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Okay, I know I haven’t been posting often, as often as I wanted. But, really, I do try my best to write but work and school are now in the way!!!!

Either way, I’ll try to really write more! Especially, those fail smuts that it seems, y’all love so much!

One thing before you proceed to read another crappy OS: I posted this story, somewhere else, and I got reactions about the part in which I say that Mayuyu is changed for Jurina, during the reherseals for UZA. People told me it was actually Yuko and not Jurina. Well, this is MY story, so if I want it with Jurina, then it’s gonna be Jurina.

I don’t really know about that change so I just invented that part.

Warnings: Read under your own consideration, expect bad grammar and a really messy(?) plot.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story!

Thank you for reading!






I felt tired. The dance practice was being harder than usual, the choreography was complicated and just a couple of members had learned it. Members such as Yuko, Jurina, Takamina and Tomochin; the others, me included, were still struggling.

I was glad to have a little break; I needed it to recover my breath. I walked towards where my bottle of water was and drank half bottle in one go and stretched my sore muscles while looking around the whole room. Jurina was still practicing; her movements were smooth and energetic. Near her, was Yuko all by herself also mastering the dance steps; and so the other members were also practicing or talking to each other.

I was a bit worried about Mayu, even though we weren’t best friends, we were still close. She was leaned against the wall with red eyes; she was looking to the others dancing, but wasn’t really looking, she was just frustrated.

After the practice started, the instructor came and announced Jurina would take Mayu’s spot. The Oshiri sisters weren’t the double center anymore. As usual of herself, she just nodded with a blank face.

I have to say, it’s been a while since the last time I saw that expressionless face, wearing her cyborg mask again.

I keep looking around and then I found her, my best friend and crush since forever. She was sitting on the floor, surrounded by some of the staff and dancers; they were talking with her, probably about the dance, I walked closer just so I could give her some support. After a couple of steps I hear it, a sob. I looked at her once again and noticed her position. She was hugging her legs against her chest, red eyes, just like Mayu. A few tears rolled down her cheeks and she tried to wipe them while nodding at whatever the people around her were saying. I gulped and suppressed my own tears.

I wanted to hug her and assure her that everything would be okay; I wanted to just make those people around her to go away.

But as I was opening my mouth, they announced that the break was over.

I grunted and clenched my hands into fists. Sighing, and feeling defeated, I walked back into my position.


Once the practice was over we started to leave one by one. I went to the changing room; I wanted to talk with Haruka but she was still practicing. So I just simple seated on one of the chairs and decided to check on the net for just random things while waiting.

I don’t know how much time passed until I heard the door open and close in a rather harsh way. Looking up I noticed it was her; she was sweating a lot and her breath hadn’t returned to normal yet, her eyes were still red. She sat on another chair, apparently not noticing my presence; she placed her elbows on the little table and covered her face with her hands.

I was feeling a bit frustrated and walked slowly towards her, trying to not scare her.

-Haruka? – I whispered placing a hand on her shoulder.

I felt her body tense and she turned around. I knew that face; I saw it on Mayu earlier: frustration and sadness mixed together.

-Everything will be okay, Haruka. Take it easy – I smiled sweetly at her.

I saw her frowning and suddenly she stood up.

-Everything will be okay? How are you so sure about that?

-I just know that everything will be okay, eventually. I understand that the pressure on you is a bit too much, but everything will be fine. The fans adore you; the staff also wants to help you. I will help you and support you. Don’t worry.

-You understand? Do you really understand what it feels like to be called ACE?! Do you understand the kind of pressure that everyone puts on you?! – I was about to answer but she continued her rant, with each word her voice becoming louder – Have you ever been Ace? Huh? The pressure that fans, the staff and even the members put on you, have you ever felt that? The whispers, the hate and the looks, have you?! Tell me! Have you, Yui?! Because if you had, then and just then I will give you the right to say that you understand how I feel!

She walked away from me, grabbed her bag and walked out of the room, closing the door with a strong thud. I looked at her disappear as I bit my lip. Frowning, trying to understand what happened.

In the past she would say something like “Thank you, Yui” but now…

I felt how my tears started falling.

-You know… – A knowing voice said, making me jump a bit and cleaning my tears. – It’s a good think that Paruru just had a rant here and with you out of all the members. – Silently questioning Takamina-san as she handed me a tissue – I’m glad that she’s feeling the way she is. That proves that she cares about that “Ace” title everyone gave her. We probably will never fully understand what their feelings are or how much pressure they’re feeling. But, just by being by their side and supporting them is what they appreciate, you know? – Takamina-san smiled – It reminded me to Acchan – she giggled – She was almost the same just that it hurt every time she ranted about it. She would come to me hitting me and saying it was my fault for telling everyone that she was a great person and Ace. She even ignored me for days, sometimes. But the trick, even if it hurts, is to give them their space. – She looked away, remembering – Before you go to sleep tonight Yui, send her a text. Don’t elaborate it too much and don’t apologize to her either. Just tell her that you are proud of her, that you will support her and that she will make it better tomorrow.

