Delayed Gift! (KojiYuu)

And because people still wants me to post some action in the form of smut, here I’ll leave you all this!

I still is not ready to see the light, but I will never be 100% satisfied with my work.

This was a OS I promised to someone! She said it was great and that’s why I’m posting it!!

I hope you enjoy it! xD

As always sorry for any errors!





“To the most beautiful woman in the entire world, Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love, Yuuchan”

Kojima Haruna re-read the simple yet loving note, she had in her hands, for the nth time that day. Valentine’s was long ago – it was March already – and somehow, that note made Haruna realize that she didn’t give to her little girlfriend something in return.

-Are you okay, Kojima-san? – The make-up artist asked, bringing her back to reality.

-Ye-yes, just thinking about something – Haruna put the note back into her purse and decided to think about it later, after she finished the job.

Haruna looked up, to the mirror in front of her, the reflection showed a really beautiful image of herself, the cat-like woman sighed and focused on her work for today.


“Yuuchan! Don’t come back home early, okay?! Don’t ask! Just call me when you decide to come home!”


The message made Oshima Yuko frown, “To not go back early?! It should be ‘Yuuchan, come back home fast! I am so hor…’ ejem… Now I’m confused…” the small woman tapped her chin with her fingers, in a thoughtful way, she didn’t quite understand the message though, looking around, the filming set was still busy; with staff rushing around it and her fellow actors and actresses were talking with the director about something.

The scene that they were filming finished a few minutes ago, they reviewed the scene and the director told them that the take will be used. That gave them a few minutes to rest, while the staff was busy changing the set for the next take.

Yuko sighed and rubbed her forehead.

-I will get home late anyway, NyanNyan – She mumbled to herself; her shoulders lowered and a small pout appeared on her mature face.



After a few hours of posing in different angles and many clothe changing, Haruna asked the photographer if they could delay the photoshoot till tomorrow night, since the shoot also had some night scenarios, because she wasn’t feeling well; to which the renowned photographer agreed, worried that his favorite model might be sick. The model felt a bit guilty for lying, but imagining the big smile that her small girlfriend will get once she arrived home was enough to push those feelings aside.

The tall woman told her manager to buy certain things and to send them to her apartment; the manager knew what his talent was trying to do, he was very aware of it, he was a married man after all. He laughed and nodded.


-Are you sure you know how to cook all that? – The man asked once both were in the model’s apartment, with big bags in the dining table.

Haruna pouted and tilted her head, wondering if she could indeed do it alone.

-I guess… – The model muttered which made the man laugh.

Just as the man thought, even after many years of living alone, the woman in front of him was still the little airhead girl from years ago. The pout on Haruna’s face grew.

-If you need help, just call my wife – The man said pulling out a white card and grabbing the pen that was in his jacket’s pocket, he wrote the number and left the card on the table.

-Oi!! You were supposed to be helping me, not your wife! – Haruna replied while pointing at the man with her index finger.

-I know, I know. But just like you, I don’t know how to cook – The man laughed again and a little red color appeared on his cheeks – Anyway, I have to go. Don’t worry for tomorrow, I made some changes to your schedule. So don’t worry about it and enjoy your night plenty! – The man winked at Haruna.

The model blushed at the last statement and the pout reappeared once more as her manager just laughed again.

After their respective goodbyes and what not, some fail attempts to cool and, finally, swallowing her pride and calling her manager’s wife, Haruna finally was over, the table was set, she had wine and even candles. Her long and silky hair was imprisoned in a loose ponytail, some strands of hair were rebels and were out of the quick hair style she was portraying. After checking that everything was in place and correct, she decided to take a shower, in case Yuko would arrive.

After stepping out of the shower and fixing her make-up and change her normal clothes for a seductive black and tight dress, she sighed and sat on the large couch back in the living room, she grabbed her phone and closed her eyes for a second, smiling and thinking about certain squirrel.


Sighing again, Yuko smiled trying to hide her tiredness while leaving the set. Remembering her girlfriend’s message, she looked at the hour in her phone. 1:10 am. Certainly, it wasn’t early and surely, she didn’t have to make any phone call.

Getting inside her white ride, she listened to her manager voice listing the schedule for the next day, or by the hour, later. She was exhausted and didn’t want to do anything else but arrive home, hug Haruna tightly, kiss her, probably have some skinship and then sleep in between those long and caring arms. That was the greatest idea ever.

-… ko! … Yuko… – Her manager was softly her shoulder.

The actress opened her eyes and looked around, feeling disoriented. When did she fall asleep? She wondered, probably was during the time she was imagining her girlfriend saying lovingly thing into her ear, probably was after imagining doing something more than cuddle. Either way, she felt that that nap, was just a blink of an eye. Yuko stretched her sore body, grabbed her stuff and got out of the car.

-You know what? – Her manager said suddenly – Take the day off. I’ll push some things for later and just rest, okay?

The small actress frowned. It was so sudden and rare for her manager to change her schedule at last second.

-You look tired and I want you to rest. These past days have been hectic so… – The woman answered Yuko’s silent question and shrugged.

