I Had Enough (Chupopo OS)

Well, It sure been a loooooong time without writing or updating. I will try to write or at least post things more often.

As always this isn’t revised, edited and is full of randomness. The characters could be OOC.

About this one, I really wrote it in one go. It was hard since I practically don’t know how both interacts with each other, plus their personalities are a mistery to me.

Anyway… I tried and probably I failed. Nevertheless… I hope you like it!

All I write is Smut, smut, smut… Everyone asks me to write smuts too… am I really that good?

Please answer in the comments!!

WARNING: FAILED SMUT SCENE, GIRLxGIRL LOVE. If you don’t like them, skip this!

Thanks for reading!





She was annoyed, Kotani Riho knew it was all for the sake of the program, it supposed to reveal many interesting and embarrassing facts about them anyway.

AKBINGO Shoujiki Shougi.

And sure, she put in the list a few very embarrassing facts about Maachun but they agreed not to ask them out in the actual show. Even though it was supposed that none of them knew what kind of questions they had for each other, after all, they had to ask for permission. They knew each other so it wasn’t hard to guess what kind of stuff they would ask. But they both spoke before the recording and they agreed!

Or so the younger girl thought.

In the actual game Maachun asked about the most embarrassing fact she didn’t want to reveal. So in exchange, she asked Maachun about her most embarrassing fact on the list. For some reason, Ripopo felt so good and kind of powerful for making the older girl blush and stutter for a second.


She wanted to make Maachun feel vulnerable.

At any cost.


-Why did you do it? – Ripopo asked irritated.

Her voice was a bit louder than she had expected in first place, but the result of it made her glad that everything was going on as planned. All the girls in the dressing room turned their heads towards her, and even though she didn’t like all the attention she was receiving, Riho had to endure it for a while.

Ogasawara Mayu looked at her with a confused expression.

-What do you mean?

-We had an agreement, remember?! – Ripopo slammed her hands on the little white table that separated both girls.

Maachun then realized what the younger one was referring to and giggled. It was always fun to make her angry by teasing her. She looked cuter.

-C’mon, Ripopo! This was a variety show! If I didn’t do that it would have been very bored! – Maachun replied still amused.

-Still! This wasn’t part of it! You overdid it! – By this point Riho knew she didn’t have more excuses and the girls in the room weren’t leaving them alone, as she expected them to. So the younger girl, in a desperate move, calmly and as coldly as she could she added – I had enough of this. I hate you…

The room went silent.

Maachun was the most surprised out of all the people and her face reflected it. Her eyes and mouth were wide open and Ripopo had to make a great effort to not laugh or even smile. Grabbing her bag, the younger one of the Chupopo’s pair sat in the make-up table that was behind the still surprised girl and didn’t talk again anymore.

The minutes seemed like hours already, the rest of the girls started leaving the room as quickly as they could. Even some of them just changed their clothes and left.

If they weren’t left alone in the next couple of minutes, Ripopo had to change her strategy plan, but she didn’t want to. Either way she continued what she was doing. And before the last group of girls left, she heard the whispers of “Just talk to her” that were said to Maachun.

Without being observed she ginned. If they only knew…

Ripopo began the second phase of her plan. She stood up, grabbed her bag and turned around, ready to leave the room.

-Ripopo, wait! – Maachun swallowed hard. Feeling nervous around the younger girl was something new.

Ripopo stopped walking, the little white table separated both again. She didn’t say a thing.

-I… – Maachun really didn’t know what to say or how to apologize, since to her, she didn’t do anything wrong. But in the end, she didn’t want to be on bad terms with the young girl. – I… am sorry. I’m sorry for not keeping my word – She bowed, missing the grin on the other girl’s face that appeared for a few seconds – But you have to agree with me that I had to do this. Or else, the segment would have been cut out or something. Do you really wanted that?

Following her act, Ripopo sighed. She let her bag slide all the way down from her shoulder to the floor and stayed silent.

