Club Room (SaltOtabe OS)


So here it is. Another crappy and friendly smut!

This is my first post of 2015! I will post some more tomorrow maybe. Some stories I already wrote but I couldn’t post in here because some things happened and well… Anyway!

I hope you enjoy reading.

As always I apologize for any mistakes, this was edited just once! Forever lazy!

WARNING: GirlxGirl love, some failed sex scenes, not suited for young people!

Thank you for reading again!





Otabe was alone in Rappappa’s room when Salt came out of her cave. She looked around and spotted Otabe who was looking back at her.

-Where’s everyone? – Salt said in a slow and bored manner.

– Dunno… Probably out – Otabe got up from the chair she was seated and slowly walked towards the president, decision evident in her eyes.

-I’ll go out then…

Just when Salt was about to open the room’s door Otabe blocked her way and leaned against the door.

-Say… – Started Otabe while ignoring the confused expression of Salt – why are you so interested in the transferred student… Are you trying to make me jealous?

Otabe’s look was serious, staring right into the president’s eyes.

-What are you-

Without letting the younger girl finish Otabe leaned over and kissed Salt in a wild manner. Salt wanted to fight against those lips she hasn’t tasted in a while. Otabe, holding the girl from her waist, pushed her against the closed door.

After a few more passionately kisses, Salt gave up, opened her mouth and moaned.

-That’s what I wanted to hear… – Whispered Otabe and a grin appeared on her face.

The president girl still couldn’t understand how she ended up in this situation; she wanted to roam around the city while waiting for Sakura to challenge her, she was so impatient that somehow she could not sleep. And now, she was on the couch, Otabe over her, nibbling her neck while strong and bold hands travelled all the way up to her tights.

-Yui… – The until a few minutes ago bored girl moaned feeling how the queen opened her legs and placed herself in between – some-someone could co-come inside and… Ahh…

Yui stopped her actions and looked up, the perverted grin still plastered in her face. There was already several days that Otabe wanted to be alone with her almost-not-official-yet-tsundere-girlfriend, she had been missing her already and she would not waste this opportunity.

-Don’t worry – The older girl said while leaving light kisses in the always bored girl’s lips – They all must be busy and … – She removed her hands from under the long skirt and buried them under the school shirt – No one would dare to come up from those stairs.

-Wha-what if… the trans-transfer…red… – Salt stuttered and had a hard time trying to suppress all the feelings that was already clouding her sane mind.

Otabe stopped her movements again, removed her hands from under the clothes and instead of the grin from before, on her face, she had a serious and annoyed expression.

-Why is she more interesting than me, Haruka? – Otabe asked, using Salt’s real name, jealousy evident in her tone – Why her and not me?

-I… I don’t… – A raw moan, mixed with a cry, invaded Rappappa’s club room.

Otabe had moved her hand, slowly, between Salt’s legs and now had one finger inside the president. All the younger girl could do was cling on the Queen’s jacket and arch her body as the finger moved around inside of her. A few seconds later, of pure teasing, the finger stopped.

-I’m sorry – The older girl said feigning oblivion – You were saying…?

Panting Salt looked up, at the Queen, with her most fearful glare, who only laughed and kissed her again.

-You know – Otabe said when they finally separated – You look cute when you glare at me in anger while blushing.

-I hate you, Otabe… – Just then the younger girl looked away.

-Oh, really? – The finger, that was still inside, moved again and Salt had to bit her lower lip to stop the loud moan that was about to come out – Your body says something else – The older girl leaned down again and whispered in the president’s ear – I’m the only one that can top you, Salt-san… – And she added in a hoarse voice – And I mean it…

Otabe moved her finger inside and out a few times, before pulling it out only to be able to remove the top part of the uniform, in a quick movement, and throw it aside. Without letting the girl have a chance to process  what happened, Otabe buried both hands under the black lacey bra and while playing with Salt’s breasts she leaned down again.

-Who would think that the President would wear such sexy underwear? – She whispered and nibbled the earlobe.

