Field Trip (FuuKei one-shot)

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I have some stories here and there, but still are drafts and incomplete! Plus still planning how to continue Suddenly, Love! (I think everyone already forgot about that one tho XD )

Anyway, this time is this pairing that I completely know nothing about them, but hey, I tried and the one that asked me to write this actually liked it… so that’s why I’m posting it now!

I hope you can enjoy it! And as always, thank you for reading. If you like the story, comment your thoughts, it can help me a lot!

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Yagura Fuuko couldn’t stand the way Yonishi Kei behaves. Both their families knew each other and truth to be told, they used to be very close friends. Living next door, separated only by a few meters of garden, both girls developed the habit of communicating through simple messages written on boards or in hasty pieces of paper.

At the beginning of their high school days, Kei behavior started changing. Kei being 2 years older than Fuuko, had to repeat 2 years due her family constantly moving around the country. But instead of being the mature one of the two, Kei decided to adopt the childish behavior.

The younger of the two liked watching Kei’s frustrated face when studying, she always took small breaks to look at Kei’s window, the older girl always had her head buried on the desk and every now and then she would randomly yell while messing her long hair with both hands. It always made Fuuko giggle. On the other hand, Kei always watched Fuuko studying; all the small and simple gestures her friend made, the fast way of changing pages and switching books, the stretching of her body, Fuuko’s frown while biting on her pen while reading. Kei really liked it.

At first Fuuko laughed at the pranks and jokes her friend said and made, but soon enough she noticed something else. Kei started to flirt with practically anyone. Boys, girls, even teachers, though the last one was more subtle. Something changed in Fuuko’s heart; the smiles Kei gave her, the attention and the small details and touches, even Kei’s scent, the younger one started to notice them more and more.

What happened exactly?


Yagura Fuuko was in love.

The uncertainty of not knowing if she could ever confess or if she Kei would reciprocate her feelings, or if the two would stop their long friendship, just added more pressure and stress to Fuuko’s life.

Kei noticed the change in her younger friend, she tried to get answers as to why she was being avoided but Fuuko always gave her an excuse to not talk about it. Until one day, Kei just gave up. They stopped talking, both in different places during their free time in school, Fuuko in the library and Kei with her new group of friends.

The older girl couldn’t understand why her heart felt so broken after a few days; it ached and she felt numb. Fuuko even closed the curtains of her window and now Kei only could see Fuuko’s silhouette whenever the lights where on.

Yonishi Kei then became a playgirl. She decided to bury that heartache that still couldn’t understand with dates. Girls mostly.

Even though both girls went into separate ways and with different friends, destiny seemed to always bring them back together.

Fuuko decided to move on, to try and forget about Kei and focus only in her studies. Her surprise was big when on the first day, at the college campus, she found her neighbor there. But she surprise was even bigger when she went to the dorms to finally leave her luggage and meet her roommate.

Yonishi Kei was behind the room’s door, both eyes wide open.

Fuuko gave up in her attempts to change her room and when classes started they found out that they shared a few subjects, studying groups and even friends. Fuuko still being the library-study type and Kei continued as the rebel and playgirl she was back then.

Both girls began to tolerate each other. The rules where simple, but annoying, according to Kei. Especially the “no dates/girls” rule and the curfew; the older girl had to sleep somewhere else more than once.

Their love-hate relationship was well known in the entire campus.


-For the next project I want you to go on a field trip – Many students grunted and whined as Professor Takahashi said those words – I know, I know! But this has a purpose! I want you to be close to each other. Friendships after college can last, sometimes, forever – As the protesting grew Professor Takahashi sighed – It is really so bad that I’ll take you all for vacations to an onsen? – The students went silent for a moment and Takahashi-sensei almost laughed – Okay, then! The field trip is cancelled!

After the students insisting to their professor to not cancel it and Takahashi-sensei laughing for a while, she explained that the reason behind it was just, as she said before, to make the students come closer to each other; and since the cost of the onsen was on her, the small professor told them that the students had to arrive on their own.

Fuuko was determinate to go alone, by bus or train, even by walking, but being winter already she was hesitant.

-Why don’t you tell Kei to give you a ride? – Asked Miyuki – She has a car, isn’t she?

-I’ll never ask that playgirl for a ride! – Fuuko answered.


After hours of driving and nothing else but white snow, Kei started to feel that the awkward ambient in the car wasn’t as heavy as in the beginning of their trip.

-Do you want me to put some music? – She asked hesitating.

-No, thanks. I’m fine – Answered Fuuko while rubbing her hands together.

Sure was a bad day to go out, the weather channel announced a snow storm, but both decided to ignore it. Betting that they could make it to the hotel before the storm hits them. Kei drove the car as long as she could, but then she couldn’t even see the road before her eyes.

-Why do you stop? – Questioned Fuuko feeling nervous.

-I can’t see anything – Kei responded, pointing out of the window – And, if I’m not careful enough, the ice in the road could make me lose control of the car. The best thing we can do now is park on the side and wait.


-No buts, Fuuko! Safety comes first!

