Backstage Story (wMatsui OS)

There’s a reason why I don’t post too often, and that’s because I would run out of things to post.

Anyway! I feel like posting some more stories here.

Bear with my lack of skills and a lot of errors.

Hope you enjoy it!




Rena sighed as she drank the hot beverage; winter was starting and the day was cold already, she went to one of the large tables settled for the whole group, so they can eat and rest during the handshake event.

She could see the still young Jurina running around. Jurina spoke with the staff members, asking for things she was unsure and general matters; and then, talking with the other SKE members. Jurina seemed a bit more aggressive and daring when it came to the members. Rena lost count of how many hugs, kisses and grinning Jurina did in less than fifteen minutes.

Rena was annoyed, she was back in the group after so many weeks. Since the kennin position in Nogizaka her schedule grew and was busier than before. She had to do many things not only with the official “rival” group, but also in between it was AKB48 and SKE48 jobs, plus her solo jobs. She barely had time to sleep, not like she was complaining, but she thought that since she was back, after days and days, Jurina will be hugging her instead. Today, they were supposed to be spending the breaks with each other, speaking and laughing, trying to avoid the public kisses and hugs, but secretly enjoying them.

Rena never expected to be ignored.

Sighing again, she took another sip of her hot tea and started to check her phone. Texts, schedules, Social Networks, she checked them all; and was in the middle of sending a message, when an idea pop-on in her mind.

After sending the message, Rena pressed on the camera icon and started to spy on her girlfriend that currently was behind her. She took a picture, then another one and another and another. Finally, after a good amount of pictures taken, she decided to check on them. Even though, she made various poses and she was in all of the pictures, her attention went to Jurina.

In one picture, Jurina was hugging Yukko, in the next one, she was laughing by something that was said by some staff, and in the next one Jurina was posing with Airin. Rena checked them all, feeling jealous. But one in particular grabbed her attention and she couldn’t stop staring.

-You must miss me, if you take so many pictures with me in the background, Rena-chan – Jurina said suddenly behind the older Matsui.

Rena jumped, startled by the sudden voice, she almost dropped the phone and her tea too. Jurina just giggled softly and wrapped her arms around Rena.

-You missed me, Rena? – Jurina whispered near Rena’s ear.

-I di-didn’t! – Jurina giggled again as she heard the stutter – I always saw you during AKB activities and –

Rena was interrupted abruptly when she felt that Jurina’s arms slightly squeezed her.

-I did miss you, Rena – Jurina’s voice changed and lowered her tone a bit, sounding husky – I saw you having fun with some Nogizaka members… That’s not good, Rena-chan.

-You ca-can have fu-fun, but I-I can’t?

Rena could feel Jurina’s smile in her nape. She was already blushing, they weren’t alone backstage, but apparently, no one was looking at them, they didn’t even care. It made Rena wonder if it was because everyone was so used to Jurina’s habit to hug and kiss people at random times or if it was because everyone was so busy with whatever they were doing.

She was about to tell Jurina to stop, when the arms around her were removed. Rena missed them already. She moved on instinct and turned around to stop Jurina, if she was leaving her alone. But to her surprise, Jurina just stood there, behind her, with that proud cat-like smile of hers.

Suddenly, Jurina leaned down and left a quick kiss on Rena’s cheek before walking away.

Rena touched the place where Jurina’s lips made contact with her skin and a small smile appeared on her face. A few minutes later, a message came to her phone.

“I love you”

It was short, but it was the only thing she wanted to know right now. She typed and attached her favorite picture of the day and sent it.


Jurina was preparing to receive the fans when her phone vibrated on the table. She grabbed it and a wide smile appeared on her face.

“I love you too” was the reply with a picture of Rena holding a cup up and Jurina smiling in the background.


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