Memories Of A Weird Friendship (RenaYuko/GekikaraYuko OS)

Well, I want to think that this is how Yuko and Gekikara met.

Also Yuko’s drama of back then served as inspiration.

Either way, this is not a romantic OS, since I see their relationship in the Majisuka series, just as mere deep friendship.

I hope you like it! I know I’m bad at describing, but I tried!!!

Thank you for reading!





Hospitals, Gekikara was used to them; the white colors, the medicine smell, the busy staff; everything was familiar to her. Except, maybe, that this hospital was different to the one she once stayed for a long time.

She looked at the person she respected the most, laying on the bed, in the middle of the room. Slowly she walked near the bed, hands inside of her green and black jacket.

She sighed at the view and, biting her lower lip, she decided to sit in the chair next to the bed.

Hospitals, she was used to them. But she didn’t like them.


To Matsui Rena being locked in a Mental Institution was normal. She knew that her other self was dangerous if it wasn’t controlled.

Her family story wasn’t the best, she was an unwanted baby since the very beginning. Her mother, as in the woman who carried her for 7 months, was a junkie, drugs and alcohol were present since she was still a mere atom. Rena never knew who her father was, not that she wanted to know either.

Once she was born the doctors noticed that something was wrong. Baby Rena never cried, not even when she was being hurt. Her condition was a rare case – Rena never could remember the name though.

She grew up like this, without feeling pain. Her mother had punched her, slapped her, kicked her and even burned her with a cigarette. Rena never cried; she didn’t even feel it. But after a while, something changed, inside her.

One night, little 9 years old Rena, came back home from school. It didn’t surprise her that her mother was with a man. She didn’t care about it anyway. But, apparently, the man was bothered about the little girl’s presence. When he heard her, he stopped all actions and left, according to her mother’s yelling, without paying.

Her mother slapped her a couple of times, while yelling about how Rena was a nuisance; and after a few minutes, her mother pushed her, quite hard, making Rena’s head hit the wall.

Just then, Rena blacked out.



When Rena woke up again, she found herself in a white room; the smell of medicine and alcohol filled her nose, making her feel sick. She tried to get up, but couldn’t. Big and strong belts were tied in both hands and feet. Confused, she tried to take them off.

The sound brought people’s attention. A doctor and male and female nurses appeared in front of her.

-What’s going on? – Rena asked.

The doctor approached her, slowly, cautious and afraid.

-Don’t you remember, Matsui-san? – The middle-aged man asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

-What should I remember?

Everyone in the room looked at each other.

-Matsui-san… y-you… – the doctor was wondering if it was a good idea to tell the little girl about her situation. Hoping that this will be a good decision, he continued talking- You… killed your mother…

A deadly silence fell in the room. Everyone was carefully looking at the girl’s reaction, hoping she won’t go wild again.

Rena first reaction was being shocked. Her eyes opened big and her mouth was left agape. Even though she hated the way her mother treated her, she was her mother in the end. In her mind flashed all the beating and yelling, every little abuse she received from her mother. And then, a small grin started to form, soon the grin changed into a smile and the smile to a laugh; a malevolent and creepy laugh.

Eventually, after 4 years in the Hospital, she learned a few things about her “other” self. Movements and habits she didn’t notice were noticed; like biting her nails. She also learned when the ‘Monster’ was awakened. Sometimes, it happened when she fainted and sometimes it happened when she saw blood. However, most of the times happened when the doctors, who found out about her rare condition, tried to use her as test subject.

It was almost like a defense mechanism.


One of the many days she spent in the Hospital, while walking back to her room, she heard someone crying and asking for help. A doctor and a male nurse rushed over the room. Rena slowly walked inside the room and what she saw, was something she would never forget.

The small girl on the bed yelled in pain, blood coming out from her shoulder. The doctor moved towards the girl fast and, when the doctor leaned over, to inspect the wound, the girl smiled.

Pulling the knife out of her shoulder, she cut the doctor’s face in a fast movement. Blood splashed on the girl’s smiling face. The male nurse reaction was to try to punch the girl with a pole that was on his belt, but failed as the girl shielded herself with the injured and screaming doctor’s body. The small but strong girl then jumped over the man’s chest and started to punch his face over and over again.

-This is so much fun! – The girl said while laughing.

But when the girl noticed Rena’s presence in the room, the laugh and smile faded from her face until it became a blank expression. Both girls looked at each other’s eyes.

