Neighbors Don’t Get Hurt (AtsuMina)

Since I haven’t updated anything, I’ll post this little something I wrote like around 2-3 years ago.

Plot sucks, grammar sucks and everything sucks. Plus it can be considered angst(?)

That was the warning! Please read at your own risk…. LOL

It is really bad…. so …. Thank you for reading!





“I won’t get hurt

In just this one moment, happiness

And love, so selfishly…

I won’t get hurt

I’m just a neighbor

As long as I stay on this side, it’s Safety”



Muffled sounds of passion filled the not so silent room. Two different bodies, under the white blankets, were fighting a battle; one in which hands, tongue, lips and moans were the lethal weapons.

The taller of both young women was under a smaller one, pressed against the mattress both girl’s hands intertwined and both pair of lips clashing and fighting for dominance; deeply, closer.

“Mmm… Minami…” – the taller girl moaned.

“Yes..?” – The so called Minami answered, staring at the younger girl’s face, trying to memorize every single detail of the face she loved so much.


“We shouldn’t…” – She couldn’t finish what she wanted to say, she stopped thinking again when Minami suddenly bit her earlobe, making her shiver.


Minami on the other hand, knew what she wanted to say and she didn’t want to hear it right now.

“Don’t say anything, Atsuko. Just enjoy this…” – Minami traveled from her earlobe to Atsuko’s sensitive neck biting, kissing and sucking the white skin.


And sure Atsuko enjoyed every second, every glance, every touch and every Kiss. To her this was heaven on Earth, she found a new and exotic feeling that she never felt before and all thanks to Takahashi Minami.


And to Minami, those feelings were so precious, so powerful that she couldn’t find better words to describe it than “perfect” love.


Soon Atsuko found herself trying to silent down her own screams and moans, with her back arched and her eyes tightly closed; but the skillful fingers she felt inside her were only making her scream louder and louder Minami’s name.


“Just scream my name, Atsuko” – Minami huskily commanded near Atsuko’s ear – “You’re mine…” – Minami wanted Atsuko all to herself and she wanted to make sure that Atsuko understand the meaning of everything they were doing. She NEEDED to see what she made to her heart.


And with a last and deep intrusion of Minami’s finger, Atsuko released everything she was holding. A scream, a name, a feeling. All for and because Takahashi Minami. Atsuko touched the sky and didn’t want to fall back down. She was holding tightly to Minami’s neck while enjoying the last seconds of the great orgasm she just had; while Minami slowly pulled her fingers away from the now wet cave, making Atsuko shiver again.


Gently Minami’s other hand started caressing Atsuko’s face and gave her short kisses on her forehead. When she felt Atsuko’s grip going weak she pulled away just enough to meet those dark and still hungry eyes Minami loved. A smile appeared on the younger girl’s face.


“You’re so beautiful, Atsuko” – Minami whispered while lowering once again her head slowly, towards the other girl’s now red lips. But before she could reach those addictive and tempting lips, Atsuko’s index finger stopped her by placing it over Minami’s lips.


“It’s time for you to go home, Minami…” Atsuko said while glancing to the little table next to the bed. In the digital clock were glowing, in red, the numbers 5 and 30.


Minami sighed while glaring to the poor clock, that if looks could kill, probably the clock would have exploded by now. Minami was cursing the hour and the clock for a few minutes until Atsuko’s hand started playing with a few strands of her light-brown hair. Putting all her attention on the younger girl, Minami smiled sweetly and kissed the other girl’s lips passionately hard.


“Mmm… Minami… Mmm…” – Atsuko tried to speak but the kisses prevented her to do so.


After sharing another good amount of kisses Minami relentlessly pulled away sighing.


“I know…” – Defeated Minami pulled her body away from Atsuko. Standing next to the bed she looked around, while finding her clothes, and dressed herself.


Both girls walked towards the front door, Atsuko only wearing her underwear and an oversized t-shirt, in an awkward silence. Once there, and before Minami finally leaves, Atsuko hugged the small girl from behind.


“We shouldn’t…” – she couldn’t finish, a knot in her throat didn’t allow her.


“That’s what you want?” – Minami looked to the floor, fighting the tears that were forming in her eyes.


“I… I am sorry…” Atsuko tightened the hug and rested her head in Minami’s shoulders while sobbing.


Minami sighed while containing her own tears, she turned around and hugged the other woman.


“If this is the last time, Atsuko…” – Minami lifted softly Atsuko’s face – “I love you…”


The tears didn’t stop falling, the feelings Atsuko felt and the love that she had for that small woman was starting to hurt. Minami saw the struggle and hugged Atsuko tightly.


-“Don’t say anything…” – Minami whispered and kissed the other woman’s head – “Be happy Atsuko…”


And with a soft yet sudden move, both women were separated. Minami opened the door and never looked back, not even when she heard the sobs behind her. If she dared to look, she know both would be hurt even more. If she stayed, none of them would be happy.


Besides, Maeda Atsuko was a married woman already.


2 Responses to “Neighbors Don’t Get Hurt (AtsuMina)”

  1. This is very sad T.T why Maeda is married?? They have a lot of pation together 0.0 She should say bay to her husband ^.^ But the hostory of both is beautiful, I love it =3

    • I thought of it as a 2 part OS… But lost inspiration somehow…. So I left it like that XD
      Thank you for commenting :D

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