Both girls looked at each other’s eyes for a few seconds, one surprised that the shortest one used her first name after many years, and the other equally surprised of how natural the name slipped out of her mouth.

-I… I’m sorry, Yagura-san…

-It-it’s fine – Fuuko looked out of the window – You can call me that if you want…

Kei missed her companion’s blushing face.


-Ho-How long it has be-been? – Fuuko asked and blew some of warm air into her hands.

-Like… – Kei checked her phone – At least one hour.

Fuuko was overly sensitive to changes of temperature. It wasn’t really that cold thanks to the heater in Kei’s car, but her sensitive body couldn’t stop shaking. She had her pants, socks and tennis shoes, along a thick, comfortable shirt and over her a fur coat, and finally over her head a knit cap.

They were trapped in the snow storm. Cars stopped passing long time ago, a wild cold wind hit the car as snow started to cover the car’s windows little by little. Kei was sure that in no time the car will froze and the heater would stop working. Looking at Fuuko, shivering and still rubbing her hands and arms, Kei bit her lower lip and decided to grab one of the heavy sheets she had on the car.

Nimbly Kei moved to the back of the car and opened a little space in between the backrest and pulled the sheet out. She also pushed the front seat forward to make more space. All while Fuuko curiously watching.

-Come here – Commanded Kei while offering one of her hand out.


-Just come here! You’re cold, aren’t you? – Kei insisted.

Fuuko gulped and finally grabbed the offered hand. Kei pushed the passenger’s seat too and then placed the sheet over Fuuko’s shoulders.

-Tha-Thanks… – The taller girl mumbled and felt warmer than before.


Both girls where in complete silent, until Kei sneezed. The temperature grew colder and the heater was not helping at all. She tried to warm herself by rubbing her arms just as Fuuko did earlier, but it wasn’t working and it seemed that the storm didn’t have plans to stop yet.

Fuuko noticed this and shyly moved closer to Kei while placing part of the sheet over Kei’s shoulders too. Kei’s heart started beating fast and she looked at the other girl with eyes wide open.

-The sheet is big enough – Fuuko mumbled while looking down.

-Thanks… – Kei smirked and moved a little closer to Fuuko and snuggled on the sheet over her.

Silence fell on them again. Both their heartbeats at full speed, while their shoulders brushed against the other.

Kei was the first one to break the silence.

-Why… – She hesitated and Fuuko’s gaze went up waiting. Kei sighed and continued with all the courage she could gather – Why did you began to avoid me?

Kei finally could ask what she wondered all this years, finally they were alone and, finally, Fuuko couldn’t run away.

-I… – Fuuko didn’t know what to say. Hanging her head low and long hair covering her face – I…

Kei sighed.

-Never mind! Sorry for asking! – The older girl laughed nervously – It happened so long ago… I’m an idiot for asking!

Fuuko looked at her friend scratching the back of her head and behind that laugh and nervousness, she noticed something else that made her heart hurt.


Fuuko sighed, closed her eyes and bit her lip.

-I… wanted to get rid of… – Kei looked at her with her heart pounding against her chest, waiting for the answer – of…

The taller one looked at the anxious Kei and sighed again.

-I love you, Kei… – She mumbled – I always did…


Minutes passed and the youngest of both felt colder than before. Mainly because Kei didn’t say a word after her confession; Fuuko’s mind started to think in ways to apologize, in ways to try and escape once they’ll get back to the dorms.

The silence was once again uncomfortable and cold.

-Come here – Kei grabbed her arm and pulled the other girl on her lap. Her back against the cold window.

Fixing the sheet on them, Kei started to rub her hands on the taller girl

-They say that human heat is the best way to stay warm. – Kei mumbled.

Feeling warmer Fuuko rested her head on Kei’s shoulder and sighed.

Upon this day Fuuko still doesn’t know how they ended up kissing each other. But still she could remember clearly what happened after the initial kiss.

Both girls rested their foreheads together, breathing rapidly and with their eyes closed. Both afraid that this was just a dream or their imagination. Kei was the first one to open her eyes and her hands cupped Fuuko’s face.

-I love you too… – Kei stated – I realized of this after you left my side

The younger girl opened her eyes and stared at Kei’s eyes. Waiting for the other girl to keep talking.

-You, avoiding me, was the reason why I started dating girls. Especially girls that reminded me of you… – Kei giggled – One of the many girls even slapped me when I mistook her name with yours… – She kissed Fuuko again – All because of you…


The mentioned girl gave Fuuko small kisses on her cheeks, nose, forehead and back to her lips. Slowly but passionately. The younger girl placed her arms around Kei’s shoulders, bringing her closer as the kiss started to heat up. Kei hugged her waist tightly, trying to be as close as Fuuko as she could. Their tongues brushing against each other and a making both girls moan.

-Fuuko… – Kei groaned.

Her cold hands went under the girl’s clothes, needing to feel her even more. Fuuko reacted at the contact, gasping for the coldness and the smooth touch, yet she didn’t pulled away. She had a hand buried in the shorter girl’s raven locks, as she tilted her head, giving more of herself for Kei to taste.

