Midnight Call (TakaYuki)

It seems I forgot to post the English version beforehand so this is why I’m posting this just now.
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Anyway! I hope you guys like it!

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Sitting up on her bed and opening her eyes, Kashiwagi Yuki woke up from what she could catalogue as a bad nightmare. Her clothes and hair were glued to her skin and her breathing was heavy and fast. The tall girl placed her right hand over her chest, her beating heart hammering against her chest. Closing her eyes again, she tried to remember her dream, but for some reason she couldn’t remember it clearly.

She only could remember that she was being chased by something around a huge mansion or house, after that everything was blank. Sighing, she turned on the small lamp near her bed; taking her phone she read the hour. 12:20 am.

She growled, she had a test tomorrow morning, one of her finals of the semester and now she couldn’t get back to sleep. She brushed her hair with her fingers a few times, trying to relax and finally be able to sleep, but it wasn’t working.

Lying down on her bed again, and leaving the light on, she closed her eyes and demanded to her brain to shut down. But, it was in vain, she still couldn’t fall asleep. For some reason, she was still trying to remember her own dream. For her, to be woken up like minutes ago, was something really rare. But after minutes of thinking about it, Yuki came to the conclusion that, next time, she won’t look at the horror games her other roommates were playing earlier while she went down for dinner.

-Damn it…

Yuki glanced at the small table near her bed, grabbed her phone and checked the hour once again. 01:40 am. She frowned and decided to text someone. She typed a few words and then frowned again. Deleting the message, then wrote something else; glanced at the hour once more and then pressed the send button. She only hoped that her girlfriend was still awake. She waited a few more minutes and sighed as no answer came.

Yuki sighed and closed her eyes once again, trying to force sleep upon her, until the sound of a new message made her jump.

“Are you okay, Yuki? Why are you awake at these hours? I thought you had a test tomorrow. What happened? Need some help?”

She giggled. She only sent an “I can’t sleep” kind of message and her girlfriend thought it was something more serious. She typed again, sent it and waited.

She was expecting another message, but instead, she received an incoming call.

-Yo – A quite drowsy voice greeted her.

-Why did you called me? I didn’t mean to wake you up though. – Yuki apologized.

-It’s okay – The person on the line yawned and made Yuki giggle – I’m glad you’re having fun, at least. We haven’t spoken of anything funny yet.

-Oh, Takamina-san. Believe me when I tell you that there is nothing funnier than you right now – Yuki teased.

-Oi! I’m gonna hung up if you keep teasing me! –Takahashi Minami replied in a fake angry voice.

-So…? – Minami asked after a comforting silent engulfed both girls.

-I had a nightmare or something, but now I just can’t sleep at all – Yuki said.

-Did your tried relaxing?

-Yes, relaxing, breathing and counted sheep and bees and even birds, but I just can’t sleep.

Takamina yawned and hummed.

-Maybe, you should go to sleep, you sound tired and very sleepy

-I prefer talking with you right now than facing my Architecture exam tomorrow – Yuki laughed – Yes, I’m also glad that you are having fun because of this.



Their phone call lasted for almost an hour until finally Yuki yawned and stretched her back. Both girls spoke about their own tests, their friends and about a cat that ate a dog food that, according to Takamina, was the most amusing thing she had ever seen. Yuki laughed because her small girlfriend was bad at telling jokes and stories. But, for some reason, Yuki didn’t mind it.

-Well, now that I heard you yawn and I am now fully awake, I think you should rest now.

-I know… Sorry… – Yuki pouted, even though she knew Minami couldn’t see her.

-Don’t pout – Takamina replied – And I know you do that a lot whenever you feel like you did something wrong. But, honestly, I don’t mind at all. I was thinking about you anyway….

Yuki giggled at the last statement and promised, before cutting the line, that she would sleep and will try her best during her test tomorrow.



Minami was falling asleep but pushed her tiredness aside after the first message arrived. They used to be friends, relative a few months ago, for some reason Minami felt an undeniable attraction towards the taller girl. She loved her usually big expressions, also how she had some problems when talking to her class, as the class representative, Minami even liked that dark aura around Yuki whenever she felt stressed and annoyed. But, many people didn’t know that in real, Yuki was very shy and serious person. Always worried about her family and studies, even when she struggled with certain subjects, Yuki always managed to study hard and pass her tests.

She also knew a dark past that not many people knew about Yuki. That’s why when the first message arrived, when Minami was about to finally get some sleep and being already late, she thought that something wrong was going on with Yuki.

Her sleep went away so easily, as now she was talking non-stop so Yuki could ignore her “Especial Stories” and slowly recover her sleep. As the minutes passed by, Minami noted that Yuki was more relaxed and Minami took that as a cue for her to say “good bye”

Instants later, her phone sounded again.

“Thank you so much for staying with me this late, even though I know you also have some tests today later too. I really appreciate all the small things you remember and do for me. I would be so lost without you. I will try to sleep now. My eyes are already closing by themselves. Thank you again, Minami.

Ps: I love all the things you do for me. Thank you for that too.”

Minami felt like blushing after reading the text. Glancing at the hour one last time she noticed it was almost 3 am, she sighed.

-I guess I will fall asleep later during the exam…. – Minami whispered.

Finally, finding a comfortable position, she smiled as she closed her eyes.




-You look awful, Takachibi – Mocked Oshima Yuko after their exam.

-Shut up… – Minami replied faintly.

Her eyelids felt heavy and she had dark circles under her eyes. She decided that, since the exam was over she could close her eyes and rest for 5 minutes.

-Yukirin! Ohayou! – Suddenly Yuko said.

Minami opened her eyes and quickly sat up while looking around. Yuko then started laughing. Minami understood why a few minutes later. She glared at her best friend and placed her head back on her desk.

-You should have seen your face! – Mocked again.

A loud thud was heard then and Minami grinned, knowing what happened.

-Stop it, Yuuchan. Let Takamina have some rest. – Kojima Haruna said.


As Minami fell asleep, the couple turned their heads towards the door and waved at her best friend’s girlfriend. Yuki waved back and smiled sweetly as she witnessed all the exchange without being noticed by her now sleeping girlfriend.


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