Together (KojiYuu OS)


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Kojima Haruna couldn’t stop the advances of certain small woman. Haruna tried to, but since it’s been so long since the last time both young women were together, since Oshima Yuko’s graduation, to be more exact, she was weak.

At first, Haruna thought that not having Yuko around, harassing her almost every day, will be actually great; but, deep inside, she missed all the touching, hugging and the kissing. She will never admit it out loud though.

In part, Haruna was enjoying the smooth and, almost, trained hands that was touching her overly sensitive skin, and the other part of her, felt physically tired, because of her hectic schedule, that she was just lying in bed, under the attack of a perverted Yuko.

-I missed you Nyan Nyan – Yuko almost purred as she pressed her head in between Haruna’s breasts.

Haruna bit her lower lip, as she didn’t want to give Yuko more power over her.

-I-I mi-missed you too, Yuuchan – She stuttered.

Yuko looked up, still with her head resting in her favorite place, and smiled widely. She was aware that Haruna was trying to act unaffected. She knew the taller girl far too well. Yuko moved up and, slowly, she reached for Haruna’s soft lips. It was so slow that it relaxed Haruna for a while, the thought that Yuko maybe just wanted to cuddle crossed Haruna’s mind for a moment. But she was wrong.

Soon enough, loud moans filled the room as Yuko, somehow, managed to undress the taller woman. Yuko wanted, more like needed, to feel, to taste and to kiss as much of Haruna as she could. Yuko wanted to record in her brain all the sounds Haruna was making, so she could bear with the long spaces of time without her. On the other hand, to Haruna, the slowness was driving her crazy; all those weeks and months of repressed frustration, made her body react more, and the light kisses Yuko was giving her on her thighs wasn’t helping her at all.

-Yuuchan… Stop teasing me… – Haruna moaned.

Lifting her hips, Haruna tried to trick Yuko and make her reach to the place she needed her the most on that moment. But, Yuko had other plans in mind.

-Why are you so impatient tonight, Nyan Nayan? – Yuko asked, stopping all her movements and just placed her head over Haruna’s left thigh.

Haruna groaned in frustration and Yuko just giggled.

-Please, Yuuchan…

-You missed me this much, Nyan Nyan? – Yuko wondered out loud, more to herself, as she placed Haruna’s legs over her shoulders.

First the left leg, she barely caressed the skin, which made Haruna moan again; and then the right leg, leaving small kisses everywhere. Moving her hands, Yuko grabbed the hips and with a quick movement she kissed her girlfriend’s wet organ, she closed her eyes as ecstasy travelled her whole body, at the taste she loved the most, it was so wild and quick that Haruna couldn’t help but scream Yuko’s name.

Yuko licked and kissed every single part she could reach; she was addicted to Haruna’s scent and flavor that once she tasted it, it only made her want more. Opening her eyes, she looked up, and seeing her girlfriend pleasure showing in her sexy face, made her moan.

Yuko lifted up Haruna’s hips and as her tongue went deeper inside, Haruna could feel she was reaching the edge. She felt her orgasm grow at every lick and kiss and the only coherent word that came out of her mouth was her lover’s name.

-Yuko… wait, wait… – The taller girl said suddenly as, for some reason, she tried to stop Yuko.

To Yuko it was weird, Haruna had never stopped her before and, worried, a thought crossed Yuko’s mind.

-Did I hurt you…? – Yuko asked worried.

Still in the same position, Haruna covered her face with her hands and moved her head from side to side, in a negative way.

-Then why…?

Yuko, slowly, placed her girlfriend’s lower body, back to the bed and then she heard Haruna groan. Haruna keep moving her head in a silent and negative reply, seeing her like that, made Yuko worries grow. Holding Haruna’s hands, Yuko, gently removed them off the cat-like woman’s face; and, immediately, Haruna moved her gaze to one side and a deep blush appeared on Haruna’s cheeks.

-Tell me, Nyan Nyan… – Yuko gently whispered.

-I just…

Yuko moved one of her legs in between Haruna’s and, when their thighs touched Haruna groaned again. Yuko was confused at this point, not knowing if it was a groan of pleasure or of pain.

-It’s… embarrassing to say it… – Haruna said and a small pout formed in her lips.

Yuko frowned. The countless times they made love before, and even in public spaces, Haruna was never embarrassed enough to suddenly stop the act midway. And especially not when she was about to touch the clouds. For some reason, Haruna’s lack of response, made her feel sad and a bit angry. She then let her own body touch the bed, lying next to her lover.

Haruna could felt the sudden change in Yuko and, after biting her lips and swallowing her own pride, she spoke again.

-It’s just… that… – She whispered as Yuko looked at her with a small frown – My legs… – Haruna pointed at her legs – … a cramp…

Yuko looked at Haruna’s legs, then to her pouting face, back to the legs and then back at Haruna’s face. She blinked a few times and then, after leaving out a sigh, she started laughing.

-Mou! It’s not funny! – Haruna said and placed her hands over her face once again and yelled – Stop laughing!

Yuko tried for a few minutes to stop her laughing, in part she was laughing because, indeed was funny, but also because she felt relieved that it wasn’t anything serious. She then poked Haruna’s left leg, making the woman jump and groan again.

-Yuko! Don’t do that! – Haruna reprehended Yuko and slapped the squirrel’s shoulder.

Yuko only giggled. Yuko then, carefully hugged Haruna and sighed.

-I thought I did something wrong… – She said softly.

Haruna started stroking the small woman’s hair and shaking her head she hugged her back.

-Give me just a moment and we can continue, okay? – Haruna whispered in Yuko’s ear.

It was time for Yuko to blush.


Needless to say that that night, nothing more happened, as both women fall asleep, still hugging each other and smiling, enjoying their closeness and warmness.


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