After those words, Takamina-san also grabbed her bag and waved at me before leaving me there alone and quite shocked. However, I sighed and smiled.

Grabbing my stuff I also left the changing room and headed towards home.



I sent her the message as Takamina-san told me to. Short and direct to the point. And, I’ll be lying if I say that I didn’t hope for her to reply back, or even to talk with me the next morning. But just as Takamina-san predicted, she didn’t even looked at me.

What Takamina-san told me was true.

Three days had already passed and Haruka kept ignoring me. When we were practicing she only spoke to me when needed and, when we gather to eat together with the others, she usually said that she was tired and leave or, if she decided to go with us, she would be silent most part of the time.

I sighed for I don’t remember what time today.

We were going to a far location to a recording. I didn’t really pay attention to where and to what we would do since I was just thinking about Haruka.

I was already in my seat, near the window. For some reason today, the manager told us that we had assigned seats and, to my surprise, I was seating next to Haruka. I was happy and I was hoping that, with this opportunity, I would be able to talk with her again. But also was feeling nervous and worried.

-Why don’t you tell her that you love her? – I heard someone say from behind


-You heard me

-I don’t know what you’re talking about – I answered looking outside the window as I started blushing.

-Probably, she would feel happy to hear that and all her worries will disappear.

Frowning I looked behind my seat, just to find Tomochin smiling at me.

-Just let the girl alone, Tomochin – Tomo~mi snuggled closer to the other Tomo and fell asleep.

Tomochin just rolled her eyes, shaking her head and smiling a bit.

I sighed once more.

-I’m honest here – Tomochin said – You can’t imagine how happy she would be if she heard those words coming from you.

Was she implying that…?

She didn’t say anything else. Leaving me confused. I knew of the close friendship between Tomochin and Haruka, they loved each other as sisters and Tomochin was always taking care of her; and Haruka would trust on Tomochin so much, that she would share even her deepest secrets and feelings. I was a bit jealous, but I understood. And I was glad that at least, Haruka would share her thoughts with someone. I wished it was me though.

I pulled out the scrip the manager gave us and put my headphones on my ears, pressed the shuffle button in my music player and started reading while the music filled my senses.

From time to time I glanced to my side, trying to decide if I should start a talk or not. I was nervous, I had her a few centimeters away from me and yet I was afraid that she would ignore me again. Closing my eyes I decided to just focus on the script in my hands, feeling a little oppression on my chest.


I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I woke up after I felt something hit my shoulder. Lazily I opened my eyes; it was still early in the morning and the first sunrays where appearing. I looked to my side and I found Haruka’s head on my shoulder. She was sleeping too. The bus movement made her head move away from my shoulder and seconds later she hit it again.

I smiled; she looked so calm and cute. I giggled at how her head moved without her waking up. I slipped a bit down on my seat and softly made Haruka’s head rest over my shoulder. She made a face, still sleeping, that made my smirk. I patted her head and looked at our reflection on the glass.

-Just tell her – I heard Tomochin whisper.

I decided to ignore her this time, but that was the only thing she said.

I looked back at Haruka’s sleeping face and Tomochin’s voice resounded in my mind.

“Why don’t you tell her that you love her?”

Because I’m afraid that she would hate me.

-I love you, Haruka – I whispered near her ear.

She didn’t move at all.

Sighing I closed my eyes again.


-Yui!! – I heard Haruka yell my name.

The recording just ended and we had a little free time to wander around the hotel we were staying. I looked back and I saw her rushing to me. I frowned, did she stop ignoring me? Or was this just something work-related?

I was a bit confused, until she hugged me out of the blue, in the middle of the lobby.

-Ha-Haruka? What are yo-you doing? – Why was I stuttering?!

-I’m sorry – she said tightening the hug. – For everything…

I blinked a couple of times; I was surprised that she actually was apologizing.

-Don’t worry – I said hugging her back – Don’t apologize.

I felt her nose barely rubbing my neck and it made me feel nervous. My heart was beating fast and I started to feel lightheaded.

-But I have to! You are my…

I looked at her as she left her hiding place and looked up to me. I saw a little pink color on her cheeks and I frowned.

-I am your…?

She quickly hid her face on my shoulder and reminded silent.

After a couple of minutes, in which we just hugged each other, she finally spoke. I wasn’t expecting the words that she said.

-I love you too, Yui.


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