The young president couldn’t help but moan again and in a, thoughtless, movement her arms wrapped around the still clothed Queen’s shoulders. From that point on, the whole situation turned into a fight for dominance. More pieces of clothes flew around, moans and sentences without meaning were said, neither of both wanted to lose the battle; they knew each other weaknesses and used them all.

Both girls were on the floor already, with a thin layer of sweat covering their bodies, the temperature on the room was already high and if it wasn’t because Rappappa’s club room was on the top of the school, with practically no one coming around, by now the students would have been able to listen to the pleasurable cries that where coming from there.

They stopped for a couple of minutes, to recover their breaths; Salt was sitting on Otabe’s lap, hugging her quite tight as she was coming back from ecstasy. Both girls’ long hairs were all messy and a few strands were glued against their sweaty backs and shoulders.

-This… – Salt said panting – This won’t… end up… like this…

-Who said… that this was over? – Otabe asked, also panting, and moved her two fingers that were still inside the throwing and wet organ.

The young girl let out a long and loud moan as her hips moved, unwittingly, trying to mimic the fingers motion; and, somehow, in between all the bliss and blindness, she made one of her hands travel from Otabe’s shoulder all the way down in between both naked bodies.

-This… ti-time… nngghh… I won’t… come al-alone – Salt said as she reached the other girl’s hot spot.

-I couldn’t expect more from you… Haruka… – The older girl said while smiling, not long after a moan escaped from her mouth.



Thrusting their fingers faster and faster, both, arched their backs and screamed at the same time.



Everyone one in Rappappa’s club room was in silence which made the whole picture weird enough, since the room was always full of random screams coming from one of the four Queens.

Somehow, Magic, who was the first one to arrive to the club room, heard how the President and her fellow Queen were busy with each other, she wasn’t blind either and she already knew that something was happening between those two, and decided to stay on the first section of the stairs, waiting for a while.

Yoga arrived next and after listening to Magic’s vague explanation, she stayed on the stairs too. Finally, the last one of them arrived, and since she couldn’t understand the situation, she stubbornly wanted to go upstairs and check what the President and Queen were doing. In the end, Magic and Yoga, exasperatedly, ended up telling her what was happening upstairs. Bakamono stood there, dumbfounded and with her mouth wide open. After some more minutes of waiting, Otabe walked down while humming an old song she only knew.

They were waiting for Otabe to come back, since they would discuss what to do with the transferred student, Bakamono who was looking at Salt quite openly, finally opened her mouth.

-Nee, Salt-san? Did you enjoy your practice with Otabe? – She then winked at said girl.

-Baka!!! – Magic yelled and instantly her hand covered her face.

Salt’s fist landed on the idiotic Queen’s face and sent her flying across the room and following her, seconds later, Magic landed next to Bakamono.

-WHAT THE HECK DID I DO?!!! – Magic yelled at Salt, who ignored her.

-Das a yesh, fo shoo… – Bakamono said while giggling and blood coming out from her nose and lips.

Salt turned around and entered her private room again, while closing the door quite hard; her long hair prevented the other Queens to see the blush that appeared on her cheeks.

Yoga was trying to calm the other two that were fighting over who was the one at fault, Magic was obviously angry and Bakamono was smiling as Magic grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her while yelling that she was the one at fault.

Outside of the room, on the lone corridor, Otabe was giggling while leaned against the wall, near the door. Hearing the chaos that was the room made her start humming that old song again, while remembering the old days.



8 Responses to “Club Room (SaltOtabe OS)”

  1. Mangoe-sensei!!!!!!


    THIS PIECE!!!!!

    *forever in love with YuiParu since 2014*

    GAAAAAH, this SORUTABE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


    *revives self*

    *reads again and again and again*

    *dies every time*

    • secnecrom Says:

      Lel #MangoSenseiKillingEveryoneSince2014 xD
      Thank you for writing a comment and I’m glad that you loved it XD

  2. Whoa… This is my first time reading your post and i got to say its very interesting. Some parts of this should be in the next few episodes haha

  3. woooo~~
    this fic is gooood!!!
    make more fanfic about mg4, onegaiiiii???

    • secnecrom Says:

      Thanks for commenting!!
      I will, in the future! I have some plot plans for MG4
      Just wait for a while Dx
      OTL :D

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