Customer Crush (JurinaYuki)

So, Kiri-el asked me for a JurinaYuki some time ago. (Yes, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t know what to write for this pairing OTL)

I kinda got this idea from a prompt I saw on Tumblr…… so… Sorry if it comes out as weird…

Also sorry if there are errors!!

Now, please enjoy! Or at least try!






Kashiwagi Yuki, or Yukirin as her coworkers and close friends called her, knew that working in a restaurant as a waitress was the most challenging thing she would ever do in her entire life. She wasn’t a very patient person, she didn’t like it when people complained about everything, she didn’t like when people addressed her in a really sarcastic way, heck she didn’t even like to serve other people!

But there she was, with a white and long sleeved t-shit; a black apron, from her waist to her ankles, it was really hard to walk around with it but she got used to it with time; and black jeans. Her long hair was trapped in a ponytail, that at the end of the day was loosened and strands of her hair were free.

Even though she didn’t like to serve, she did like to watch the different people that came to the restaurant, the many expressions they had, from serious to even crying and happiness; she liked that part of the restaurant life.

She wasn’t one of the best waitress in the world, sometimes she forgets some of the orders and even the tables, that earned her many scolds from the customers and she was always apologized to them, even though in her mind, she was murdering them. It was her fault anyway.

Her father, who was one great businessman, in charge of many restaurants, had told Yuki that she would never be able to understand how they work, since she was not suited to work. He even dared to laugh and tell her that she would never survive a day in a restaurant, working. It was a challenge and no one challenged Kashiwagi Yuki, not even her own parents.

Truth to be told, Yuki was mad and, recklessly, accepted that bet. She thought that it couldn’t be so hard, seeing how they work they seemed way too happy and the work was so easy. And secretly, she loved to cook, even if she really hadn’t a talent for it.

But when the first week started, she realized how hard it was in reality.

Shinoda Mariko was one of her friends, she was older than her, but they met thanks that her family was working under Yuki’s family company. Mariko’s father started in the business along with Yuki’s father, they used to be waiters at one of the many luxury hotels that were in Tokyo and they turned into good friends.

After some years, Yuki’s father became the successor of the family company and not long after, Mariko’s father asked for a favor. To help him to open a restaurant. And since Yuki’s father owned him many things, he agreed.

After many struggles the restaurant finally became one of the most famous of the area. Not only because the great food, but also because the customers liked the service and how bright and happy everyone seemed to be.

And that’s how Yuki started working. She thought she would go there to be something like a manager or something, but of course, her father and Mariko wouldn’t allow it.


-Yukirin! She’s back! – Yelled a young girl – Look! Same table and all!

Yuki, who was in the kitchen leaving some of the used dishes from one of her tables, looked up and through the half-opened door she could see that what Watanabe Miyuki said, was true.

The young customer was back.

It was long past the time of the bet and she was working in the restaurant for more than a year now. But she simple couldn’t leave. She liked it and she learnt so many thing from so many people that she simple didn’t want to leave.

And it’s been already a few months since the young and, as Miichan had said, handsome-like girl has been coming. At the same hour and in the same table. Sometimes the table she normally liked to sit was occupied, and so she would wait for it, even if there were more tables, she would refuse them.

Of course that table was always attended by Yuki and that made her coworkers and even Mariko, to tease the girl because it was obvious, according to them, that the young customer had some sort of liking towards Yuki.

That customer even went as far as asking for Yuki, when the restaurant was busier than normal and she was attending other people and someone helped her with the reminding tables, the young customer would ask for her and wait patiently until Yuki came running, apologizing for making her wait and giving her one of those bright smiles she learnt to have.

To Yuki, the girl was really beautiful, she thought the girl must be around her twenties, not older than twenty-five, but she wasn’t really sure; she was the embodiment of beautiful with all its letters. Her sympathetic smile and understanding calmness was something Yuki had never seen before, not even in an adult. Her laugh, every time Yuki joked and, being honest, flirted a bit was pure and innocent and it always made Yuki wonder if she was real or just the product of her own imagination.

She would put extra efforts to serve her, she would always give her something extra, like a side dish or a drink; she would always try to laugh at her surprisingly bad puns and even would try not to blush at some words the customer would tell her. And she would always leave some nice and big tips. Yuki started to like that customer, she couldn’t help it.

