Untitled #2 – (YuiParu Drabble)

It’s been some time since the last time I posted anything… I’m sorry!!!

I came here to post this Drabble I wrote a few days ago… I wanted to update and write and post new OS and new Chapters of “Suddenly, Love!” but unfortunately, inspiration left me and hasn’t return yet….

So meanwhile, please enjoy or at least try to this drabble!

And as usual, thanks for reading!



The couple was relaxing from a busy week,

together after long days of not seeing each other. Again, they were at Yokoyama’s apartment, in bed, in apparent comfortable silence; the owner was reading her schedule carefully.

Yui noticed that their following week was full. Her girlfriend would fly to Paris, for the premiere of the movie she was the protagonist, in some Film Festival; while Yui would stay in Japan, attending various TV shows, Interviews, ANN and, of course, theatre shows and practices.

The Soon-To-Be Soukantoku sighed, rubbed her eyes with her fingers and yawned. She looked to her side, to Shimazaki Haruka who was playing with a small stuffed toy (a really cute, little white bear) that a small boy gave her in one of their handshake events.

Yui saw Haruka playing with the toy, making faces at it and that sight made Yui smile. Then proceed to continue reading the papers, still in her hands.

-I love you – Yui heard the younger girl said.

-I love you too – Yui replied automatically without looking away from the papers.

Haruka looks up to Yui, a small pout in her lips, she wanted her girlfriend to look at her but she never did. Placing the small toy against her legs, an idea pops up in her head.

-Oh, I was actually talking to my stuffed animal – She said bluntly.

Yui stops reading and looks at her frowning.

Haruka just wants to break in laughter, the expression on Yui was just amazing and she had to bit her tongue to stop herself. After a few seconds in silence of just looking at each other, Haruka couldn’t handle it anymore. Her body started shaking and was clapping her hands while her torso bent forward.

On the other hand Yui was notary annoyed but, at the same time, she was really enjoying the laugh of the younger girl. Leaning forward, she places a deep, breathtaking kiss on Haruka’s lips, successfully silencing the laugh and managing to get a small moan. Now it was her girlfriend’s time to frown.

After pulling away from those addictive lips, Yui giggled, amused.

-You started it – she said with a playful smile.

That night, Yui, and somehow bisu too, slept on the living room.


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