Their staring contest was broken when other nurses came running and pulled Rena away from the room while they tried to tie up the small girl in the bed and attended the doctor and nurse wounds.

Lifting her head, from the bed, the small girl grinned at the now closed door.


A few months after the incident, in which Rena heard the doctors said that they could finally control Yuko’s behavior, she started to notice that certain small girl was following her.

The days keep on passing and Rena was starting to get annoyed.

Until one day, she couldn’t control the monster anymore.

Rena walked slowly, dragging her feet, towards the dining area and the small girl. Her long hair was covering her face and she was also biting the nails of her right hand.

Yuko found that behavior odd.

Since she arrived and after her wild attack, she found Matsui Rena fascinating in so many levels. The girl didn’t seem to be scared of her, even after she saw the whole attack. Most people would run or hide from her, but not Matsui Rena. And also, she heard from the staff that Matsui Rena was a monster. Her curiosity levels went over the top.

Since she calmed and the doctor gave her green light to walk around almost freely, always with a guard, just in case, she started to follow Rena. She was curious at why the rest of the staff where so scared of such delicate and silent girl.

But now Rena was surrounded by a total different aura and for some reason it made Yuko’s blood run cold.

The sound of a giggle made her frown.

-Ne, Are you mad? – Rena said in a whisper

-What? Why would I be ma- – Before Yuko could finish her question Rena grabbed the tray of food on the table, with one hand, and throw it to the floor.

Rena lowered her hand and stared at Yuko. Yuko only stared at her back, until the serious and rather angry face of Rena distorted into a creepy smile, followed by the creepiest laugh Yuko ever heard.

-Are you mad? – Asked Rena again and grabbed Yuko by the collar.

Rena tried to throw Yuko’s small body away, but the other girl didn’t allow her to. Instead Yuko, in a quick movement freed herself from the strong claws, making Rena’s head to hit the steel table in the process.

Yuko sighed. Fighting again, she was tired of fighting. Turning around she was about to walk away and probably get someone from the staff to check on the girl. But she only managed to walk a few steps before she felt something hard hitting her head.

-Itai… – Yuko groaned on the floor.

Again laugh filled Yuko’s ears, making her turn her head towards the source. There she was Rena, her head bleeding, laughing and clapping her hands.

-You mad – Rena said in between laughs – I’ll kill you…

Yuko gulped. Rena was not the girl Yuko was expecting to be. Looking around, she wondered where the staff could be. She got up, checking her head by touching the place where the tray hit her with her hand, looking at the expected blood on her fingers, she saw the nurses frozen on their spot, far away from them.

-What are you doing?! – Yuko yelled at them – Are you gonna let her lose control li- – A strong fist made contact with her face, making her fall hard, between the tables and chairs – Damn it…

Grabbing the nearest thing she had, she hit Rena with a steel chair when the taller girl tried to grab her from her collar once again. Rena fell to the ground, spitting blood.

-You, jerks! Come here she might… – the laugh started again and Yuko gulped once again. What in the world was this girl?!

Rena got up again and biting her nails she approached Yuko once again. She tried to kick her, but Yuko block her with her arm. A crack sound was heard on the silent area.

-Fuck… – Yuko groaned.

Rena laughed, she touched the blood that was falling from her head and she inspected her bloody hands and clapped still laughing.

Yuko was holding her probably fractured arm while getting up again. Rena charged at her and Yuko tried to avoid it, but Rena was faster and she tackled the short girl to the ground. Hitting her head with the cold floor, Yuko almost lost her conscience. Rena then closed her hands around Yuko’s neck and started to add pressure on it.

Yuko started to feel the lack of air and desperately tried to get free form that deadly grip by punching the side of the taller girl as strong as she could, however it didn’t work. In another attempt to get free and taking advantage of Rena’s closeness, she tried to scratch the smiling girl’s eyes, but failed for a couple of centimeters. She tried again and this time her nails ripped Rena’s skin, above and under the girl’s left eyebrow.

Rena groaned, as the blood started to fall into her left eye, not because of pain but because it was blocking her view. Rena tried to clean the blood away from her eye with her hands. Yuko had then the chance to move away from Rena, but the other girl grabbed Yuko’s ankle before she could get away.

