Suddenly, Love (Atsumina Part 6)

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I’ve been having some problems with time and writing…. so I don’t know how to continue this one… I’ll still try to end it! So please bear with my looooong, very long periods without updating this… OTL

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It’s been a few days after the party and Atsuko is back in her package schedule, going here and there without rest and feeling tired and with a huge want to kill her small manager. But there’s something that keeps the young woman curious. Atsuko looked up from her phone, to Minami, and remembered that night, when the greatest Diva and her Manager were right in front of her. The look in both of them was cold and calculated and also amused, Atsuko could swear that it was also annoyed, from Ray’s part. But inside Minami’s eyes there were this hint of pain and surprise, even though she also had a cold image.

Since then, Atsuko has been wondering what happened between them. She couldn’t ask Minami, the little devil would just scold her and tell her that is not her business, which is true, in a sarcastic way. Her other options were Togasaki and Miichan, Atsuko was sure that the man would not speak until Minami gives him green light to say the truth. And then it was Miichan.

The young model kept looking at Minami, who was making some calls, and then she remembered that night, after the party. What happened that night was something she would never forget and that, only, made her more and more curious. A light blush appeared in Atsuko’s face. That night, something happened to her, something that made her see the devil manager in a totally different light.


After the incident with the Diva, Atsuko felt tired. It was already late and since she was the new person in these kinds of parties, she felt bored. The young model looked around, trying to find some of the people that were sitting next to her just moments ago. Miichan was nowhere to be seen, Togasaki was talking with some producer about some projects of the company and Minami was two chairs away, in complete silence, deep asleep.

Sighing Atsuko got up and walked towards Togasaki.

-Excuse me, Togasaki-san? – She shyly interrupted both men.

-Yes, Maeda-san? – He looked at her with a smile.

-I’m feeling a bit tired, so I was wondering if it is okay for me to go home now.

Both walked back to their table, after the man apologized and finished the conversation, and Togasaki tried to wake Minami up, but failing. He sighed and pulled his phone out of the pocked of his pants. Pressing some buttons he called the driver and then placed the phone back in the left pocket.

-She’s drunk – Togasaki said to Atsuko – Could you let her sleep in your place for tonight? – Both were outside, waiting for the car, Togasaki was holding Minami who was still sleeping, his arm around the small woman’s waist and placing her arm around his shoulders.

-What? Why?

-You’ll see… – Togasaki said – I don’t know where she currently lives. She used to live with her parents, but after a few things happened, she lives by herself, constantly changing her address and the one she currently is in, well… I don’t know where it is.

-Bu-but why me? Why don’t you let her stay at your place? You both know each other for more time than I do!

-Your place is the closest one from here, plus I still have to look out for Miichan… So… just for tonight, Maeda-san! She will not cause you trouble. Actually, she won’t wake up until tomorrow. Please, Maeda-san!


And that’s how she’s in her current predicament. The model told her driver that she was okay, and that she could bring the small manager all the way up to her apartment; and with that, the driver left both women in there and left.

The model thought it would be easy, she was small and because of that, the manager must be light as a feather. But, even if the manager weight wasn’t too much, Atsuko was in a dress and in heels, and trying to walk without falling was all a challenge. Eventually, and very tired, she managed to reach the door and walk inside her home. She debated with herself whether she left the devil manager to sleep in her couch or her bed. The bed was big enough for both and besides the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep.

Walking a few more steps, she placed the manager in one side of her bed; unfortunately to her, she stepped in her dress and tripped, falling right above the drunk woman. Her body froze and she didn’t dare to move to not wake her manager up. She sighed as the other woman didn’t made a move and just when Atsuko was about to get up, to change her clothes, Minami wrapped her arms around her back and pulled her down. She almost let out a yell but contained it and looked at Minami who was still sleeping.

-Don’t go… – Minami whispered in her sleep.

Atsuko tried to pull away; she really didn’t want to be there, in her arms, when Minami wakes up for real, but Minami’s arms were strong.

-Please… don’t go…

Atsuko looked at Minami’s face, something in her voice made her stop struggling. A lone tear fell from her closed eyes and got lost in between the sheets. The model frowned and bit her lower lip. She was wondering the reasons of why the tear fell and if she was really sleeping or just messing with her.

-Why… – Atsuko whispered back.

-Because… I love you… – Atsuko hold her breath for a few seconds and then the last words of that night made her heart cringe in pain – Ray…


When she woke up, Minami was not in her apartment and not even a note was left. Togasaki eventually, called her and told her that she has the day off again and that her schedule would be back to normal the next day, with a photoshoot at 8am.



-WHAT?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! – Minami yelled to the man on the other side of the line.

-I’m sorry but, we had a last minute change in our agenda – The man apologized – The producer wanted me to take pictures of certain model and well I can’t say no to him.

-Who? Who is more important than MY model? – Minami said angry and waiting for the answer to be different for the one she already had in her head.

-Is Ray-san, of course.

Of course… Since Ray appeared back in Japan, apparently everyone wanted her to appear in their shows, movies and in every place possible. People already had cancelled their meetings with her, even many of the small companies she was in charge of, cancelled many things just to have Ray doing something with them.

As the owner of her company, this was good, as business she had to also be involved in those projects and Ray was really famous in Japan. She could understand the reasons behind all the cancellations she had. But as the manager of Maeda Atsuko, this was unthinkable. She was starting to get noticed, people also loved her and she had millions of projects ready for her signature. But with this Ray-mania those projects could be lost and Atsuko would be over as fast as she counted to 3.

Minami looked at Atsuko, who was right behind her, from the side mirror of the ban she used. Atsuko was also looking at her with a curious expressing, probably wondering why she was yelling and angry. Atsuko had so much more to give and she, Minami, didn’t want her talent to be wasted.

-Hello? Takahashi-san?

-Thank you for calling me, that’s all I wanted to know – Minami replied.

-Now, to reschedule the photoshoot, would you li- – Minami cut the line and turned her phone off.

The small manager then turned around in her seat and looked at Atsuko who was expecting an answer.

After she stayed in her apartment, Minami, couldn’t handle the embarrassment she felt. She had been avoiding Atsuko the most possible and just when it was strictly necessary she would communicate with her. Her heartbeat was fast and she was trying to forget that she woke up in Atsuko’s bed and with the model in her arms.

-You will have a few days off, okay? There have been some problems with your schedule and I will try to fix it. As soon as this problem is over, I will inform you of your new schedule.

-So that means that everything got cancelled? – Asked Atsuko surprised.

-Yes, I’m gonna cancel them all. So, you better don’t go around to parties and being crazy, stay at home and don’t let paparazzi find you. Don’t cause problems okay? – Minami then turned back to the driver and added – Let’s go back to Maeda-san’s apartment.

And that was their last conversation of the day.


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