-Besides, you also broke the agreement, didn’t you? – Maachun asked again, a smug smile on her face.

The young girl frowned, she expected that kind of argument, and this is where her real plan started. Slowly, the slightly shorter girl walked around the table until she was a few centimeters away from Maachun.

-I did that because you broke it first. – The girl whispered coldly, wiping the smile that the older sill had. Ripopo heard the other girl swallow loudly and she needed all of her auto-control to not smile there and then. – You broke the agreement first and I won’t forgive you for this. – With each word the younger girl’s index finger was pushed against Maachun’s shoulder, pushing the older girl against the make-up table. In a fast movement Ripopo’s face was already centimeters away from Maachun’s – Don’t ever say that it was my fault – The younger’s voice was low and dangerous – Because I’m done with… – Ripopo’s eyes went from the older girl’s eyes to her lips and then back to her eyes – all your teasing…


Kotani Riho never imagined that her body would react in the way it did. Ripopo’s body trembled in excitement, she even groaned at the feeling of those soft, rosy lips. Eyes tightly closed due her fear of what Maachun could say or how she would look at her. Her hands boldly placed around the older girl’s waist; body pressing against body, so close that she doubted that even a needle could fit in between.

Maachun on the other had was indeed surprised. Not only by the words and the way her friend spoke, but also for her actions. But even when her surprise was big, her body reacted to it naturally. Surprising the younger girl for a second.

The kisses weren’t shy or slow. The kiss didn’t begin on the way kisses should.

Tongue against tongue, fighting for dominance. Hands moving around, tying to touch the hot skin as much as they could. Hoarse breathing and wild moans. Even the lack of air wasn’t a problem because both inhaled each other’s hot breath.

But the separation was inevitable. Was needed.

-Riho… – Maachun groaned, still feeling the young girl’s lips against hers, still eyes closed. Imagining different scenarios and words.

The mentioned girl bit her lower lip at the image in front of her. An aroused Mayu, mouth slightly open, eyes closed and a deep blush painting her cheeks and ears. It was making her wet.

Maachun still had her school-uniform-like outfit, which made things easier for the young girl to continue her plan. Without losing any second she latched to Maachun’s neck.

Kissing, sucking, biting and licking. The order could change and even the place of those actions could change. Riho was testing reactions and sounds. Enjoying them all. Cold hands making the hot skin under the clothes react and shake.

And the feeling of Mayu’s hands on the back of her head and around her shoulder was even better.

This was supposed to be a teasing too. A pay-off for all those years she had to endure Maachun’s teasing without counter-attack. This was supposed to be a lesson.

But Riho couldn’t stop. Not now.

Faster than any drug, Riho became addict to the sounds, the smell, the feeling and the taste of Mayu’s skin, lips and moans. She felt powerful.

-Ri-Riho… Ah! – Maachun wanted to say something.

She wanted answers. Explanations. But her body felt way too good to even respond to her mind’s commands and just wanted more.

Pushing down a bit, Riho’s hand freed the taller girl’s breasts. She groaned at the feeling of hard and soft skin. Her mouth watered imagining the taste.

And in a hasty, wild movement, the white shirt was opened.

A sound of surprise left Maachun’s mouth, followed by one of pure bliss.

As Riho’s mouth was busy, both her hands moved up and down the soft thighs of the older girl. It was incredible hot. Even more between the legs. She never imagined that Ogasawara Mayu would react in that way. Not that she was complaining.

The younger girl’s mouth left a trail of wet kisses from between Mayu’s breasts to all the way up, back to her mouth. And then back to the neck.

And this is when she got an idea.

Every movement was stopped, leaving Maachun frustrated.

The younger one smiled. Riho’s hands resting on Mayu’s waist again.

-Open your eyes – She ordered, voice deep and low, filled with lust and want.

Slowly, the taller girl opened her eyes. Afraid of the reality. And what Maachun’s found made her tremble.