-You know… The other day, when you were sick and took the day off, she seemed a bit sad and worried when I attended her. – Miyuki said as both were waiting, outside the kitchen door, for their orders to be ready – She even asked me things such as “Is she okay? The cold is not that bad right?” I assured her that it wasn’t but that the owner just wanted you to rest. I told her that I could give her your number if she wanted…

-WHAT?! – The exaggerated reaction made some of the closest tables to turn to them and laugh at Yukirin’s expression – Why would you do that?! – She added blushing and even lowering her voice until it became a whisper.

-Well, it could be a great opportunity don’t you think? – Milky smiled, in that innocent yet devilish way she was known as.

The sound of the bell inside the kitchen prevented Yuki to answer the last question.



But what Yuki didn’t know, was that her coworkers were right.

Matsui Jurina had, in fact, a crush on the older waitress.

She came to the restaurant once, when she was feeling bad at how college was going, the hard subjects and all the pressures that came with it. Especially, from her parents that wanted her to be a great doctor and follow their long tradition.

But she didn’t want to become a doctor, nor a surgeon, as her cousion Mayu was. She just wanted to have fun and probably study arts. She liked anything related to arts.

Of course she couldn’t tell them that she wanted that. It would come out as a dishonor to her family. Only, ironically, Mayu understood her feelings.


Once when she, Jurina, was crying in her room for the harsh words that her family said towards her pursuing anything related with arts, Mayu came to her room.

-You don’t have to be so hard on you, Jurina – Mayu said while caressing her head – I understand what is like not to follow your dreams…

Jurina looked up, silently questioning the older girl.

-I wanted to be a mangaka, you know? – Mayu said smiling bitterly – Obviously, as you see, my parents were really mad at me, they thought that the drawings and everything I had done so far were only a mere hobby – She sighed – You see… They’re afraid that the tradition gets lost. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be like them.

-But… – Jurina pouted, surprised by the confession – But you’re a surgeon now, you…

-No, Jurina. I didn’t give up. I just gave them what they wanted. – Mayu smiled.

She got up and walked towards the bookshelf that was in Jurina’s room. She picked one of the many mangas her young cousin had and then turned around.

-I’m glad you’re a fan of my work – She said while holding up the manga – It’s an honor to know that at least, someone in this family, appreciates this.


And that’s how she found out that the Surgeon, Watanabe Mayu, was in reality “the Cyborg” as she was known in the manga world. It was such a discovering that it made Jurina think about it. And she decided to become a doctor, pediatrician, since she liked to help kids and just as Mayu she would still do her stuff in her free time.

And as usual, it was one of those days where she felt overwhelmed by everything when the girl randomly entered a restaurant.


-Good afternoon, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki and I will be your waitress today. Here is the menu, when you’re ready to order just call me – The sweetest voice Jurina ever heard said.

Looking up she came face to face to an angel. The smile seemed to brighten the whole place and for some reason it made her blush. Jurina couldn’t take the waitress face and smile, out of her mind, she wanted to see her, to invite her to a meal, to go out with her, to touch her probably soft hands and to kiss those rosy lips.

She went there for weeks already, until she finally knew Yuki’s schedule. Jurina was always looking at the older girl. Always noticing the small changing expressions, from when she attended some customers to when she was near the kitchen door and hadn’t that façade of kindness she gave everyone. She was funny to tease and to make her react, she was cute when she blushed and she was so mature at dealing with the most difficult customers. More than once Jurina wanted to go to some of those rude people and punch them in the face for saying anything rude to Yuki, but she was amazed at how easy Yuki could deal with them.

Jurina was decided to ask her out, to a dinner or to a meal. But she felt nervous every time she wanted to ask, she felt so shy under those calm and kind dark eyes and she just froze and after paying she would leave.


-Who would had thought that the kissing monster, that had all the girls in school dying for her, wasn’t able to ask this beautiful girl to go out? – That was what Mayu said when both came to the restaurant once. And finally Mayu met the girl that was tormenting her poor cousin.

-If you don’t make a move Jurina, I’m afraid I will do it instead – Mayu warned her – She indeed is a beauty! I wish I could just touch that as-


-Sorry, sorry – Mayu giggled – Too much time with Yuko made me like this.

Jurina frowned.

-But honestly, do your move. Before me or anyone else, for that matters, make the move for you – Mayu whispered as she looked towards the waitress.

