Días Lluviosos (Atsumina OS)

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Bueno, dado que más gente pide mis OS traducidos al Español, decidí traducir este Atsumina!

Espero les guste!

Como siempre disculpen mis faltas de ortografía y gracias por leer!



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Memories Of A Weird Friendship (RenaYuko/GekikaraYuko OS)

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Well, I want to think that this is how Yuko and Gekikara met.

Also Yuko’s drama of back then served as inspiration.

Either way, this is not a romantic OS, since I see their relationship in the Majisuka series, just as mere deep friendship.

I hope you like it! I know I’m bad at describing, but I tried!!!

Thank you for reading!


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Backstage Story (wMatsui OS)

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There’s a reason why I don’t post too often, and that’s because I would run out of things to post.

Anyway! I feel like posting some more stories here.

Bear with my lack of skills and a lot of errors.

Hope you enjoy it!


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10 Things I Hate About You (AtsuMina OS)

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Atsumina Time!!!!

I wrote this as a request and posted it on a Facebook page.

I really love Atsumina, so here it is!!

Sorry for any mistakes!


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I Had Enough (Chupopo OS)

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Well, It sure been a loooooong time without writing or updating. I will try to write or at least post things more often.

As always this isn’t revised, edited and is full of randomness. The characters could be OOC.

About this one, I really wrote it in one go. It was hard since I practically don’t know how both interacts with each other, plus their personalities are a mistery to me.

Anyway… I tried and probably I failed. Nevertheless… I hope you like it!

All I write is Smut, smut, smut… Everyone asks me to write smuts too… am I really that good?

Please answer in the comments!!

WARNING: FAILED SMUT SCENE, GIRLxGIRL LOVE. If you don’t like them, skip this!

Thanks for reading!



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Suddenly, Love (Atsumina Part 6)

Posted in Fanfic with tags , , , , , , on April 12, 2015 by secnecrom

I totally forgot to post this! I’m sorry!

I’ve been having some problems with time and writing…. so I don’t know how to continue this one… I’ll still try to end it! So please bear with my looooong, very long periods without updating this… OTL

Thanks for still reading this, and my other stories too.

Please ignore any grammatical error and non-sense here!


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Customer Crush (JurinaYuki)

Posted in OS with tags , , , , , , , on March 26, 2015 by secnecrom

So, Kiri-el asked me for a JurinaYuki some time ago. (Yes, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t know what to write for this pairing OTL)

I kinda got this idea from a prompt I saw on Tumblr…… so… Sorry if it comes out as weird…

Also sorry if there are errors!!

Now, please enjoy! Or at least try!



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