-That’s what I want you to do – Hissed the aggressive girl – I want you to watch what is coming next. I want you to never forget this…

Turning Mayu’s body around, she made her face the mirror and the girl was surprised by her own reflection.

It didn’t passed even a second when the shorter girl’s left hand returned to her place over the soft breast, making the other girl close her eyes. Riho pinched the hard nipple with a bit more force than needed making the girl hiss.

-I said I wanted you to open your eyes – Riho whispered dangerously over the ear – Don’t close your eyes and watch me tease you and fuck you. – The girl’s right hand lost under the short skirt and pressed against the fabric.


And Riho’s hand was true to her words. Teasing the other girl and making the fabric wet. However, for some reason, the words and the way they were said, aroused the older girl beyond comprehension. And she did what she was told. She still couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t believe in the reflection on the mirror.

-Can you see, Maachun? – Riho groaned – Can you see how pervert you are? – The girl kissed the other girl’s exposed nape before adding – Can you see me playing with you and you enjoying it?

-Riho… I-I…sto-stop… I’m… – Maachun cried out and came hard.

The orgasm was so powerful that made her knees shake, and if it wasn’t that she was pressed in between Riho’s body and the table, she was sure she would had fallen on the ground.

Both girls were equally surprised. And after a few minutes when Mayu came down from her ecstasy, and opened her eyes, a shiver ran down her spine.

Riho’s was slowly kissing the exposed shoulder and was looking straight at her from the reflection in the mirror. Those eyes clearly told the older girl that this was far for being over.

Slipping her hand over the now wet underwear, Ripopo slowly started tasting the grounds. Soft hair and wet skin. She had to remember herself that this was supposed to be a teasing so she won’t dig her fingers wildly.

-Ri… – Maachun couldn’t even finish the name.

The teasing finger touched the place that made her feel weaker.

-Open your eyes, Mayu… – the younger girl whispered again – Don’t you want to see? … I know you want to…

And she was damn right.

Maachun was still half dressed, while being played by her friend’s fingers in the dressing room. She had never seen anything more stimulating in her life. Not even in an adult’s film.

-That’s right… Be a good girl and don’t stop looking…

Slowly, torturously slow, Riho inserted one finger inside the oversensitive organ. Mayu was panting, it was too slow, too good but too slow… She didn’t want to wait and bulked her hips.

-Please… Please… – She begged.

The young girl smiled.


And the girl complied. Riho slowly pulled her finger out, only to insert two fingers quickly and as deep as she could.

It was wilder than before. So the girl had to hold in place Maachun’s hips, without stopping thrusting her fingers. The feelings were too much for the older girl to handle that she placed her hands on the white table, looking for some kind of support.

The table moved along and made the mirror shake.

Both feeling more and more aroused.

-More… Faster… Yes… Please… – And many other incomprehensible words left Mayu’s mouth along with more loud moans.

A few moments later, Riho felt her fingers being squeezed more and more with each thrust. And she knew what it meant. Moving her hand as faster as she could, expecting for that moment.

-I’m… cu… – Maachun let out a wild scream, releasing everything she was feeling. The second orgasms felt way better than the first one, making her body weaker.

Riho took a step back from Mayu’s body, still a bit surprised by the things she made to Mayu. Watching her own reflection on the mirror. She was panting, blushing, sweaty and still fully dressed.

Seeing that the older girl was still shaking and her outfit in a really bad state, Ripopo helped Maachun to change her clothes and, as she could, made her rest on the nearest couch that was on the room.

-I hope you learn the lesson… – Ripopo whispered on the other girl’s ear before leaving the room.


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  1. Actually, yes, the smut scenes in your fics is really good, well written, sensual, and easy to imagine. :-) But anything what you write is good enough without smut scenes too. I just love your writing style.

    1. Oh, really?
      Cuz I don’t thinks so! I get confused at times during the writing process XD
      Thanks for commenting!
      I’m reading too :D

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