Ticklish (SakuraYuki OS)

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Both girls were on the couch, that day; they decided to watch movies. The older one had a rare day off and she wanted to spend it in the best way possible, and what it’s better than spending her time with her girlfriend? Soon, both forgot about the movie still playing on the TV screen, it has been so long since they have seen each other, to have hugged and kissed; and, to Kashiwagi Yuki, it felt like a torture, especially, because her girlfriend was, technically, still a kid. However, at the age of 16, Miyawaki Sakura, also had her needs and, at the same time, fears.

Being born in one of the High Class Families in Kagoshima didn’t help with Sakura’s problem and frustrations, as she was sent to an all-girls private school since a very early age. At first, as she grew up, she thought she liked boys. Her dream was finding the perfect boyfriend and later getting married and having her own family.

Everything changed when her family was invited to a party held by the Kashiwagi Family, the richest family in the region. Sakura found herself, at the age of eleven, highly bored and she decided to wander around the huge garden of the mansion. That’s when both girls met; Sakura thought that the only daughter of the Kashiwagi family was, not only elegant and beautiful but also, a gentle, funny and a bit shy girl.

After spending three years of great friendship, Sakura finally confessed her real feelings to the now older woman. Yuki, at first, told her that she was confused and didn’t take her seriously, even though, her real reason was that Yuki thought that Sakura was still really young and love couldn’t flourish between them. It passed a year in which the heiress of the Kashiwagi Empire avoided Sakura, or at least tried to. Eventually, Yuki couldn’t deny her own feelings and they became a couple.

After two years of relationship, a very busy Yuki, in charge of some family business and companies; an understanding Sakura, also busy with school and friends; many texts and phone calls whenever Yuki had time; many not-matching schedules; and, Yuki’s out of the country travels, both girls took any chance they could get to be together. When their days off matched Sakura would sleep over at Yuki’s apartment, so the next day, they could enjoy each other company.

They shared kisses, hugs and contact, but Yuki was always the one stopping every kiss that escalated to something else. And today, Sakura decided that it was the day to move forward their relationship. Lack of time, hormones and waiting was an explosive mix to both of them.

Sakura began kissing Yuki and the older woman could only surrender to the hungry kisses. Her mind was overpowered by her own needs and without even knowing she started caressing the younger girl’s legs. Only when Sakura groaned, her mind started working again. She tried to pull away from the girl, but Sakura didn’t want to stop; she wrapped her arms around the taller woman’s shoulders and pulled her on top of her as she lay down on the couch. Sakura buried her hands on Yuki’s long and dark hair and pulled her down. At first, Yuki tried to resist and don’t move, but eventually the light and warm lips of the girl under her, made her surrender.

It was the first time Yuki touched the warm skin that an oversized shirt covered; it was the first time that she didn’t pull away when hearing the small cries and moans coming out of the younger girl’s lips. Sakura messed Yuki’s hair as she pulled it in a weak attempt to get rid of the overpowering feelings she felt. The kiss turned more passionate and not only lips met lips. Yuki licked her girlfriend’s lower lip, asking for permission to keep going and, to her delight, Sakura opened her mouth. The contact made both moan, Sakura even arched her body, in an attempt to feel Yuki’s body closer.

Minutes, which seemed like hours, later Yuki pulled away slightly. Looking at her blushing and out of breath girlfriend was the best sight she got. She smiled sweetly, softly caressing Sakura’s soft yet firm abdomen with her thumbs. Her younger girlfriend only bit her now red lower lip. Yuki giggled and kissed her again.  This time one of her hands went to caress the skin of her smooth legs. Another muffled moan was lost in between kisses.

Yuki then decided that she wanted to taste the white skin of her young girlfriend. She left a trail of wet kisses, from Sakura’s mouth towards her neck; and just when she landed the first kiss on Sakura’s neck, the younger girl giggled and tried to move away from the lips brushing and tickling her neck.

Yuki smiled at how cute the giggle sounded and attempted to kiss Sakura’s neck again, only to be received by a louder laugh and a hand pushing one of her shoulders away. She frowned.

-I’m… so-sorry… – Sakura said, she bite her lower lip trying to suppress her own giggles.

Yuki then shook her head and tried once more, this time, she wanted to test her girlfriend. She leaned down again, slowly, and when her lips brushed the skin, Sakura’s body contorted and started laughing again.

-Are you ticklish? – Yuki asked amused.

-I… – Sakura blushed more- Maybe …

Sakura looked away, feeling embarrassed and a bit scarred at the thought that maybe Yuki would get angry at her. Yuki on the other hand found this extremely cute.

-So… If I do this… – Yuki tried to sound as neutral as possible as she buried her nose on Sakura’s neck – Will you laugh?

Sakura immediately laughed loudly. Yuki pulled away and began tickling Sakura’s sides. The younger girl’s body twitched and contorted in many ways as the laugh, of both girls, filled the whole apartment.

Minutes later, out of breath and still in each other’s arms, both girls smiled and Yuki gave Sakura a chaste kiss on her lips. They decided to wait a bit longer to take the relationship to the next level and they spent their day as they had planned. Watching movies and enjoying each other company.


3 Responses to “Ticklish (SakuraYuki OS)”

  1. Well, hello there.
    You know, you had me there for a second. Usually when a fic starts out with an established relationship and the author mentions taking things to the next level, they usually mean sex scenes. And so there I was thinking that I am in for a wild ride. Only to be let down…
    Eh, the bottom line is that I really enjoyed this. Thank you very much. So, Yukirin is rich in this fic? Interesting.
    Really good read this was

    • Is that a challenge?!!!! :v

      Because I love challenges xD I really didn’t want to go there with Sakura… she is still innocent in my eyes…. but I could make an exception for you and… write something else… Maybe… xD

      Both are rich, Yukirin is just richer xD

      • Actually no! I am not that into R-rated fics. I was just surprised that they were already dating and yet taking things to the next level only meant kissing. That’s all ^^

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