Jurina turned around just in time to notice that Yuki was blushing at something a couple of young men said.

Since that day Jurina saw everyone as a threat. But she was not brave enough to confess.



-Ah! As expected! – Miyuki said – She’s back!

Yuki looked up, from the order she was typing on a small machine. She observed the young customer sit in the same table, to pull out her cellphone and to look around, probably looking for her.

-Go with her Yukirin – Miyuki ordered – I will take care of this for you.


-Just go!

Biting her lower lip, Yuki left the order to Miyuki and grabbed one of the menus. She was feeling nervous as usual, that customer was really messing up with her feelings and mind.

-Good afternoon – Yuki said her normal speech

-Hey, there! – Jurina interrupted her – What could you recommend me for today?

The flashing smile made Yuki feel weak.

-We-well – she cleared her suddenly dry throat – Today’s specials are all really great, but if you want my opinion…

-Yes, please. Your opinion is important for me – Jurina added in a charming way.

Yukirin giggled as she couldn’t hold back her embarrassment.

-Well then, – Yuki grabbed the menu and added – If you trust in my judgement so much, I will come back with your meal soon.

Jurina was left dumfounded as the waitress left the table, she then laughed and waited.

“Definitely, Yuki is something else!” Jurina thought.

Yuki observed as the young customer ate and seemed delighted as the food was indeed great. She then answered a call and proceeded to eat everything in a quick pace. And after no longer that 20 minutes she got up, left some money in the table and wrote something in a napkin.

Yuki saw the odd behavior and decided to walk and ask the young girl if everything was okay before she leaves.

-Are you going so fast? – Yuki questioned

The young girl looked at Yuki confused at the question and opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, before smiling and scratch her cheek.

-Yes, sorry. The food was great as always. But something came up and I have to leave. I left the money in the table. If it’s more just let me know next time and I’ll pay it. – Jurina flashed one of her killing smiles and then bowed her head a bit and left the older woman there.

Sighing, Yuki started cleaning the table, taking the used dishes and glasses; she placed them in her tray and grabbed the money. Just then, she noticed the napkin that was under it. A frown appeared on her face before she left the tray on the used table and ran to the front door and pushed it open.

In the napkin there was a simple message: “I’m sorry for always hogging you but I really, really like you. Can you sit with me next time I come? Next lunch is on me!” And under it, there was a phone number and finally, a name.

Yuki looked to both sides of the busy street, wondering in what direction the girl went. She was about to give up when she noticed a knowing silhouette.

She walked quickly, but the distance wasn’t decreasing at all.

-Jurina!! – Yuki yelled, making many people turn their heads to look at her.

The mentioned girl stopped and slowly turned back to Yuki surprised to see her there. Not wasting more time, Yuki ran towards Jurina and when they were in front of the other both smiled.

-I like how my name sounds coming from you – Jurina said as she gently placed a strand of Yuki’s loose hair behind the older woman’s ear.

Yuki blushed.

-I… – Yuki wanted to say something, but she couldn’t make up her mind.

-You don’t have to say anything – Jurina then leaned over and kissed Yuki’s lips.

Yuki’s eyes grew bigger than normal, her heart stopped beating for a few seconds and her whole body tensed, before relaxing and closing her eyes, returning the small kisses Jurina was giving her.

The couple didn’t mind the people around them as they shared a sweet and slow kiss. Words weren’t needed as both girls looked at each other while giggling. They just knew that this was the right thing to do and to feel.

Plus they had more time ahead to get to know each other.


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  1. Oh, thank you, I’m enjoy it so much! :-) Actually this situation is one of my favourites (restaurant, customer, waitress, message on the napkin). ^^ The story is developing nicely, I like that!

    • secnecrom Says:

      I’m glad you like it! I wasn’t sure of how to continue it/finish it XD so it ended like that :v
      Thank you for commenting btw! ^^

  2. This is awesome! The story is great and this a rarely seen pairing, but I support these two whole-heartedly. I hope you can write more of these two or JuriMayu.

    • secnecrom Says:

      JuriMayu? Maybe I’ll write it!
      I’m always up to the challenge of writing other/unusual pairings.
      It probably will take me some time, but I’ll make sure to write that JuriMayu!
      Thanks for commenting and reading!! I’m glad that you like it! :D

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