couldn’t hide the shocked expression I probably had on my face right now. – I’m kidding, you pervert!

And then I knew that she was just teasing me.

-Minami! – I said slapping her arm once again.


15 thoughts on “Project, Meetings (YukiMina OS)

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  1. Ok First, I really didn’t expect YukiMina. A rare pair indeed. But I’m fine with it, who knows why. xD

    It’s funny how Yuki was so persistent about getting her project approved during what they did. Hahaha. xD

    And Minami wanting more. Whaattt? Just shocked. No complaints. Uh-huh. No complaints. :P

    Thanks for this!

    Your PS! :O

    1. YukiMina is rare! But for some reason they suit each other too xD

      As I said Desperate situations requires desperate actions xD besides Takamina didn’t complain about it! Hahaha

      Minami changed her personality in this AU xD

      Thank you for reading! :D I’m glad you like it!

      Stop looking at the PS! You perv xD

      1. Yeaa. I think so too. Maybe because some Yuki personality/attitude is like Atsuko’s?

        Hahaha. If it’s like that, I don’t think Minami should complain. Like in the fic, she should just enjoy it. Hahaha. :P

        Thank you too. :D

        Your Fault! Hahaha. :P

      2. I can’t separate Atsuko’s personality xD Yuki is different but in some ways similar… Lets say this Yuki is a bit ooc xD

        And Minami sure enjoyed it… I mean is YUKI for Christ sake xD

        And it’s not my fault you’re a perv! XD

      3. I will post it later, actually… I typed it on my lap last night but it was kind of late so I had to go to sleep…

        So you’re lucky! When you are free you can read it xD

        And ganbatte on those reports! :D also have lots of paper work to do now -.-

  2. YukiMina!? What a surprise… It was a little strange first, but they’re surprisingly fit each other in this fic. And the whole situation, the office and all… just perfect!

    1. It was not so difficult to write.
      I was craving for some since the time I saw them both together in some photos!
      The office…. I don’t know from where it came that idea but I’m glad you like it!! XD

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