Readjusting Fuuko’s body on her by holding her hips, she made the girl straddle her, thighs at each side. Their body temperature started to go up and the need to free themselves from their heavy clothes was getting stronger.

Fuuko’s hands landed on the backrest at each side of the older girl’s head, trying to not crash onto Kei, whose hands left the warm skin around her firm stomach and went up to Fuuko’s cheeks only to guide the girl into another passionately kiss.

Nibbling and licking Kei couldn’t stop and feeling the younger girl’s weight on her wasn’t helping at all. In a slow movement, her hands pushed down the furry jacket that was in the way, separating from the girl’s lips for a second, just to kiss Fuuko’s neck. The taller one had to bite her lips to prevent the moan to leave her mouth.

-I want you… – Kei whispered seductively in Fuuko’s ear before nibbling her earlobe.

-Kei… – Moaned the younger girl.

Both forgot the coldness of the storm outside and undressed each other. The difficult task came along giggles, lusty stares and hands roaming each other skins, moans and hungry kisses.

Kei pushed the girl onto the backseat.

-It’s cold! – Groaned Fuuko arching her back trying to not touch the leather

-Don’t tempt me, Fuuchan… – Kei licked her lips at the sight in front of her, before pushing the girl back against the seat and hovering over her kissing the younger girl’s stomach.

The moans started to grow in volume, Fuuko was getting more and more wet with each kiss and touch that her friend gave her, especially when Kei decided to play with her breasts. Her hips raised on instinct, trying to create some friction.

Placing her fist over her mouth Fuuko tried to suppress her urges to scream. She was feeling so sensitive and her excitement was building around her most sacred place.

-Don’t… – Whispered Kei as she left a trail of sweet kisses from the girl’s breasts to the south – I want to hear you…

And just when she let her arm fall motionless she screamed. Placing her hands over the older girls head, Fuuko pushed Kei’s head against her wet center as her hips raised. The young and inexpert girl could feel Kei’s lips sucking on her clit and a moment later she felt her playful tongue entering her.

Kei didn’t mind the burning pain on her head nor the one around her neck. She just wanted to taste as much as she could. With her hands she spread the girl’s legs and readjusting herself she pushed her index finger inside.

It was so fast and so deep that Fuuko cried out, in a mixture of pain and pleasure. And that’s when Kei realized.

Kei blinked a few times and didn’t dare to move.

-Fuuko, you… – She couldn’t even finish her sentence as a lone tear left the girl’s eyes.

Kei felt ashamed. She assumed that this wasn’t Fuuko’s first time judging by the way she moved and reacted. She assumed that the girl was like the others… And that made her feel dirty.

-I’m sorry… – Kei mumbled and slowly pulled her finger out.

Fuuko’s hand gripped Kei’s shoulder and her face showed a pained grimace. The older girl immediately started kissing the younger girl’s cheeks and nose, trying to ease the pain, while whispering “I’m sorry” again and again. To her surprise, however, Fuuko grabbed Kei’s hand and placed it right above her sex.

-Don’t… stop… – The girl pleaded.

-But… – Kei bit her lower bit, feeling worried.

The girl under her couldn’t stop her tears from falling, still she tried to, and shaking her head, she insisted until Kei’s finger was touching her clit.

-Please… I need… you…

Slowly, Kei’s finger started to travel down, back inside. Slowly she felt Fuuko’s wet folds pulsing. Biting her lips she stared at the other girl’s face trying to find any signal of pain. But to her surprise, Fuuko moaned her name.

And that was all Kei needed to hear.


Fuuko shivered again and goosebumps invaded her whole body. Something was missing. Gripping the sheet over her she snuggled more on the warm feeling. She smiled and exhaled. And then she realized.

Her eyes opened and she looked around. She was more aware of the cold and how she was naked and alone. A second later a heavy blush spread on her face. Images of what she did, probably, hours ago came in rushing and she felt lightheaded.

-Ah! You’re awake! – The distinctive voice of Kei said as she opened the door – Sorry I didn’t stay. The storm stopped and I decided to clean and check the car for a bit.

Fuuko noticed that the front seats where back in place and her cloths were on the floor near her neatly folded.

-Get dressed while I try to clean the wheels – Kei said smiling brightly and then closed the car’s door.


By the time they reached the Hotel they were staying it was already night and everyone looked worried. Especially their teacher.

-Why did it take you both so long to arrive?! – Takahashi-sensei scolded them.

-I’m deeply sorry – Kei said bowing – It was my fault for miscalculating our time and thinking that we could make it on time before the storm hit us. And I forgot to call you when we got stuck…

The small teacher sighed and rubbed the palm of her hand on the side of her neck.

-Next time call me first, okay?! – She ordered as she walked away.

Both girls bowed, then looked at each other and giggled.

-So… – Kei said softly as she extended her hand to the young girl beside her – Should we share room?

Fuuko didn’t miss the redness on Kei’s cheeks and smiling she grabbed the extended hand.

-Why not?


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