Yuko didn’t whined, nor disagreed with the woman, she was in need to rest and sleep, her body and mind were asking for a stop for a while and a day off was what she needed right now. She just hoped to have some quality time with NyanNyan.

Inserting her key and opening the door, the actress was greeted by the silence and darkness of her apartment. “As expected” she thought.

-I’m home – She mumbled while leaving her bags and heels on the floor, near the door, trying to be as quiet as possible.

She was halfway to her room, when she noticed that something was different. Turning back and walking to the kitchen, she blinked a few times, after turning the lights on, trying to adjust her vision to the sudden light. When she finally could use her vision, her hands went up, towards her mouth, her eyes opened even bigger and she almost let a gasp escape her mouth.

The dining table was set so beautifully and carefully as possible. Yuko felt like crying, the feelings of love and joy were present in her heart, but also a shade of sadness. Her girlfriend probably worked so hard, even when Yuko knew she wasn’t so good at details and always cold towards her, and yet the effort in every detail noticeable. Haruna probably, also waited for her to call, to know that when Yuko would arrive and surprise her and she just didn’t call. The tall model might be already sleeping and sad.

Wondering where her girlfriend could be, she walked straight to their bedroom, founding it empty. Her feet automatically turned around.

Yuko finally found the angelic model, sound asleep on the large couch of the living room, that she didn’t notice when she came inside because she was at the brink of falling asleep.

A delightful smile formed on the actress face and softly grabbed Haruna’s free hand.

-You must be tired, don’t you? – Yuko whispered – And yet… you did all this… – Yuko bit her lower lip, swallowing a sob – Thank you, NyanNyan.

Leaning over, and ever so softly and innocent, planted a kiss on Haruna’s lips. She stayed there for a couple of seconds before pulling back. Just then the model sighed in her sleep and shifted on the couch; Haruna rubbed her sleepy eyes with the hand that was still holding her phone, and pouted. Yuko couldn’t help but giggle.

-Yuko? – Haruna asked still not fully awake.

-Who else could be? – The actress giggled again.

Haruna stretched her hands towards Yuko and her girlfriend let herself be embraced by those loving arms she was craving to feel around her. Both women sighed at the contact of each other bodies near each other, both feeling calm, happy and secure.

-Why the dinner? – Yuko asked near Haruna’s ear – It’s not my birthday and certainly, is not our anniversary… – She planted a chaste kiss on her girlfriend’s cute ear – I’m sorry for coming home this late – and snuggled closer.

-I just realized… that I didn’t give you a present on Valentine’s Day – The model replied

-You don’t count the wild and almost animalistic and sadistic sex we had that night as a gift? – Yuko pulled away, enough to see her girlfriend’s face.

Haruna’s cheek turned red in matter for seconds. She did remember that night’s sex, but she was still sure that Yuko would also appreciate the detail and hard work she put on the dinner too. They made love in a way they had never done before. The model remembered the almost rough touch of Yuko’s hands, all over her body, leaving red marks in her exposed and sensitive skin; the avid mouth and tongue tasting everywhere in a maniac way, making her scream and reach cloud nine, over and over again.

With the simple thought of that night, it made Haruna feel wet in between her legs. She even almost moaned.


Yuko noticed the crystal clear emotions on her girlfriend’s eyes. She knew that look far too well and she was sure that tonight they won’t be able to sleep too much. She didn’t even finished thinking about it when a pair of hands made her sit on Haruna’s lap in a fast motion, she didn’t complained. Just then, a hand reached her head and pushed her down.

The clashing of lips, almost roughly, made them moan and want more. Yuko’s expert hands explored every part of Haruna’s body over her clothes; that didn’t stay in place for so long. In matter of minutes, both women where already naked, still in the same position with Yuko still over Haruna’s lap.

Being separated and yet close, but busy and not coinciding on schedules, made both girls more impatient and frustrated than ever before. And the first moans where all that could be listened on the apartment. Hands against skin, mouth against mouth, trying to dominate the other, sweet words and the heat of both bodies increased with each second and each kiss.

Deciding that they needed their bed, as Yuko suggested, and taking advantage of their position, Haruna got up and Yuko’s arms and legs wrapped around Haruna’s body, just as the squirrel used to do with Sayaka back in the day, when both were playing around during rehearsals.

Yuko wasn’t as heavy as Haruna imagined.

Still kissing each other as if their life depended on how much their lips touched, they reached the dining room and table. At that point, Haruna didn’t care about the dinner she worked so hard cooking earlier. She simple pushed aside all that was in the table and sitting Yuko over the table, the tallest woman took this chance to taste her girlfriend’s throbbing center. Yuko reached ecstasy a couple of times, before limply resting on Haruna’s shoulder.

Still in that position, Yuko koala-hugged Haruna as the model decided it was time to go to bed. Of course, both didn’t reached the room until a few minutes later, Yuko now wanted to make Haruna feel good and as they stumbled on the wall, she suddenly pushed Haruna’s body and there she returned the favor.

