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The party was starting to go out of control, many members were drunk and knocked out and others were just loud and hyper. But there was a certain pair that was different.

Shimazaki Haruka was too blinded by the heavy drinks she had earlier and suddenly sat on her girlfriend’s lap, who was in the same state than her. Don’t minding the curious looks; she started to move her body and hips. Haruka was moving at her own rhythm, in a very sexy way while her mouth was busy, near Yui’s ear, whispering indecent words that made Yui giggle every now and then.

After a few minutes, in which Yokoyama Yui enjoyed the sexy movements that her young girlfriend was making, she started to move her hands, from Haruka’s moving hips, under her clothes and she could feel how shivers ran through Haruka’s body. Yui smiled, content that her hands made Haruka react, and then licked her lips. She knew the reason why Haruka was doing all this number, she didn’t mind, moreover, the fact that they were in such a public place, with people watching, in a corner, it made everything better.

Waving her body as near as possible, Haruka teased Yui by bringing her chest as close as she could to Yui’s face, as if daring her to do something more than just touching her body. She then wrapped her arms around the Captain’s neck, enjoying the heat that came from her; she could feel the heavy breathing on her neck and the hands became bolder. Being drunk made both girls more daring, and since it’s been a while since both were together, Haruka felt the frustration pilling up. Of course in any normal situation she would never do this, and definitely, not in such place. But right now, she didn’t mind it.

-Yui… – Haruka whispered in a hoarse and drunk voice.

-You’ve been teasing me all night – Said Yui in a similar drunk state – and now I just want to fuck you hard.

Haruka felt a wave of electricity travel her sensitive skin and biting her lips she felt how Yui pulled her down, trying to connect both bodies as much as possible. But to Yui, it wasn’t enough. She then angrily unbuttoned and unzipped Haruka’s jeans, making the other girl moan, the music that filled the private room on the club silenced it. Haruka then stopped all her movements, expecting for Yui to do something more.

Slowly, moving her hands down, Yui caressed the warm skin and the firm muscles of Haruka’s stomach, only stopping right on the center of her girlfriend, above her panties. Arching her back Haruka tried to make some friction.

-Please… – Haruka moaned.

Yui then wrapped her free arm around Haruka’s back and brought her even closer to her as other hand slipped between the girl’s wet panties.

-Just don’t be too loud…

Yui whispered one last time before pushing two fingers inside Haruka and the moan that escaped from her girlfriend’s mouth made her feel proud.



-Do you think we should tell them to stop? – Asked Mako to no one in particular as she saw the couple in the corner.

Miichan then came to her and, grabbing the younger girl’s cheeks, she turned her face towards the TV in front of them.

-Just leave them alone – The Captain said in the most serious tone she had – Ignore the sounds they’re making. Moreover, just forget that they exist right now.

Then, pulling out the TV remote, she increased the volume of the music.


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    1. Oh my friend… They know that people can ACTUALLY see them xD but since they are drunk and well… They don’t mind xD

      I tried to tone it down and give it a funny twist! I guess it worked :p

      Thank you for Reading! :D

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