Bad Things (YukiRena OS)

Okay! So, I’m back with another OS, this one was a request~ So here it is! :D

Some warnings before you proceed and read this: It contains GirlxGirl relationship, crappy smut scenes and a Incest plot. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

Without anything else to add, I hope you like this OS!



“I don’t know what you’ve done to me

But I know this much is true

I wanna do bad things with you

I wanna do real bad things with you”

-Bad Things, Jace Everett

To Kashiwagi Yuki born in the Kashigawi family was sure a blessing. Her parents loved her and gave her, and her sister, everything they needed. And she loved her family so much. Yuki never imagined that having a sister, could put her whole world upside down.

Her half-sister, Rena, was 5 years younger, product of her father’s second marriage. But Yuki didn’t care; she loved Rena, always doing almost everything together. Rena was always scared and weaker, in her younger years. Both used slept in the same room, but in separate beds; of course, Rena never stayed in her bed as she always woke up feeling scared by any nightmare she had. Yuki didn’t mind it; she felt that she must protect her and what other way to protect her sister than hugging her all night?

As the girls grew up, both came closer to each other even more. It was a rare sight seeing just one of the sisters around; it almost seemed wrong not seeing them together. But one day, Yuki suddenly started to put some distance between them. Yuki asked for her own room, under the excuse that she wanted to concentrate and have a room for herself, and she didn’t want to disturb Rena whenever her friends came home, to study or to do some group projects. Rena, didn’t want to be in different rooms, but still, her sister excuse made sense. After all, she also had her own friends too. And the excuses started to pill up one after another, until it seemed that Yuki was avoiding Rena on purpose.

The truth was that Yuki was feeling a kind of love that she wasn’t supposed to feel. Yuki loved her sister in a way that was meant for lovers. But she thought that it was just because they were sleeping in the same room, with Rena still sleeping in her bed. Yuki at that time was 20 years old, while her sister was 15.

Yuki didn’t think of herself as overprotective with her younger sister; she liked to think that she just cared for her and if someone wanted to get close to her, Yuki had to accept that person first. Yuki knew about her sister friends, and after a little discussion with her sister, she gave up on questioning them about their lives and intentions. Rena had yelled at her one afternoon after class. She explicitly said, that they were her friends, and if they hurt her, she would deal with it; and that she was old enough to take care of herself.

Everything was fair well after that. Rena wasn’t really mad at her, she was frustrated for the way it seemed that Yuki was controlling her life; and, Yuki, understood that she was wrong. Nevertheless, Yuki always had an eye on any of Rena’s activities and company. Yuki even went as far as to check Rena’s professors’ background.

But nothing prepared to the now 23-years-old Yuki to Matsui Jurina.

Rena one day came home, excitedly explaining her that her class had a transferred student. According to Rena, the girl was cute and she looked older than her actual age, she also was classy and really intelligent. Yuki couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy. Rena, used to think that there wasn’t anyone more beautiful and intelligent than her older sister Yuki; but there she was, saying that this new student was cute and smart. So Yuki checked on Jurina and was surprised to find out that the girl was the only daughter of a rich and fine family. Jurina’s studies were all perfect, very smart, a bit childish and sporty. She was, even if Yuki didn’t like to accept it, perfect. She, kind of accepted the friendship and the way Rena liked Jurina.

But, everything changed when one day, Yuki opened her sister’s bedroom door. The image of Rena pined against one of the walls with Jurina about to kiss her, made Yuki’s blood boil. And what angered her the most, was the fact that Rena was simple looking to her side, not moving and blushing; just waiting for the kiss to happen.

-What’s going on here? – Yuki demanded to know in an angry low voice.

The sudden question made Rena jump, look towards the door and, noticing that Yuki was there, she pushed Jurina away with more force than needed. Jurina, who wasn’t prepared for it, took a few steps back and fell on the ground, bumping her head with Rena’s desk.

-Itai! – Jurina cried and Rena ran towards her worried.

Yuki was surprised that the first thing Rena did was check on her friend, instead of trying to explain things to her.

After that incident, every time Yuki could, she went to Rena’s school and waited for her. More than once, she witnessed the same image. Jurina clinging on Rena, trying to kiss her and always hugging her; while Rena, only giggled shyly while letting the other girl do whatever she wanted.

Yuki confronted Jurina more than once, telling her that she has to stop that habit of hers; but apparently Jurina always ignored her. And it was too much for Yuki.

After months of feeling like this, Yuki, finally, decided that she needed to do something about it. And she would do it tonight.

She knocked on Rena’s door and went in, before she could hear an answer. Yuki closed the door behind her and locked it, finding Rena placing some books on her bag, near her desk, she walked towards her and then pushed Rena against the wall; she was extremely close to her sister, burning in both anger and lust.

-Yu-Yuki…. What… what are you doing? – Asked Rena

-I’m gonna make you understand that no one can’t kiss you, except me.