Once inside their room, and after another round that eventually made them lie down on the big and soft bed, Yuko was in between Haruna’s legs, spreading them as she tasted her juices. Looking up, the actress was greeted by the most seductively scenery. Haruna biting her lips with her eyes closed, the raising chest as she tried to breathe and the movement of her hips as Yuko licked and sucked every part of her wet and now very sensitive organ. After a few more licks, Haruna reached the clouds as another orgasm hit her body.

Just then, Yuko had an idea.

Crawling up, the still hungry actress kissed her girlfriend’s neck and left a trail of wet kisses until she reached the sensitive ear.

-I know you will love what I’m gonna do next – Yuko whispered seductively before nibbling the ear and smiled as the answer were more moans.

After a few chaste kisses, in which Yuko gave time to the model to recover from her most recent orgasm; she accommodated herself, carefully on her knees and hands, her wet and hot pussy right in front of Haruna’s face, as she did opened the model’s leg once more.

-Yu… Yuko… – Haruna bit her lips feeling a bit insecure and shy.

-Just lick me, Haruna – Yuko moaned already feeling extremely aroused by the position – I’ll make you feel good while you do the same to me…

Haruna looked at Yuko, still not sure of what to do. Yuko giggled and lowered her head. Once again the avid tongue made Haruna moan and arch her back.

-Come on… – Yuko growled – Lick me…

Shyly, Haruna’s tongue came in contact with the wet skin, Yuko moaned against Haruna’s hot organ and made her moan too, which started a chain of kisses and licks and moans. Haruna had her hands pressed in Yuko’s thighs, trying to keep her girlfriend’s moving hips in place as she tried to make her cum. It didn’t take much until Yuko surrender to the feelings and arched her back, almost coming into a sitting position, and she screamed Haruna’s name.


Coming down from cloud nine, Yuko rolled over and let her back rest on the bed. Haruna carefully, changed her position on the bed and embraced Yuko.

-You should sleep – Haruna said as she kissed the actress’ forehead.

-Wha…what about… yo-you… – Yuko stuttered, still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm.

-Is okay, Yuko. Just rest for a while…

And with that Yuko closed her eyes.


The almost crushing feeling in Yuko’s hand, made her open her eyes once again, not knowing the hour, nor for how long has she been sleeping. As her senses came back to her, the first thing she noticed was how wet her fingers were and the long and muffled sounds that the woman under her was making right into her ear, sent chills down her spine. She didn’t moved for a second hoping that the taller girl didn’t notice that she was now fully awake, and then suddenly, as Haruna keep pleasuring herself, Yuko pushed two fingers inside Haruna and bumped them in a fast motion. Haruna let out a loud cry of pleasure, and after a few minutes and a few rubs on her clitoris, Yuko finally touched the most sensitive place inside Haruna. The model arched her back, eyes tightly closed and mouth wide open. She silently screamed, as this time, the orgasm was so powerful that her voice didn’t come out. Yuko felt her girlfriend’s juices drip down her arm. She was about to pull her fingers out when Haruna closed her legs and moaned again.

-Do-don’t… – She cried. – I’m… too… sen-sensitive… wait…

Yuko smiled and started leaving small pecks on Haruna’s forehead, cheeks and lips. Until, Haruna’s legs relaxed and she could remove her fingers.

-This was the best Valentine’s present you gave me so far – Yuko said gaining a small and shy giggle – I swear! It was better than what we did that night!

Haruna slapped softly her squirrel’s shoulder.

-You should sleep now NyanNyan, you probably have work later… – Yuko sighed.

-I have the day off… actually…

-Really?! Then… – Yuko frowned – NOW I GET IT!! – Haruna jumped at the sudden yell and silently questioned the other woman – My manager also gave me the day off! And now I know why!


-You think they did it? – The man asked.

 -I bet they haven’t stopped yet – Answered the woman on the other side of the line.

Both managers laughed amused.


Shaking her head Yuko decided not to think about it and made a mental note to buy those two some kind of present for giving them this night to enjoy fully.

-I love you – Haruna said before closing her eyes and snuggling closer to her girlfriend.

-I love you too, NyanNyan – Yuko replied and kissed Haruna’s head before closing her eyes.





It was a warzone. The dining room and the surroundings of the table, Haruna slapped her right palm over her forehead; they totally forgot about the dinner she made. She went into the kitchen to check if their now cold dinner was still edible, which surprisingly it was.

Grabbing the broom, she decided to clean up. The plates and the pair of cups, even the wine was all broken and in pieces all over the floor.

-Maybe we should go out later and buy new ones – Yuko yawned as she walked in the dining room.

Haruna pouted and nodded.

-We totally forgot, nee? – Yuko wrapped her arms around Haruna’s waist and rested her head on the model’s back.

Haruna only nodded again.

-You know what? – Yuko suddenly said turning Haruna around to face her – We should just try to break the table and go out and remodel this place! – The actress said excitedly.

-Mou! Yuuchan!! – Haruna just flicked Yuko’s forehead.

-Ittai! – Yuko pouted and added- It was just an idea!


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