Memories Of A Weird Friendship (RenaYuko/GekikaraYuko OS)

Well, I want to think that this is how Yuko and Gekikara met.

Also Yuko’s drama of back then served as inspiration.

Either way, this is not a romantic OS, since I see their relationship in the Majisuka series, just as mere deep friendship.

I hope you like it! I know I’m bad at describing, but I tried!!!

Thank you for reading!


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Club Room (SaltOtabe OS)


So here it is. Another crappy and friendly smut!

This is my first post of 2015! I will post some more tomorrow maybe. Some stories I already wrote but I couldn’t post in here because some things happened and well… Anyway!

I hope you enjoy reading.

As always I apologize for any mistakes, this was edited just once! Forever lazy!

WARNING: GirlxGirl love, some failed sex scenes, not suited for young people!

Thank you for reading again!


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My Kind of Love

Hi, guys!

Yes, I’m still alive! I’ve been writing like a mad lately. Kinda trying to get as many ideas as I can. So I really haven’t finished any of those stories… But! I will start writing them one by one now~

If you don’t like Girl/Girl relationship please skip this story.

I promised you this One-Shot and finally I have finished typing and editing it! It ended being an OS of 4,409 words (the longest I wrote/type)

I hope you like it! Comments are highly appreciated~

Again sorry for my grammar/any typo error.

Ps: Oh, and something more. I will put on a hold my previous story “Time Travelling”  (I kinda lost the idea….) I will edit it though and maybe then I will bring new chapters. I deeply apologize to those who read it and wanted another chapter ><

Now~ Enjoy~ ^^

(c) keismagic- majisuka-gakuen- black-1

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Just a teaser. (Also still without title e.e)

Lately I’ve been busy with work and also another writings. I’ve been stressed and feeling down… so I apologize to those who read and follow me. This time I’ll leave you a teaser of my next story that I’m still trying to type on my computer.

This story contains GirlxGirl love Yuri, and kinda mature content. If you don’t like this kind of stories then please just skip this story. Thank you in advance and sorry for my horrible grammar once again. I promise I will post the rest as soon as I can!


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