Rena couldn’t finish her answer as her older sister kissed her roughly on the mouth. Rena tried to push her sister away, she tried to speak but instead of words coming out of her mouth, a rough tongue was pushed inside. Yuki’s hands roamed under Rena’s night clothes; Yuki caressed every part of Rena, while still kissing her. Little by little, Rena’s mind started to go blank, and soon, any logical thought in her mind disappeared, only to be replaced by pleasure.

When Rena stopped trying to push her, Yuki finally let go of her. Both were panting, both were trying to catch their breath, Rena still confused and Yuki still decided. Yuki didn’t let Rena recover and kissed her once again. But, this time, gentler.

Feeling the wall on her back and her older sister’s body on the front, was making Rena want more than just simple kisses and touches, her body was demanding more and more, and, even if at first, she was scared of her own wanting, now Rena accepted the feeling.

Grabbing her sister’s hands that were around her hips, Rena moved them towards her bare breasts and at the contact, Rena moaned and her back arched. Yuki was starting to feel her own want grew too, the sounds and the way Rena was moving against her own body and hands was something she wasn’t expecting, but that was glad that it happened.

Rena’s pajama shirt was thrown aside and without waiting for an invitation, Yuki’s lips closed around the hard nubs. Yuki licked, nibbled and sucked, first on one, while her own hand played with the other; and then she did the same to the other. The taste of her sister’s skin was a salty and sweet mix.

Looking down, the image of her older sister, sucking on her as if life depended on it, made Rena let out a loud and long moan. Scared of her own sounds, she placed both hands over her mouth. Yuki smirked at this. She knew why Rena was doing it, but she wanted to hear it. Yuki wanted Rena, her younger sister, to scream and to call her name.

Grabbing the pajama pants, still playing with Rena’s breasts with her mouth, Yuki pulled them down, the usual shy Rena didn’t try to cover herself this time. She was so lost on the feelings that the skillful mouth was making her feel to even notice that her pajamas and panties were somewhere else. Rena was only conscious of it, when Yuki’s hands started to stroke her bare thighs. Feeling the touching and the tongue, Rena throw her head back, she hit her head with the wall as she arched her back, desperate for more contact. Noticing this, Yuki stopped her ministrations, hearing Rena’s groan out of frustration, made her smile.

She placed her sister on her bed and smiled. Rena, for the first time, was conscious of her own naked body and her blush deepened. Yuki giggled as she caressed Rena’s cheek and looked at the body under her. Rena tried to cover herself but her older sister didn’t allow it.

Without saying a word Yuki kissed Rena once again, slowly and calmly; enjoying the feeling of Rena’s soft lips on hers, tasting the insides of her mouth and swallowing Rena’s moans. Yuki left Rena’s lips and kissed her way down, staying for a while in her neck. Yuki kissed Rena’s shoulder and then up to her ears. She nibbled her earlobe while enjoying the way Rena’s body contorted under her, Rena simple was clinging on Yuki’s back quite hard. Yuki could feel her sister’s long nails against her skin, even when she was still fully closed. And then Yuki stopped again.

-You are MY sister, Rena. – Yuki growled, her voice was a mix of owning and anger, that for some reason, made Rena moan – And no one, and I mean NO ONE can kiss you or touch you like this… – Yuki bite the earlobe quite hard, making Rena whimper – Do you understand now, Rena?

Rena couldn’t process anything at the moment. She was panting, her body wanted more and her brain was confused, asking herself what happened and why she wasn’t fighting against Yuki. Rena’s mind was screaming that this, whatever it was, was simple wrong; but her body and instinct was screaming for more.

One of Yuki’s hands grabbed one of Rena’s legs and placed it around her hips. Rena knew what Yuki wanted and the simple thought made her moan again. The same hand traveled to Rena’s ass and squeezed it hard.

-Mine, Rena… – Yuki whispered one last time on her sister’s ear.

After that, everything happened quite fast. Rena was kissed in a lustful way, so hard and so fast, that a strand of saliva went out of her mouth. One hand was back on Rena’s breasts, playing with her and making her more and more aroused. And the other one that was on her ass moments ago, traveled between both bodies and descended, until she felt Rena’s most precious place. Yuki couldn’t help but moan at the wetness that she felt. She never expected that Rena would be enjoying this even more than her.

And without a warning, Yuki pushed two of her fingers inside Rena and then back out again. Rena’s body reacted and she ended up almost sitting on the bed while a rough scream was silenced by Yuki’s mouth. Yuki liked that reaction and again, pushed her fingers inside deep and fast, just to pull them out. Rena’s hand gripped Yuki’s hair and pulled her head down, she then bite Yuki’s upper lip quite hard and then pulled her older sister’s hair.