Yuko desperately tried to grab something to throw towards Rena while the girl pulled her. Yuko then grabbed an object and when she saw Rena aiming her fist at her, she put the object in front of her, hoping that it would stop the fist before it lands on her. She closed her eyes and waited.

And waited, and after a few minutes in which the punch never came. Yuko opened one eye and saw Rena’s fist frozen in the air. Not knowing what happened, she looked at Rena’s face and found her looking at the object on her hands. Looking at said object Yuko found a pack of Melon-pan on her hands. Frowning she looked back at Rena and then back to the Melon-pan.

“No way…” she thought.

She moved the package to the right and she was surprised that Rena followed the sweet with her eyes, her fist still on the air. Yuko opened the package and attentively looked at Rena’s reaction.

Rena lifted her eyebrows and lowered her fist. Yuko blinked a couple of times, not fully understanding what happened. Nevertheless, she pulled out the fluffy bread and brought it towards her lips.

Rena opened her mouth as if trying to say something, but stopped herself, and her left hand stretched towards the sweet bread. Yuko, as surprised as she was, looked at Rena and then to the sweet once again.

Yuko offered Rena the Melon-pan, with her eyes and expression silently asking “You want it?” And Rena’s answer was biting her lower lip and with a single nod she grabbed the offering.

After the fifth Melon-pan Rena was munching, Yuko giggled. Apparently the monster was weak against something as sweet as Melon-pan.

Rena, on the other hand, keep munching the bread in silence.


Months passed and the pair had a strange friendship, as the staff said.

Yuko seemed to be something like an older sister, while Rena will follow her everywhere, in silence, while eating Melon-pan, and listening to the girl’s rants about how she missed the outside world and boobs and butts.

There were times in which Rena will snap at the staff and they would call Yuko to control the monster, that Yuko called Gekikara. Rena loved spicy food, which was the reason behind her name. But it was kind of ironic that Gekikara loved Melon-pan even more.

And there were also times in which Yuko would lose control too. And Rena would just run towards her and hug her with all her power until Yuko would cry and get calm.

-Rena, you should accept yourself and your past – Yuko said one afternoon, in their daily walking around the garden of the Hospital – If you don’t accept yourself and move on, you won’t be able to control it and you will stay here, locked up in this white jail – Yuko stopped and looked at Rena – don’t you want to go outside?

Rena shaking her head she keep on munching her Melon-pan while looking down. Yuko sighed.

-I want you to be by my side, outside here. – Smiling, she patted the taller girl’s head – you must be a good girl, ya’ hear me? – Turning around and walking again, Yuko added – I will be released soon, Rena. I’ll be waiting for you.

-Yuko-san… – were the first words Rena ever said to Yuko. Her Melon-pan fell to the ground and she felt something wet fall from her eyes.

-I’ll be waiting, Gekikara.



-Gekikara? – A husky voice pulled her out of her thoughts. Looking at the bed, she found Yuko sitting up – Stop biting your nails. I thought you got rid of that habit.

Lowering her hand, Gekikara bowed her head in apology, making Yuko laugh.

-I’ll be okay. I know that the end is nearing – Gekikara frowned and Yuko sighed – But, it’s okay. Probably it’s the best– Yuko smiled – I don’t regret anything I did. Well, probably I do regret a few things but, nothing important – she released a sad laugh – so don’t worry okay? Just keep moving on and graduate, like the others did.

Gekikara sighed and nodded. She tried to say something but a knock on the door didn’t allow her to voice it.

-Ah, Gekikara. You’re still here? I thought you were on your way to Majijo already– Sado said while smirking.

-Gekikara… – Yuko sighed – You promised me…

Gekikara bowed again, apologizing.

After a few seconds Gekikara found a package of Melon-pan right in front of her field of vision, and looking up, she saw Yuko’s smiling face. Gekikara grabbed the offering and after bowing once again she walked towards the door.

Before she could close the door, Yuko called her.

-Gekikara, I’ll be waiting – she said once again and smiled brightly.


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  1. I love Majisuka so much and I miss Gekikara. This is a really interesting way to think how Gekikara and Yuko meet, I like this. You just give back my majisuka feelings, thanks! ^^

    1. IKR?!
      I had fun writing this one, especially after Yuko’s drama started. I also love Majisuka! So I’m planning other Majijo-Universe (like Marvel Universe) stories!
      Thanks for reading again!
      And I miss Majijo days too!

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