Rena’s reactions were rough and raw, and Yuki never imagined that her, until now weak and shy, sister was this rough on bed. She groaned in pain and lust as she felt the bite on her lip and her hair being pushed. Yuki repeated her actions again, pushing her fingers inside and out once more, but this time without kissing Rena. The reaction was immediate, Rena scream filled the room and pleasure washed her face.

Both girls were already sweating and their body temperature was up, the only difference was that Yuki was still fully clothed. Without letting Rena recover Yuki pushed her fingers inside and this time, didn’t pull them out completely, inside and out, in fast motion.

Rena somehow, placed her hands under Yuki’s shirt and gripped her hands on Yuki’s shoulders. Yuki felt the nails digging on her skin at the same time that her fingers could feel Rena’s walls squeezing her. She knew Rena was close and she didn’t want to let her wait. Yuki curled her fingers up and she touched the most sensitive spot on Rena’s anatomy.

-Say my name, Rena – She demanded, still moving her fingers in and out.

And Rena didn’t simple repeated Yuki’s name over and over again, she screamed her sister’s name so loud that she thought that her vocal chords were damaged.

The next day, Rena was shyer around Yuki, even though Yuki acted as if nothing had happened. After eating breakfast, while avoiding eye contact with her older sister, Rena went to school and Yuki stayed behind. After school, and almost as always, Yuki was waiting for Rena outside the gates of her school. She waited a few minutes before finally she could spot her sister’s figure. She waved her hand towards her and smiled. Rena blushed, waved back and walked faster. That’s when she felt someone clinging on her right arm.

-Jurina? – Rena stopped and looked at her bestfriend.

-Rena-chan! You didn’t even say goodbye to us! – The girl pouted.

Rena giggled and then patted the head of the taller girl. Suddenly, she felt an angry aura approaching them. She looked to her sister and saw her walking, clearly angry, towards them.

Jurina also noticed it and decided to do what she did the best, annoy people. She hugged Rena in a possessive way and looked at Yuki, who stopped a few meters away; Yuki’s eyes were sending warnings to the younger girl, knowing way too well, what Jurina wanted to do. Jurina grinned evilly and then planted a kiss on Rena’s lips. The time stopped and Rena blushed.


Yelled Yuki and launched herself towards Jurina and Jurina simple laughed and ran away from there as fast as she could with Yuki still following after her.

“Both of them will never change” Rena thought as she looked at both “kids” while shaking her head.


13 Responses to “Bad Things (YukiRena OS)”

  1. I need more Yuki rena please write more

  2. Actually, I have a huge partiality for every YukiRena fic, so now I not start writing how much I love this OS, because that will be a really long post, just one thing… I hope you know that you’re an awesome writer!
    And… (in my point of view) just a few fanfic writer can write really good and high quality smut scenes and you one of them. (I’m pretty picky about what I read, so trust me. ^^)
    (And sorry for my bad english!)

    For now on, I’m silently waiting any Yuki x anybody fics… :)

    • secnecrom Says:

      Oh, please! I love long comments!
      I really want to know why my fics are loved! that gives me an idea of what to write next!! So next time don’t hold and just write! xD
      YukiRena… I have another one around here “My Kind of Love” Is already posted in here!
      And thank you, I don’t consider myself a great writer and smuts are hard for me! So you telling me this… I really appreciate it!

      Another YukixSomeone? ‘Someone’ like who? Maybe I will right it! xD

      Thanks for coming by and commenting! ^^)/

  3. ‘Someone’ really can be someone. I just love Yuki and I like seeing how her character fit with various people. I’m usually a MaYuki and YukiRena shipper, and have a huge interest in JuriYuki (or MayuRena, but that a different case).

    I read “My Kind of Love”, that fic is really perfect. I like the way how the story develops and I really love Gekikara’s character in that fic.

    • secnecrom Says:

      JuriYuki as in Jurina/Yuki? That’s interesting…. I will think about it! ^^

      Oh so you really read all mah stories xD well I’m glad you also like that one!! Probably will post another YukiYui soon!

  4. Jurina and Yuki, yes. I don’t know what situation fit them, or what can happen, I just have that feeling they’re good together.

    YukiYui is a good pair too, I hope you write more about them.

  5. OK OK didn’t comented before well so Im Going to comment now how I feel.

    *nosebleed * I don’t know how many times I have read this fic and I want fish read more.

    YUKIRENA I love it and thank you soo much. And if it’s OK write more yukirena lol.



    • secnecrom Says:

      Well, as you know I’m already writing a sort of 2nd part of this one xD
      Still in progress though….
      I will finish it before school starts! I promise u.u
      Thank you for commenting!

  6. panggil ane Says:

    could you continue this fic?

    • Errr… Well, this was supposed to be 1 chapter only, but you’re the 2nd person to ask me to continue….

      I might will give it another part, but not sure when ;-;)/

      Wait for it! And thanks for commenting :D

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